With podcasting absolutely exploding, there is now a niche show for every interest, industry, hobby, and entertainment. Whether you’re into reality tv, entrepreneurship, finance, comedy, or personal growth, there is a show out there for you. It’s a blessing there are so many incredible podcast creators out there too. Because a shocking 68 million people in the US (24% of the population) listen to podcasts weekly. Podcast listeners are no joke. They’re tuning in, ready to learn, and interested in finding inspiring content. 

The mental health field is no different. There are tons of podcasts focusing solely on mental health, or at the very least discussing it in some of their episodes. Because podcasts have become part of our weekly lives, these shows eventually have an impact on our mindset and habits. Which means they create an opportunity to raise awareness, improve lives, and make a difference.

Mental health is one topic that is especially near and dear to our hearts. It is increasingly discussed and becoming the sole focus for some of our shows. Podcasts offer the chance to learn more about mental illness and raise awareness of how it affects the lives of so many of us on a daily basis. So today we’re sharing a list of the best mental health podcasts for you to listen to for new strategies to protect and improve your own mental health or support others suffering from mental health issues.

Best Mental Health Podcasts

Dear Gabby with Gabby Bernstein

Dear Gabby will give you an effective life coach who’s always just one audio file away! Meet your host: Gabby Bernstein. She is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and international coaching speaker who’s here to help you grow. Her episodes come in a couple of different formats. You can expect unscripted Q&As for real-life coaching, casual conversations about personal growth, and insightful interviews with expert guests. Above all, Gabby always maintains a supportive space for an honest and supportive conversation about mental health. 

Here are 3 episodes to tune in to:

  1. Stop the Stigma and Shift the Shame: A Spiritual Conversation About Mental Health and Trauma 
  2. The Therapy That Changed My Life — Internal Family Systems with Richard Schwartz
  3. Controlling Everything? Here’s How To Let Go and Trust The Universe

The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin

Hosted by the hilarious comedian, Paul Gilmartin, this show invites guests from all walks of life to share their personal experiences and insights on topics ranging from addiction to trauma to anxiety. It’s like therapy but with a side of laughter and relatability. By listening to these honest conversations, you’ll realize that you’re not alone in your journey dealing with clinical depression. You’ll feel empowered to embrace your own mental health, seek therapy, and support others who might be going through similar challenges.

Real Pod with Victoria Garrick

Real Pod is the show to listen to if you love it when things get very real. Your host Victoria Garrick is a long-term mental health advocate and former Division I volleyball player. She’s open with her listenership about mental illness as well as body-image struggles. This podcast also takes a unique approach, focusing on people from all walks of life but also a wide variety of professional athletes. So expect a ton of insight into the world of professional athletics and the mental health issues that pop up in that world. Think of her as your honest BFF providing all the insight into some of the most inspiring stories, guests, and lifestyles. And each one of them has something to say about a different topic related to mental health. 

Here are some of the must-listen-to mental health podcasts from Real Pod:

  1. Behavioral Therapist Molly Carmel Shares How We Can Navigate Our Personal Healing Journeys From Eating Disorders, Addiction, & Trauma
  2. WNBA Hall of Famer Chamique Holdsclaw: Living With Bipolar II, Overcoming Trauma, & Healing Family Wounds
  3. Chelsea Cutler: Living With Mental Illness, De-Stigmatizing Medication & Navigating Life As A Pop Star!

Therapy for Black Girls with Dr. Joy Harden Bradford

Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is the amazing host of this show, and she’s created a much-needed safe space for black women like us to dive into important topics like relationships, self-care, and personal growth. This podcast is a true source of inspiration, insight, and encouragement. Dr. Joy brings in experts and leads thought-provoking discussions that offer valuable tools and resources for black women seeking support. It’s like sitting down with your best girlfriends and having those deep, meaningful conversations we all need. So grab your favorite beverage, find “Therapy for Black Girls” on your favorite podcast app, and get ready to be inspired and empowered, my beautiful friend. You deserve all the support and growth on this incredible journey of life.

Recovering From Reality with Alexis Haines

Are you eager to come home to yourself? Alexis Haines couldn’t have said it better. She is a mental health advocate and former reality television star on the path to helping you feel empowered enough to take care of yourself and find true well-being. Her podcast offers grounding advice on more than one mental health topic. Think about setting boundaries with family and checking your ego and self-accountability. Alexis manages to create the perfect atmosphere for intimate and supportive conversations, no matter if there’s a guest or not. 

Below are a few incredible episodes discussing mental wellness:

  1. The Social Causes of Addiction and Mental Health with Bob Forrest and Evan Haines
  2. Teenage Depression and Behavior Modification Programs with Sadie Sutton
  3. Navigating Our Grief with Therapist Claire Bidwell Smith

Dear Therapists with Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch

Allow us to introduce you to “Dear Therapists,” a podcast that feels like sitting in the cozy corner of a therapist’s office and having a heart-to-heart conversation with experienced therapists, Lori Gottlieb and Guy Winch. Together, they provide insights, advice, and support on everything from relationships to personal growth. With their relatable and conversational approach, Lori and Guy make therapy accessible and practical. They tackle the tough stuff with empathy, humor, and a sprinkle of wisdom. Whether you’re dealing with a breakup, career challenges, or simply seeking personal growth, this podcast offers guidance and encouragement.

