Let’s talk about the one-and-only Whitney Port! Whitney is an reality TV star, fashion designer, author, mom, wife, entrepreneur, and one of our absolute favorite podcast hosts. Some of you may know Whitney from her days on The Hills or The City or you may know her as the open, honest, and super relatable host of her very own podcast, With Whit.

With Whit is allll about Whitney’s life and it’s the perfect opportunity for fans to catch up with Whitney and see what she’s been up to since her time on The Hills. Whitney delivers your daily dose of reality TV gossip as well as all the best advice about allll things life. You’ll hear expert tips on relationships, parenthood, entrepreneurship, beauty, fashion, health, wellness and so much more!

With Whit is one of the best podcasts for female entrepreneurs as well as one of the best confidence boosting podcasts around. Because of these reasons, and many more, we’re so excited to share a roundup of the best With Whit podcast episodes! Check out the top 10 episodes below!

10 Best With Whit Podcast Episodes

Staying Home With Whit | Lauren Conrad and I (FINALLY!) Reunite

It’s no surprise that this episode of With Whit with Whitney and Lauren Conrad comes in at #1! Whitney and Lauren spent years together filming The Hills and they have a lot of catching up to do. If you like this episode, be sure to check out part 2 where Whitney and Lauren continue their conversation.

I Had A Misscarriage 

Buckle in for an open, honest, and emotional conversation about Whitney’s experience with a misscarrige. In this episode, Whitney sits down with her husband, Timmy, to talk about the rollercoaster of feelings and emotions that came along with her tragic experience and how they’ve managed to move forward as a family.

Staying Home with Whit | Lauren Conrad and I Continue Our Hills Reunion

Welcome to the second half of Whitney and Lauren’s conversation where they continue their highly anticipated reunion! In this episode, you’ll hear all about The Hills, motherhood, Whitney and Lauren’s current reality TV obsessions, and a round of rapid-fire questions.

An Emotional Rollercoaster with my Sisters 

Grab some tissues and settle in! In this episode of With Whit, Whitney sits down with her sisters to catch up and share memories of childhood. The girls share both funny and emotional stories, talk about what it was like to watch Whitney on TV, and discuss how they’ve overcome the loss of their father.

Stassi Schroeder Spills Secrets from Vanderpump Rules, Wedding Planning and Her Horror Obsession

If you absolutely love Vanderpump Rules, then this is totally the episode for you! Whitney sits down with Stassi Schroeder, star of Vanderpump Rules, best-selling author, and podcast host of Straight Up with Stassi to spill allll the tea. The duo talk about all the latest Vaderpump drama, why Stassi loves all things horror, and the details of Stassi’s upcoming wedding!

BTS Secrets of “The Hills”

If you’re a huge fan of The Hills, this episode is a MUST-LISTEN! Get ready for a whole episode devoted to answering fan’s questions about The Hills. You’ll hear all about how Whitney landed the part, which castmates she liked, which she didn’t, who she still talks to, and soooo much more!

How We Fell In Love: A Look Inside Timmy and My Love Story

Meet Timmy, the love of Whitney’s life! Timmy was previously a producer on The City before transitioning to the world of unscripted TV development production. In this episode, listeners get to sit down with Timmy to talk about Whitney, what life is like as Whitney’s husband, living with Whitney and her sisters, and more!

WITH WHIT LIVE With Special Guest Kaitlynn Carter

In this super cool episode of With Whit, which was recorded LIVE, Whitney sits down with Kaitlynn Carter. Kaitlynn is an entrepreneur and blogger and also spent time on The Hills where she and Whitney became fast friends! You’ll hear about fashion, social media, skincare, The Hills (of course!), and answers to questions from the live audience!

Fighting Fair with My Husband, Timmy

Get an inside look at Whitney’s life in this vulnerable and honest episode with her husband, Timmy. The duo open up to listeners about their most common fights, why each of them feel so strongly about certain topics, and how they resolve their issues.

How to Cope with Today’s Job Market, Being Single and Heartbreak with My Best Friend of Life, Andrea Cuttler

Introducing Andrea Cuttler – Entertainment Director of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine and one of Whitney’s best friends! Andrea tells listeners all about her job, how she landed the position, and what life is like in the fashion industry. Whitney and Andrea also discuss being single in their thirties, how to handle heartbreak, and why having female friends is soooo important.

Get a bit of Whit each and every week!

Catch up with Whitney, her expert special guests, and allll her favorite people in the With Whit podcast! Whether you’re a fan of reality TV or not, With Whit has a little bit of something for everyone. From genuine advice about love, loss, relationships, and more to allll the hot gossip from your favorite reality TV shows, Whitney has got you covered! New episodes are released each and every Tuesday and you can listen to With Whit on Dear Media, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Spotify. We hope you absolutely love With Whit and we can’t wait to see what you think about this podcast! If you have a favorite episode of With Whit, feel free to drop it below! And, as always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t be afraid to leave us a comment!