We are collectively trying to leave the entire “women bringing down other women” narrative in the past. It’s outdated, rude, and honestly just not the vibe. Today, society should be all about building women up. And that starts with women building bonds, and strong ones at that. Even with the goal of trying to build your ultimate girl gang, many women still struggle to create female friendships.

Whatever the reason is, it’s a darn travesty. Female friendships can truly be some of the most rewarding, fulfilling, supportive, and let’s face it REAL relationships we can have. Furthermore, it’s been shown that same-sex friendships are beneficial in times of stress, as detailed by this study published by Barbara A. Winstead and Valerian J. Derlega. Even more, it’s no secret that women tend to stay friends for a really long time, often sharing strong bonds and wholesome memories. And at Dear Media we want to encourage all of you to build your girl gang STRONG. So with that, let’s dive deep into why female friendships are important.

Why Female Friendships Are Important

Girls simply get each other.

Sure, men are great. But the emotional connection and empathy women feel when talking to another woman is unparalleled! Women think alike, and this helps them build the strongest of bonds. They aren’t afraid of getting emotional with their friends or venting their hearts out to one another. And it’s simply natural that they understand each other so well!

They will always have your back.

Your close girlfriends are your ride or die. Female friends are the best cheerleaders, big sisters, and confidence builders. No matter what, you know you can rely on your best female friend to have your back or pull you out of a dark spot. True girlfriends are loyal to the core and that’s what sets them apart!

You can comfortably talk about many issues.

They really are terrific listeners! Female friendships allow you to have a safe space you can always go to whenever you need to vent. Your girlfriends will listen, share your feelings, reason with you, and probably hype you up afterward! Even if you’re struggling with your mental health or admitting you screwed up in a certain area of your life, true girl friends won’t judge or cut you off. Women are empathetic to the core and that’s something you can always rely on!

They understand the struggles of being a woman.

Having female friends is amazing because you have a group of like-minded individuals that know all of your struggles. Whether that is dealing with your most recent encounter of mansplaining or running out of tampons, your girls simply know how it feels. You can relate to them and they can help you feel understood even in your worst moments. That’s where female friendships will always shine!

Women are more open about their emotions.

Let’s face it, women are way more emotionally-inclined than men. And that’s an asset! They can easily empathize with people and feel for their struggles. But this also helps create a better communication dynamic within female friendships. Since women are so open about how they feel and when they’re hurt, they have no problem saying it like it is. If your friends are mad at you, they’ll tell you the reason and be honest about it. This allows female friendships to be super transparent and last longer without grudges taking a toll on the bond for years on end!

Your beauty routine will thank you.

Let’s face it, as women we’ve been working on our beauty routine all our lives. It’s just a part of being a woman at this point. Well, what better way to gain new tips and tricks for skincare and makeup than getting insight from your closest friends? You can share products, tips, tactics, and of course methods. And don’t think the tips stop at beauty. Your girlfriends probably have the low down on all the latest and greatest recommendations PERIOD. Think fitness classes, podcasts, restaurants, blogs, books, you name it! To ensure you have some tips and tricks of your own to share, listen to THIS episode of The Dream Bigger Podcast.

You get a new confidant and cheerleader.

Women love to hype other women! They love feeling confident and safe, which is why they make other women feel that way whenever we can. If you make a new female friend, chances are they’ll be the first to comment on your latest social media post and shower you with compliments. Still, you can also rely on your female friends to be there on your darkest hours. Whenever you need to get something off your chest, your girl squad will listen!

Female friendships are reliable and durable.

Making friends can be intimidating (and hard AF). But you’ll never regret putting yourself out there and meeting a group of amazing women! Female friendships are long-lasting and incredibly reliable. No matter what is going on with your life, you can count on your girlfriends being there for you. That stability and support is priceless! When you’re older and still living it up in the group chat, you’ll be so happy to have made the effort to meet those women. And if you’re struggling making friends in college, a new city, or just during a different stage of your life, listen to THIS episode of House Guest with Kenzie Elizabeth. Join Kenzie and her old friend Drumaq to listen to the best advice about how to make new friends!

You can harness your feminine energy.

In a world where masculine traits are sought after like crazy, it’s amazing to have a group of like-minded women by your side. These girlfriends will let you express and grow your femininity anytime you want. The feminine energy is strong, resilient, kind, motherly, honest, and uplifting. Tapping into this side of yourself among other women will help you understand who you are on a whole other level!

Female friendships help you relieve stress.

A study published by the Journal of Women and Aging showed that female friendships can actually help you reduce stress levels! Though you probably felt that your girl squad made your life easier before, now you know it’s supposed to be that way. According to the research, engaging with female friends reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone) for women during an entire lifetime. So if you pair your female friendships with some stress-management techniques, your stress levels will surely decrease by a long shot! Take this as your sign to get out there and start looking for like-minded women you can become close friends with. You’ll thank yourself later in times of stress!

What do some of your best friendships look like?

Your girl squad is for life! Friendships are one of the most important aspects of your life, so you better value them. No matter if you have more male or female friends, just be sure to cherish those bonds and stick to them in the long run. And if you tend to only seek male peers, look for female friendships as well! As you can probably tell after reading this post, female friends are amazing! So don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make friendships that will last you a lifetime. Good luck!