We have all heard the term “hashtag,” but what is it, really? A hashtag is a way of categorizing videos, so the right people can find the content they’re looking for. On TikTok, creators upload videos and add a brief caption or description with a few hashtags. These hashtags allude to the content in the TikTok post, so if someone is already looking at videos that say #DearMedia, TikTok will find other videos with the same hashtag and deliver them to your For You page. 

If you’re running your own TikTok to grow your food-related brand, hashtags are the best way to reach people organically. People may not know that you exist, but if they’re looking at food content similar to yours, they’ll stumble upon your videos naturally. This is the perfect way to find your target audience, which is why a TikTok marketing strategy is one of the best ways to grow your food brand. 

Of course, you’re probably asking: How do I know which hashtags to use? The research isn’t always easy, so we’re sharing the best food hashtags for TikTok! With these hashtags in your tool belt, all you have to do is film, post, and add some of these trending food hashtags. We’ve made it super easy for you!

List of TikTok Food Hashtags You need To know

24 TikTok Food Hashtags You Need to Know


This is one of the biggest food hashtags on TikTok, with over 5.4 billion views under this tag. You can use this to share any of your favorite dinner recipes. You’ll find everything from casual step-by-step voiceover videos to cool aesthetic meal prep clips. If you share recipes, this is definitely one you should use!


This is “dinner ideas,” but with a family twist. These meals are bigger, but are also fast, easy, and inexpensive. There are 4 billion TikTok views in this category. A few million of those views are on the videos of this simple Tuscan pasta and this easy slow cooker meal!


The cheap meals hashtag is all about TikTok food on a budget. There are 600 million views in this section of TikTok, which is much less than the first two food hashtags, but that’s not a bad thing! Fewer views means less competition, and you can gain traffic from that too. Plus, in this economy, you can plan for more people looking for cheap meals like this one pan dinner and this 4 ingredient meal.


Baking content is another top trend with almost 30 billion views! We’ve loved watching people make incredible cakes and delicious looking pastries since the dawn of the Food Network. Now, you can get all the baking content you want with #baking. For video inspiration, watch this step-by-step chocolate chip cookie recipe and this hilarious vintage cooking video


Is anyone surprised that lazy cooking is a trending hashtag with 150 million views? No way. At least a couple times a week, most people want a recipe that’s fast and easy with no bullsh*t. So, for great lazy cooking video content, post a funny IDGAF cooking video like this or post an aesthetic healthy meal video like this. It just depends on your brand vibe!


Easy recipes has over 12 billion views! Gone are the days people head to Pinterest alone for their weeknight recipes. People love finding food content on TikTok, which is great for your brand. We love how easy it is to follow along with easy cooking tutorials like this cheesy sliders video and this Chinese cucumber salad one. That second one is a #foodasmr video too, which is a whole other hashtag you can explore if it fits your niche. 


If you do any cake decorating, TikTok is perfect for you. People love to watch bakers decorate beautiful cakes. It’s super satisfying, inspiring, and will have your viewser dessert stomach rumbling. The cake decorating videos can be simple recordings, or you can do a lot of staging to make it vibey and cinematic. Whatever you do, people are going to love it based on the 500 million views that have come from this hashtag so far. 


If you’re not into making food, but eating it and reviewing it, the foodie hashtag is a good one to use. Many using this hashtag head to restaurants, grab food, eat it, and tell you all about it while on camera. Check out this video of a man eating Mochinut and this one of someone munching on Wingstop. It shows you don’t even need to go gourmet to do your food reviews, since 164 billion people have watched content just like this. 


The gourmet hashtag is for those who do want to highlight the finer things beyond fast food and lazy dinners. This hashtag has 4 billion views, and the content consists of people cooking, eating, and displaying meals of our dreams . . . but you also might find satirical videos like this kid eating a fried leaf with his gourmet hashtag. Thanks, but no thanks.  


This hashtag has about 360 million views, and it’s all about pastries! If you like baking, but you like croissants and tarts, instead of cakes and cupcakes, this hashtag can help you find your niche. Definitely include this one in your rotation for your baking channel!


