The dating scene is fun, exciting, and downright WILD. However, when you’re looking for your next serious relationship, you gotta be on the lookout for red flags. You know what we’re talking about—red flags are those qualities of your new person that give you the ICK. Hates on your music taste??? Byyeee. Snap streaks with other girls??? No way. Mean to his mom? GET OUT. 

Recognizing these red flags early on will help you avoid hurt, heartbreak, and an unnecessary toxic relationship. You can find a complete list of red flags here on the We Met at Acme podcast. The red flags in this podcast episode focus more on what your partner does . . . but what about how your partner lives? The bedroom is like THE key place you’ll find red flags in those early days of your relationship. 

We know red flags can be a little difficult to decode sometimes (especially with the excitement of a new relationship). So, here are our top bedroom red flags that should have you grabbing your purse and getting tf out:

bedroom red flags

8 Bedroom Red Flags

No bed sheets and one pillow. 

Okay, just no. First of all, if your guy doesn’t have bed sheets, that’s NASTY!!! Do you know how much a guy sweats at night? And, how many times has he done the deed on this bare ass mattress??? Literally gagging. There’s no excuse for a grown man not to have at least a fitted sheet. 

And, the one pillow thing? That just further shows his lack of maturity. If you’re planning on bringing sexual partners over, providing a pillow is pretty much the bare minimum you can do to make them comfortable. It’s all just cheap and childish. 

“Sexy” posters of celebrities.

Speaking of immature, sexy posters of models, actresses, and singers are a huge red flag! I mean, that boyish obsession with a female body makes them seem desperate, crude, and just gross. Do you really want to sleep with that??? With a half-dressed Victoria Secret model looming over you? YIKES. 

Trash or clutter EVERYWHERE.

We have to remember that when men are in the dating phase, they are at the TOP of their game. They’re putting in their best effort to win you over! That means they’re texting you more than they ever will, sending flowers more than they ever will, and cleaning more than they ever will! 

If you go to a guy’s bedroom and find trash, dirty dishes, and clutter EVERYWHERE, understand that’s probably the tidiest they’ll ever be. Sooooo who’s going to be cleaning up your future apartment?? YOU! Do you want to be his mom or his mate? If you see trash all over, run!

Holes in the wall or damaged property. 

Do we even need to explain why this is a red flag??? If this guy can’t deal with his anger in a way that’s more productive than punching a wall or breaking a lamp, you do NOT need to grace him with your presence. Before long, you’ll be the source of the anger . . . and maybe the property getting damaged too. Get out of there! 

bedroom red flags

Laundry piled on the bed. 

If this man can’t be bothered to put away his laundry before bringing a girl home, do you think he’s going to be thoughtful on your birthday?? Is he going to text you good morning??? 

Now, don’t get me wrong, we all get piles of laundry sometimes. But if a guy knows there’s a possibility he could bring a partner home, he should care about them enough already to tidy up the bed. That pile of laundry shows he won’t prioritize you or your comfort. 

Too many expensive toys.

Unless your guy says he’s a lawyer or doctor, too many expensive toys are a huge red flag. A brand new sports car, a fully automated smart home, an espresso machine, a huge massage chair, and an insane gaming setup might seem like lots of fun . . . but it also seems like a lot of debt. All this junk shows this man is not financially responsible, is potentially a narcissist, and he probably struggles a LOT with pride. (And, is he compensating for something???) 

No curtains.

Having no curtains on his windows shows he doesn’t care about your privacy. Even though you probably haven’t known each other for very long, he should want you to feel safe and comfortable. Wide-open windows aren’t going to motivate any woman to jump under those covers—well, maybe it will, but to hide!

Other girl’s sh*t.

Whether it’s an ex or just a “good friend,” none of their sh*t needs to be lying around his room. No one wants to be a rebound or another notch on the bedpost. If you see a previous partner’s clothes or products, he’s clearly not ready for you!!!

couple in messy room

When you encounter these gnarly bedroom red flags, find the exit and see yourself out!

Red flags are the universe’s way of telling us a boy is no good for us. Don’t gamble against your intuition! Keep your standards high, know your worth, and stay tf away from these red flags. For more red flags to watch out for, listen to this episode of Relationsh*t where the queen of Catfish herself, Kamie Crawford, gives you the skinny on the worst red flags. And, for more relationship advice, check out the Dear Media Blog where we talk about all things love, life, and pop culture (oh, and podcasting OFC)!