11 Best Celebrity TikToks – Dear Media Edition

We think one of the coolest parts of social media today is that you have access to all of your favorite celebrities. Not only can you read about them in the tabloids, watch their shows, and read their books, but by following their socials, you can also see what the heck they’re up to IRL. It’s the perfect place to show your support and get a glimpse into their personal lives!

With the Dear Media podcast hosts, it’s no different. Listeners engage with their weekly episodes, but many forget there is more content out there for days between shows! These illustrious hosts have blogs, Instagrams, and even TikTok pages. And in fact, TikTok is one of the BEST places to find Dear Media celebrities. There, you’ll find behind-the-scenes looks on weekly episodes, tutorials and reviews of all your fav products, inspiring and relatable advice, and even the occasional rant or two.

If you’ve been dying to know what your favorite Dear Media podcast host is doing when they’re away from the microphone, you’re in luck. Because today, we’re rounding up some of our favorite celebrity Tiktok accounts – Dear Media style.  

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11 Best Celebrity TikToks – Dear Media Edition

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick – The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her and Get the F*ck Out of the Sun is THE skincare and beauty queen. On her famous blog and popular podcasts, she shares beauty, self-care, and personal growth content that is essential for every girl boss out there. 

Her Skinny Confidential TikTok showcases Lauryn’s products and gives you more quick beauty tips, whereas her personal TikTok includes contents about her life and current routines. Watching Lauryn Bosstick on TikTok is the BEST way to absorb all Lauryn’s wisdom 7-days a week. 

Josh Peck – The Good Guys

Haven’t we all been obsessed with Josh Peck since Drake and Josh? So have the people of TikTok! It’s incredible how Josh has continued to stay so relatable and relevant all these years. Josh Peck is always putting out great content, including a Dear Media podcast called Good Guys with Ben Soffer. 

You can catch clips of the podcast on Josh Peck’s TikTok and see just how funny and offbeat (in the best way!) he and Ben’s pop culture podcast really is. Beyond podcast clips, Josh posts hysterical videos of him dancing, reacting to other TikTok videos, performing short skits, and reuniting with famous people from his career as a child star! 

Patrick Starrr – Say Yas to the Guest

Patrick Starrr literally does it all. He has his own beauty line, his own music, his own podcast, and his own MASSIVE social media following. Patrick Starr was one of the first men to do drag and beauty make-up on YouTube, and his content has spread to Instagram and TikTok too. On TikTok, you can catch his regular make-up and beauty routines, get updates on his life and products, and receive encouragement from this body-positive influencer. 

Mari Llewellyn – Pursuit of Wellness

Mari Llwellyn is the founder of Bloom, which is the legendary brand that makes pre-workout specialized for women. For years, she’s been sharing wellness and fitness content on TikTok, which has given her a huge following! She’s carried these loyal fans over to her new Dear Media podcast called Pursuit of Wellness

Since it’s just started, there’s not a big back catalog of content to binge when you finish the most recent episode. So when you’re done binging, head over to TikTok to feel empowered and motivated to hit your wellness goals! 

Jaci Smith and Chelsey Curtis – What We Said

Best friends Jaci Smith and Chelsey Curtis host What We Said, which is a podcast meant to inspire and entertain! They talk about EVERYTHING (as best friends do), like health, business relationships, and life. Each of them also has a huge TikTok following, where they post very different content. 

Jaci posts funny short videos of her daily shenanigans, whereas Chelsey dedicates her TikTok to fashion! She posts regular OOTD vids and her style is #goals. Both are on each other’s TikTok’s all the time, and both are equally fun to follow!

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Kamie Crawford – Relationsh*t

Kamie Crawford, the goddess of Catfish and the Relationsh*t podcast, has a TikTok where she shares shopping hauls, life updates, daily routines, funny videos, podcast clips, and mischief from her hit MTV show with Nev Schulman. She’s so relatable and fun, and you can learn a lot about self-care, relationships, and living your best life with Kamie on TikTok.

Kenzie Elizabeth – ILYSM

Kenzie Elizabeth is a lifestyle vlogger who hosts the I Love You So Much podcast. The show shares well-humored advice on relationships, productivity, and mental health from Kenzie herself as well as notable thought leaders. 

It’s definitely a podcast that will challenge you to be your best self. However, if you want reminders that your favorite podcast host isn’t perfect and deals with the same day-to-day stuff as you, definitely check out her TikTok! We love to watch her life updates, outfit showcases, daily routines. 

Payton Sartain – Note to Self

Note to Self is a podcast for all female-kind. It brings sisterly advice to all sorts of topics, ranging from break-ups to entrepreneurship. Her TikTok has lots of clips from her podcast, so you can find some great new episodes to listen to as you’re working through all her past content. Beyond podcast clips, she shares lots of vlog-type content and outfit of the day videos! 

Arielle Lorre – The Blonde Files

We all want to be well, and Arielle Lorre at The Blonde Files Podcast helps us get there. Really, her TikTok is an extension of her podcast. She shares mindful practices, healthy meals, and self-care routines to help you make your life better. If you want to fill your day with as much soulful content as possible, definitely follow her and watch her helpful vids!

Alexis Haines – Recovering from Reality 

Alexis Haines is a former reality TV star and member of the Bling Ring, but her past does not slow her down. She is sober, done with crazy unfulfilling lifestyles, and on a mission to help people forgive themselves and get to a better state of mind. Her Recovering From Reality podcast and TikTok are all about supporting you through your mental health journey and giving you the tools to get out of your darkest places. 

Sarah Nicole – The Bird Papaya

Sarah Nicole is another one of those influencers who just achieves so much! She runs her The Birds Papaya blog, her The Papaya Podcast, and various social media accounts. Every article and episode from Sarah Nicole is full of such humble wisdom, however her TikTok gives you a window into her everyday life beyond Papaya. 

You can see videos of her daughters that inspired the title of her blog and vlogs showing her regular routines. It’s all so wholesome and relatable! You’ll really feel like you know Sarah Nicole personally after browsing her TikTok page. 

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Which Dear Media celebrity TikTok is your favorite?

If you’re treating yourself to a hot bath or sitting in the waiting room before an appointment, there’s no shame in pulling open TikTok for some doom scrolling. Consider it an act of self-care when you watch one of these fun or inspiring profiles! Plus, you can show some of your favorite creators’ support, which is always a bonus. To see the full list of Dear Media podcast, head over to our blog and show list!