Female-owned businesses are growing at a steady rate. In the last 20 years, the number of businesses owned by female entrepreneurs in the US has increased by 114%. Today, women entrepreneurs own 4 out of 10 businesses in the country. BOOM! That’s what I’m talking about ladies. Get it! This is amazing news! Especially because female entrepreneurs face unique challenges in the big bad world of business. So they should be celebrated for going above and beyond to achieve their lady boss status. 

Because it’s tricky to grow your own successful business, mentorship becomes a key advantage for female entrepreneurs. Having a mentor can help you improve yourself and your business strategy. However, not all mentorship has to be through personal interactions. Podcasts are the bridge between those who have something valuable to say and those eager to learn. Because when you listen to the experiences and lessons of a successful female entrepreneur, you get actionable tips and a better sense of direction. Podcasters like Abagail and Emylee on Strategy Hour, or Jenna Kutcher on The Goal Digger Podcast sharing their business journies are more than just side-hustle stories. They’re case studies for triumph. And we all want in on it.

So today’s post is all about entrepreneurship and the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs. You’ll find a roundup of the shows starring women who became prominent business leaders down below!

The Best Podcasts For Female Entrepreneurs

Share of Voice with Karin Eldor:

This show is all about discovering your voice and speaking your truth! Karin Eldor is your host. And as a journalist, she has a passion for sharing powerful voices and the way they express themselves. On Share of Voice Karin hosts conversations with game-changers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. You’ll find more than one successful female entrepreneur telling her story here! The guests are always ready to inspire the audience to be bold, get engaged, and follow their passions. In addition, this show will ignite that enterprising flame in you to express yourself unapologetically.

Kick off your listening experience of Share of Voice with this amazing episode about a female entrepreneur shaking the lingerie industry: How Lively Is Disrupting The $13B Lingerie Industry, With Founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant.

Work Party with Jaclyn Johnson

I mean, the title of this podcast says it all. This podcast is all about all things related to work. It’s the place where women come together to share their work experiences and celebrate each other’s success. Expect tons of practical tips for guiding you on your journey to creating an epic career and business. You’ll also hear from serious industry experts on topics like the importance of your reputation in business, how to scale your business, how to break boundaries and reach new heights for your products, and so much more.

Browse the latest episodes of Work Party HERE.

Life With Me with Marianna Hewitt:

Marianna is a successful influencer on social media, a long-time blogger, and a successful female entrepreneur. She co-founded the iconic clean beauty brand, Summer Fridays. And hosts her podcast Life With Me. Her show features a new guest every week, typically someone in her network of influencers, entrepreneurs, and inspiring personalities. Each episode sheds light on an impressive story. You can also learn about topics like influencer marketing, and how to create Instagram content. Or the secret to diversifying your income through side hustling. Her goal is to inspire listeners to be the best version of themselves. Her genuine approach to connecting with her followers is the reason people keep coming back for more! 

Tune in to this episode of Life With Me where Marianna sits down for a chat with the founder of the quintessential beauty blender. Ever wonder how it became such an iconic product? Find out here: How the Beautyblender Became an Iconic Product with Founder Rea Ann Silva. 

Raising the Bar with Alli and Adrian:

Raising The Bar is a must-listen for any female hustler. Hosted by entrepreneurs, this podcast features everything you need to know to start your own successful business.  Think actionable tips, business strategies, and all the tricky stuff you wish business owners talked about. It’s all here for you. Alli and Adrian defined the show itself as a study of perseverance. So expect the messiest of details surrounding being a leader and a go-getter. The pair invites a new guest each week to tackle the secrets to success in entrepreneurship. 

Kick off your unfiltered entrepreneurial advice experience with this episode of Raising The Bar: Why Alli Put a Ring on Boutique Jewelry Brand, Becket + Quill | with Meredith Quill.

Him and Her with Lauryn & Michael Bosstick

This duo knows a thing or two about business. Lauryn is a successful blogger, published author, podcast host, and founder of her anti-inflammatory beauty line. Her husband Michael is a serial entrepreneur that has had his hand in many different businesses, podcast host, and of course co-founder of Dear Media. On their show, they interview the best of the best when it comes to entrepreneurship. You’ll also hear stories of founding companies, failure, massive success, and everything in between. This one is a must-listen if you’re looking for entrepreneurship and work-life advice.