Pretty much any niche has a “tok” hashtag. You’ll find booktok, fashiontok, farmtok, foodtok (of course), and basically anything else you can think of. Like the “food” hashtag, the foodtok hashtag is the perfect one to use for any cooking or eating related content. Use it to show you cooking, eating, or reviewing foods! 


Everyone’s a critic, but on TikTok you can gain a huge following being one! There are almost 25 billion views on this hashtag, and listening to the reviews is a lot of fun. You can do restaurant reviews or recipe reviews depending on your style!


Food porn is a popular TikTok hashtag dedicated to absolutely delicious looking food. With 28 billion views, it’s clear people like to get their stomachs rumbling while they search the web for nearby restaurants to get your same tasty grub. Check out this video of a man cooking the perfect steak in the wilderness and this video of some sort of pizza-inspired cheese sauce getting poured over fries. YUM!

list of the best hashtags on tiktok for food


A recent popular food hashtag is the private chef tag with 860 million views. Viewers are just realizing there are people whose entire job is cooking gourmet food for their rich clients. It seems like a heavenly lifestyle (whether you’re looking at the chef or customer!) You get insight into the food they cook, how they prepare it, and what life is like as a private chef when you search this hashtag. 


We love to watch people cook to learn new recipes and to be thoroughly entertained. The cooking hashtag is great any time you’re uploading a video where you’re cooking, whether it’s chicken tenders or ratatouille. There are 151 billion views in this niche, so you’re definitely going to find your audience!


This hashtag is more on the goofy side. The 30 billion views were mostly for funny videos like this guy making a giant PopTart and this guy choosing chips over every other food using a funny filter. If there’s a little humor in what you’ve got, this tag should work well for you. 


Comfort food is the kind of food that makes you feel at home. If you ever make anything that feels like good ol’ American home cooking (you know, heavy on starch, cheese, and meat) add the comfort food hashtag. It has 8 billion views and choice content like slow cooker stew and this amazing tomato soup


Not everyone wants comfort food. Some people want healthy food like these crispy chicken tenders and this avocado corn salad. So, if you have a health food focus, there is a place for you on TikTok with this hashtag that has almost 10 billion views. 


The dessert hashtag has 33 billion views and a lot of baked goodness. Share your desserts on your TikTok page in the form of a recipe or an aesthetic video. Both will get views and make your account grow huge over time! People love to eat and look at scrumptious desserts. 


It’s no surprise that this is THE biggest food hashtag with 500 billion views. It’s used broadly across all food content. You might find more videos of people making food, but you also might find videos of people getting food or organizing food. The point is, you can use this food hashtag for pretty much any cooking or eating related video. 


No bake desserts are easy and tasty, which is probably why 430 million views are associated with this hashtag. Who wouldn’t want to try these s’mores bars or these cookies and cream cups? You don’t even need to preheat the oven! If you have no-bake dessert recipes, make it into content and use this hashtag. 


With 15 billion views, the cook with me hashtag is huge. If you want to use this hashtag, simply show yourself cooking up something delicious like this garlic parmesan chicken pasta or these breakfast bites and add the tag in the description. It’s pretty simple and has a huge reach. 


Here’s another “tok” hashtag. This one has 2 billion views, and is pretty generic. You can include it on pretty much any video that shows you cooking something up. It can be pretty off-the-wall too, like this video of someone cooking a sunflower


This hashtag is pretty straightforward and contains almost 7 billion views. If you use this hashtag, just make sure you’re giving step-by-step instructions or providing a link to the whole recipe. People searching for this content are looking to get cooking! This is one of the best hashtags for food bloggers, because you can send everyone to your website for your delicious looking recipe. 

Food related hashtags on tiktok

Hashtags are a great way to grow your organic reach. 

A good social media marketing plan should involve TikTok. It’s one of the most used video content platforms and the videos are shared all over social media. To effectively use TikTok, you need to up your hashtag game. We hope this list of hashtags helped all you foodies out there find the best food hashtags to grow your brand and become a TikTok star!

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