The Art Of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole

Your well-being and your mental health go hand in hand. If one starts to flake, the other will inevitably go down as well. That’s why Dr. Will Cole is here to teach you the art of being well! He’s a functional medicine expert and best-selling author on a mission to help you take care of your mind, body, spirit, and personal relationships. This podcast takes the time to answer listener questions about wellness, health, and scientific research that are directly related to mental illness. Expect to listen to the advice from many industry experts on his usually hour-long episodes! 

Three episodes you have to tune in to:

  1. Dr. Judy Ho: Stop Self Sabotage, Mastering Mindfulness, Enneagram Exploration + Personality Assessments 
  2. Alexis Haines: Trauma Triggering Autoimmunity, Addiction + Radical Recovery
  3. Dr. Jennifer Freed: The Cosmic Connection To Wellness

The Heal Podcast with Kelly Noonan Gores

You’ve probably heard of the Heal documentary and the Heal Book, created by Kelly Noonan Gores. Now get ready for The Heal podcast to take your potential to the next level! Kelly is a change-seeker on a journey toward healing as many people as she can. Her podcast offers an insider’s look into her conversations with doctors, scientists, spiritual teachers, and healers from all over the world. During each episode, you’ll gather new tools to protect your mental health and increase your quality of life. 

Let’s kick it off with one of our favorite episodes:

  1. Healing Trauma and Limiting Beliefs through EFT and Reiki with Patti Penn
  2. Breaking Through Trauma: Psychedelic Therapy, Hypnosis, Ketamine & More with Dr. Mike Do 
  3. Dr. Shefali Awakening Yourself Up From The Beliefs That Are Holding You Back

Because Life with Sydel Curry-Lee

This podcast is proof that mental health is a topic that concerns everyone, not just wellness experts. Sydel is an entrepreneur who’s spent the last few years trying to make all things mental illness more talked about in mainstream media. She wants to bring mental health issues to the front of the stage! Because Life is here to destigmatize mental illness and offer you first-hand advice on how to check in with yourself about your mental health. From Q&As with licensed therapists to insights about the importance of your relationship with yourself, you’ll find all the guidance that you need and more.

We recommend these three episodes to start:

  1. Pain Has a Purpose (feat. Dr. Jackie)
  2. Navigating Mental Health with Astrology (w/ The Pattern App Founder, Lisa Donovan)
  3. Mental Health in our Education System: A Deep Dive into the Structural 

Looking Up with Deepika Chopra

Of course, we can’t leave out the Optimism Doctor from our roundup of the best mental health podcasts! Dr. Deepika Chopra is a visual imagery expert who has literally studied the science of happiness. So she knows a thing or two about improving your mental health and navigating mental illness. Her podcast covers a mix of practical strategies sourced from both holistic practices and evidence-based science. Each episode will get you closer to a better mindset and less stubborn limiting beliefs! Dr. Deepika is often joined by field experts and groundbreaking professionals as she shares the tools to stay healthy, optimistic, and happier in the long term. 

We think you’ll find these three episodes particularly interesting:

  1. The Psychology of Child Stardom with Alyson Stoner
  2. Learning to Cope with Mental Health Advocate and Founder of PYM, Zak Williams
  3. Recovering from Rock Bottom with Ryan Haddon

The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos

The Happiness Lab is a great podcast hosted by the fabulous Dr. Laurie Santos, where she takes us on a journey to uncover the science behind happiness and well-being. With practical tips, guided meditations, and evidence-based strategies, this show will empower you to cultivate more joy and fulfillment in your life. It’s like a crash course in positive psychology, but with a sprinkle of charm and relatability. Through each episode, you’ll discover simple yet impactful ways to boost your well-being, reframe your mindset, and prioritize self-care.

I Love You So Much with Kenzie Elizabeth

ILYSM is the podcast you go to for a little bit of everything, including mental health. Most weeks, your host Kenzie Elizabeth interviews a new celebrity, pop culture fanatic, entrepreneur, industry professional, or influencer. For the episodes focused on mental health issues, Kenzie talks a lot about self-love, impostor syndrome, body confidence, and decluttering the mind. 

Here are a few of the best mental health episodes on Apple Podcast with ILYSM:

  1.  Dr. Caroline Leaf | Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess, Mind Management, How to Rewire Your Brain and Stop Sabotaging Your Relationships 
  2. Why Self Love is Not Selfish, How to Ask For Help, How to Ditch People Pleasing & Morning Mantras for Self Confidence with Paul Fishman
  3. Getting Financially Healthy, How Money Affects Mental Health, Holding Yourself Financially Accountable & Saving When You Don’t Make a Lot
What are your favorite mental health podcasts?

So those are our favorite mental health podcasts and a ton of episodes to kick off your audio experience! All of these shows offer a unique perspective on mental health issues and talk about some severely under-discussed topics. Although we could listen to them all day, it’s best to remember that a podcast is not a proper replacement for therapy sessions. Not all podcast hosts are mental health professionals. You should seek out a medical professional if you feel like you’re experiencing mental illness. It’s always okay to ask for help! For now, enjoy these fantastic shows and take care of your mental health!