what is a beige flag in a relationship

There are A TON of dating terms and slang words in the world of modern dating. It can be hard AF to keep up, but it’s important to understand what people are talking about. 

For example, have you noticed all of the recent chatter about flags? People everywhere are talking about red, yellow, green, and beige flags. But WTF does it all mean? 

Let’s get a few things straight. Red flags are the things that set off BIG alarm bells and almost guarantee this thing is NOT going to work. Yellow flags are things that may or may not be problematic. And, green flags? Those are the things that tell us our S.O. is a good pick!

But what about beige flags? We got you!! Today, we’re sharing all the deets on beige flags. Let’s get into it:

what is a beige flag in a relationship

Beige Flag Meaning

We’ve all experienced our fair share of red and green flags in our dating lives. But beige flags? Now that’s a new one. It all started on social media in 2022 when a TikTok user, @itscaito, came across some seriously boring dating profiles. According to her, people with stuff on their profiles like cliche profile pictures holding fish or bios that read “My hobbies are drinking coffee and walking my dog” scream boring and basic. Hence, they are “dull as beige.” (Here’s more on why a dating app profile may totally suck.)

Is drinking coffee and loving your furry friend bad? Is fishing always a turn off? No way! But, they’re regular every-day things that don’t pique our interest on dating profiles. This #boring vibe was the original meaning of “beige flag,” but over time, other TikTok users started sharing hilarious stories about their partners’ little quirks and idiosyncrasies, so the definition evolved.

Now, rather than meaning boring or basic, beige flags are simply things people do that make you pause, like, “Who does that?” These traits aren’t necessarily good nor bad they’re just different. They’re behaviors that are totally quirky but never an actual dealbreaker. 

Beige flags are now subjective to each person. Because what might be a beige flag for you might be a green flag for another, or it might even be a red flag for some. It just depends on your taste or perspective. (Think, pineapple on pizza.) We’ll get into some beige flags below! 

beige flag meaning

What Is A Beige Flag?

A beige flag in a relationship is a characteristic or habit you notice in a person that isn’t necessarily good or bad, just quirky or odd. It could shine a light on your partner’s endearing oddity. Or, it could be the thing that totally gives you the ick no matter how insignificant it seems. It totally depends on you and your pet peeves.  

Unlike red flags, these things are subjective and not dealbreakers unless you want them to be. Basically, you’re the judge. Either way . . . that beige flag will probably always bug you a little bit. If it bothers you A LOT it could be a warning sign that you’re dating the wrong person

It’s not that they’re a crappy person or even a bad boyfriend/girlfriend. The beige flag just means they may or may not be right for you. Here are some of the most common beige flags our Dear Media podcast hosts talk about:

Beige Flag Examples

30 Beige Flag Examples

  1. Makes weird moaning sounds while they eat. 
  2. Infinitely reuses the same issue, stuffing it in their pocket each time.
  3. Never puts lids back on stuff. 
  4. Set a dozen alarms and ignore them all. 
  5. Texts by sending a million short individual texts instead of typing it all out before sending. 
  6. Wearing clothes that are all too big or too small. 
  7. Has a repeated “catch phrase” that you can’t unhear once you notice it. 
  8. Packs literally last minute for any trap. 
  9. Always complaining about some ailment like a headache, tickling in their throat, being tired, etc. 
  10. Never asks follow-up questions when they hear hot goss.
  11. Walks too fast or too slow. 
  12. Irrationally afraid of the dark, bugs, or other childish fears. 
  13. Holes in all socks and underwear. 
  14. Still takes mirror selfies like it’s 2007. 
  15. Wears a toe ring. 
  16. Reads ebooks. 
  17. Apologies too much over everything. 
  18. Unnecessarily competitive over things that don’t matter. 
  19. Overshares ALL the time totally unprompted. 
  20. Bites utensils and straws. 
  21. Eats leftovers cold out of the fridge. 
  22. Rearranges furniture constantly. 
  23. Has a business degree. 
  24. Takes too many baths as an adult. 
  25. Falls asleep every time you watch anything. 
  26. Gives random items pronouns. (Like their car.)
  27. Never finish the last bit of their drinks or meals. 
  28. They’ll post you on their Insta story but not their grid.
  29. Can’t tell left from right without using their hands. 
  30. Drinks from multiple beverages at the same time.  

beige flag ideas

There are a lot more where that came from! If you want to hear even more on this, listen to this episode of What We Said where besties Jaci and Chelsey give you the DL On their beige flag experiences! 

Don’t be too quick to judge; beige might be your color.

Can beige flags be breakup worthy??? Sure, it could mean it’s time to put on your red flag bucket hat and walk away, but we want to challenge you guys! Beige flags remind us that love is not about finding the perfect person but finding beauty in their imperfections (sounds very clichè, but it’s true). Even though these traits can get annoying at some point, you can simply talk it out with your partner casually. A simple, lighthearted conversation about his quirks, without hurting his feelings, could be a healthy way to strengthen your relationship. 

Rather than judging your partner’s odd behaviors, see their beige flags as opportunities to bond and laugh over what shapes your better half into Mr. Right. Very often, it’s the tiny differences that make a relationship feel like you’ve found the yin to your yang, the Pam to your Jim. 

When you think you’ve found that imperfect, perfect person, listen to the Him & Her podcast to learn how to keep that love and live happily. If you need more helpful relationship advice, you can always find us on our Dear Media blog or listen to our podcasts, where we discuss everything life and love.