No topics are off-limits with comedian Heather McMahan of Dear Media’s Absolutely Not! The Absolutely Not podcast is well-established with a ton of hilarious episodes featuring super-famous celebrities, experts, and more! Heather has a joyful take on life and breaks down the everyday struggles into hilarious, yet authentic, bitch sessions. She loves saying Absolutely Not! to legitimately everything in life that’s annoying and worth complaining about.

Absolutely Not! is made for those of you that love to hear funny and relatable stories mixed in with all the hot gossip. You’ll also hear everyday complaints from the Hotline, where listeners call in to bitch about anything and everything. Heather is everything you’d want in a podcast host – she’s dramatic, hilarious and never holds back. So, buckle in and get ready for a wild ride. Here’s our top 10 episodes of Absolutely Not!

10 Best Absolutely Not Podcast Episodes:

Ovaries On A Plane

Could you imagine having a near death experience on a plane? Flying is already stressful enough! Heather tells us all about her brush with death when her ovary literally exploded on her flight to London. She spills all the crazy, juicy details of how the whole fiasco went down in her most dramatic fashion.


Family issues, a burnt taint, and a rolled ankle – what the f*ck is going on? Heather is never one to hold back on spilling the tea about life’s craziest moments. Get the scoop on how Heather sustained these random injuries and catch up on all her family drama. Plus, hear some extra crazy voicemails from the hotline that were left by listeners mid-quarantine.

Jennifer Lawrence: She’s Got An Oscar, I’ve Got Sciatica 

In this episode, Heather speaks with special guest and mega-famous actress, Jennifer Lawrence. Need we say more? But seriously, who wouldn’t want to sit down and have an honest and real session with Jennifer freaking Lawrence? Hear all about what life is like in the movie business and all things Hollywood in this inspiring, and super hilarious, episode.

Burnt My Grundle 

Oops! Heather burnt her grundle. Apparently, hot coffee and vaginas do not mix. Heather tells us all about her somewhat emotional Starbucks mishap and how it was a bit of a journey to recover. Plus, we’re back with some more voicemails from the Absolutely Not line, and believe us when we tell you, these ones are wild.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: We Know What She Did Last Summer

It’s all love for Jennifer Love Hewitt. We all know her as the Ghost Whisperer and one of our most favorite actresses of all time. What we didn’t know is that she is also a top Hollywood movie producer! Heather and Jennifer talk all things love, grief, family and Hollywood and somehow manage to laugh through it all!

The Devil’s Dust

If you think the crazy voicemails Heather gets on the Absolutely Not line are funny, then you do not want to miss this episode. This time around, Heather takes calls directly from the hotline and has some interesting conversations. She also talks about travel and trying “baby botox”. Relax…it’s not for your baby!

HIRED BUT TIRED – Heather McMahan and guest, Jeff Daniels 

Heather’s husband, hilariously dubbed the Italian Stallion, joins her on this episode of Absolutely Not! Anytime Heather brings Jeff on the podcast, it’s a good time! Jeff brings even more comedy to this episode where they talk about Heather’s travels, her recent trip to Italy and where she’s going next. And in good Absolutely Not fashion, they also answer some wild voicemails from the hotline.

Adam Rippon: The Show Must Go On 

Adam Rippon is an olympic athlete, super-star and host of Youtube show, “Break the Ice”. Sit down with Heather and Adam as they talk about what it’s like to train as a serious athlete and what it takes to make it all the way to the Olympics. You’ll also hear about Adam’s Youtube show, how he and Heather balance the haters…oh, and Celine Dion. With a great mix of topics, this episode is worth the listen.

To Be Honest 

In this episode, Heather answers the age-old questions that we’ve been dying to know the answers to. You know, questions like “Is the world ending?” and “Why is everyone an idiot?” Heather will make you laugh out loud with her advice on these topics (and more!) and you don’t want to miss the calls from the hotline on this episode!

Here Come The Facts with Ashley McMahan

Both McMahan sisters in one room? Here comes trouble! Dive into this family drama episode where we meet Heather’s sister, Ashley. Ashley is a Georgia based lawyer and brings just as much drama to the episode as Heather. They relive old family stories, joke about baby boomers, tell us all about their mother, Robin, and then they bitch about the rest.

What’s YOUR Favorite Absolutely Not! Episode?

Ring ring…have you called the hotline to bitch to Heather yet? Let Heather inspire you to say Absolutely Not! to all life’s inconveniences. Absolutely Not is by far one of the best female comedy podcasts out right now and we love hearing Heather’s take on those annoying, everyday issues. With a ton of episodes to choose from, all equally dramatic and hilarious, it was super hard to choose our top 10 episodes of Absolutely Not! So, if you have any favorite episodes, be sure to let us know below!