Meet Victoria Garrick –  an inspiring former Division I volleyball player, TED Talk speaker, advocate, and podcast host of Real Pod. Victoria’s advocacy focuses on body-image, body-confidence, and all things mental health. In her podcast, she sits down with all sorts of special guests to talk about life, successes, failures, challenges, and more! Victoria isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, and the heart-to-heart conversations she has each week highlight the ins and outs of living an authentic life. Real Pod is raw, real, and one the best mental health podcasts around. Check out the top ten best Real Pod episodes below!

The 10 Best Real Pod Episodes


Get to know more about podcast host, Victoria, in this top ranking episode of Real Pod! Victoria gives listeners an inside look at her personal life. She tells funny and relatable stories and reveals her recent engagement to her long-time love, Max. In fact, we love kicking off these best of lists with something more personal. What’s more personal than an engagement? So in this episode, you’ll really get to know Viktoria and the man she’s marrying!

Sports Illustrated Model Reveals Body-Image Issues & The Truth Behind Perfect Photos: Emily DiDonato

In this episode, Victoria gets real with Sports Illustrated model, Emily DiDonato. Emily has been featured on the cover of Vogue and modeled for fashion icons like Giorgio Armani, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Victoria and Emily discuss body-image, battling insecurities, rejection, and also the truth behind those perfectly edited images…

Post-Olympic Depression, Student Athlete Mental Health, & Discussing Body-Image w/ Runner Alexi Pappas

Alexi Pappas is a former 2x All-American and Olympic runner that has been featured by The New York Times, The Rolling Stones, and NPR. Victoria sits down with Alexi to talk about post-Olympic depression, body-image, the mental health issues that commonly affect collegiate athletes, and also how to set and achieve goals.

Peloton Instructor Kendall Toole: How She Overcame Her Mental Health Battles & Started Living Life to the Fullest (2021 Motivation)

Kendall Toole is a Peloton instructor and mental health advocate who is also known for her inspiring and uplifting personality on social media! In this deep and emotional episode, Victoria and Kendall Toole sit down to talk about mental health, Kendall’s battle with severe depression and OCD, and living life to the fullest.

Binge Eating & Overeating – How to Stop the Cycle of Shame & Start Accepting Your Body with Jessi Jean

Are you ready to have a healthier relationship with food? If so, this is definitely the episode for you! Jessi Jean is an Eating Psychology Coach who helps women overcome unhealthy eating habits, disorders, and the cycle of shame. In addition, you’ll hear about Jessi Jean’s own struggle with food. And also tips you can use to break the cycle and gain back your confidence!

My Eating Disorder Story + Answering Your Questions

In this raw and honest episode, Victoria opens up about her personal struggle with an eating disorder. And she gets into it. You’ll learn all about herstruggles and how it affected her life. She also answers questions from listeners about her struggles and how she has moved to a healthier lifestyle since.

Overcoming Fear Foods, Recovering From Binge Eating, & Opening Up To Your S/O About Your Eating Disorder with Influencer Kylie Katich

Kylie Katich is an influencer and photographer with over 350,000 followers on Instagram. She is hilarious, super relatable, and the special guest of this episode of Real Pod. Victoria and Kylie talk about eating disorders, managing insecurities, steps to recovery, and how Kylie manages such a successful Instagram page.

Intuitive Eating on Thanksgiving & How To Navigate Food Around the Holidays with Nutrition Therapist Elyse Resch

Ready to learn how to eat more intuitively? Meet Elyse Resch, author of Intuitive Eating and The Intuitive Eating Workbook, certified eating disorder RN, and a fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Elyse and Victoria talk about all things food, eating for what your body needs (not wants!), and how to keep a healthy diet during the holidays.

Feeling Burnt Out? Life Coach Erin Treloar Shares How to Re-Charge & Reset (+Reflections for the 70% of Women Who Struggle With Disordered Eating!)

Introducing the one and only, Erin Treloar. Erin is a certified health and life coach and the founder of Raw Beauty Company! In this episode, Victoria and Erin sit down to talk about pesky diet culture, what it’s like to be a teenager with an eating disorder, and Erin’s “Raw Beauty Reset” program. Her program has shown success in helping women overcome unhealthy relationships with food and reach their greatest potential…this is not the episode to miss if you’re looking for one of the best confidence boosting podcasts around!

Eating Disorder Recovery: The Realities of Repairing Your Relationship with Food & Learning to Like Yourself With Alex Light

Get ready to dive deep into toxic diet culture in this episode of Real Pod. Alex Light is an influencer with over 300,000 followers. So she’s crushing the social game! She is seriously inspiring. Alex promotes body-confidence and self-love. She speaks out against body-shaming and all things diet culture. We love it. Victoria and Alex sit down to talk about their shared difficulties with eating disorders, how they developed new relationships with their bodies and food, and how to feel good about yourself!

BONUS EPISODE: Katie Defeo – Haters, Ride or Die Friends, and Why Everything Happens For A Reason

Admittedly, we had a hard time narrowing down our faves to just ten episodes. So we’re sharing a couple more. First, in one of the most downloaded episodes of Real Pod, Victoria sits down with USC Lacrosse player and YouTuber Katie Defeo to discuss Defeo’s break from social media to protect her mental health. Defeo also gushes about her super tight friend group, how her besties have impacted her life, and why, sometimes, sacrifice is the key to success.

BONUS EPISODE: Career Advice: 6 Ways to Be More Successful

We all want to be successful, right? This episode might hold the secret to achieving success! Tune in to hear Victoria’s top-tier business and career advice. She reveals the things that have helped her be successful in her own career, and how to cultivate a growth mindset to achieve success in your own life. No matter what your goals are, this episode is a must-listen.

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Real Pod is the perfect podcast if you’re looking for ways to improve your mental health. Victoria and her lineup of open, honest, and interesting guests are always sharing ways to improve your life and overall state of mind. Many of Victoria’s guests, including Victoria herself, have faced difficult challenges throughout their life. They all have tons of raw and relatable advice for those facing similar challenges. When you’re ready to dive deep with Victoria, just click any one of the top ten episodes above to get started! Victoria releases new episodes each and every Wednesday and you can listen to Real Pod on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and at Dear Media. And as always, don’t forget to let us know which episode is your favorite below!