For entrepreneurs we recommend this episode to kick things off: Emma Grede – Founder & Partner Of Good American, Skims, & Safely On How To Build A Career Of Your Dreams, Network, Hustle, Communicate, & Get It All Done In Style

Friend of a Friend with Olivia Perez:

This podcast will introduce you to the next generation of game-changers! Your host, Olivia Perez, is a co-founder of a fantastic community and is determined to share the best success stories with her audience. Expect inspirational talks, a new exciting guest every week, and a personal listening environment – just as if you were talking to a friend of a friend. The guests also share their social media marketing strategies, the secrets to having a side hustle, and how they got to the top of their industries. You can’t miss it as a female entrepreneur!

Get in the entrepreneurial flow with this episode of Friend of a Friend, where Olivia and her guest talk all about finding your unique creative voice: Finding Your Creative Voice with Streetwear Designer Melody Ehsani.

Everything Is The Best with Pia Baroncini:

In need of a push to follow your dreams? Everything Is The Best is the type of show that will inspire you to chase your goals and never look back. Host Pia Baroncini is an incredible example of what it takes to become a successful female entrepreneur as the founder of the clothing label LPA. In each episode, Pia sits down for a conversation with guests from all backgrounds. She dives deep into what makes them tick and has them share how they’ve been able to thrive in their field and which actionable tips they took to get there. So be prepared to get inspired and take a little homework with you!

This episode is a must-listen. It discusses how to turn a pandemic project into a successful business. I know we could all use some clarity on this topic, so enjoy!

Being Bumo with Chriselle Lim:

If you’re a female entrepreneur who is also a mother or planning to become one, Being Bumo will become your new go-to. Your podcast host is Chriselle, the ultimate mom, successful business owner, and creative. She will make navigating the world of parenthood while working much easier. This podcast also features expert professionals, inspirational leaders, and celebrities to talk about parenting and professional life. Plus you’ll realize you’re not alone on your parenting journey. Many of the episodes will probably reaffirm the exact challenges and struggles working moms go through on a regular. This show makes you feel connected and empowered as a working mom.

This episode discusses the challenges that working parents faced during the pandemic: Rebecca Minkoff on the Realities of Being a Working Parent In a Pandemic.

The Dissenters with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani:

Get ready to challenge the status quo with this disruptive show! The Dissenters is all about those who break the norm, and who speak out and make a difference. Debra and Mandana highlight their biggest heroes each week. The pair share their stories and discuss the critical aspects of their success as dissenters. From Hillary Clinton to Eva Longoria, you’ll always be inspired while listening to an episode of this show!

Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy and Jess:

Calling all foodies here! Being a female entrepreneur comes with a few distinct challenges. And living a healthier life while creating a business is one of them. Food Heaven Made Easy is the show to listen to for practical advice on how to become more balanced. Wendy and Jess team up with a new expert guest each week. They discuss how to take better care of yourself and tackle topics from a different angle during every episode. Welcome to your new wellness and entrepreneurship hub! No gimmicks or quick diet fads here, just pure education-based information to inspire you to live your best, healthiest life!

In this episode, Wendy and Jess share all the business advice that is crucial for entrepreneurs: Business Advice We Wish We Got w/ Blavity CEO Morgan DeBaun.

Lipstick on the Rim with Molly Sims:

Molly and her best friend Emese catch you up on everything related to the beauty and wellness world. Their podcast features the latest beauty trends and wellness advice. And the success stories of some of the most influential people in the industry. It’s a two-for-one kind of deal! You get the best of both worlds each week as the girls join a celebrity or industry expert guest.

If you are in the mood to learn about the power of friendships in business, give this episode a listen: Black Beauty Founder, Nyakio Talks The Power of Female Friendships and Clean Beauty.

Say Yas to the Guest with Patrick Starrr:

Get the scoop on the latest details of the beauty industry with Say Yas To The Guest! Join Patrick each week as he chats with a new guest. They range from top beauty CEOs to up-and-coming makeup influencers. Every guest brings their unique perspective on the beauty industry and their secrets to achieving success in this cutthroat field. You will laugh and have fun getting inspired by their stories!

Tune in to Say Yas To The Guest with this episode featuring Jen Atkin.

What is your favorite podcast for female entrepreneurs?

You’ll find yourself incredibly inspired after listening to these energizing podcasts! All these shows have amazing stories about successful female entrepreneurs and the challenges that come with building your own business.

Other great podcasts to look for are Second Life with the founder of Girlboss Radio, Sophia Amoruso, and Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. All of their voices are raw and their struggles are real. So get ready to take the lead and get inspired!

Who will you listen to first?