The Best Recovery Podcasts

There are so many reasons to listen to podcasts. The format of a podcast allows you to invest in yourself daily because you can listen and engage with podcasts while you’re going about your daily life. Whether you’re working, driving, or running around with your kids and pets, you can have a podcast in your ear entertaining you or developing your understanding of a specific niche. 

One of the lesser-understood benefits of podcasts is their ability to connect us all. Online, we can find millions of people just like us, and that makes us feel less isolated and better supported. And, when you’re struggling with something like addiction, it is so easy to feel alone, which makes recovery feel impossible. 

But believe it or not, there are thousands of addiction recovery podcasts that can help you stay focused and feel understood. With these 15 podcast episodes below, you can stay the course, push through your temptations, and continue down the path of sobriety. Here they are:

15 Best Recovery Podcasts

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her: Arielle Lorre of the Blonde Files on Trauma, Addiction, Recovery, Marriage, Criticism, and Productive Routines

Arielle Lorre, the powerful woman behind Dear Media’s Blonde Files podcast, is an extremely successful creator and entrepreneur. However, she didn’t achieve her career and brand overnight. Instead, she struggled with an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Ever since recovery, she’s been vocal about her story to inspire listeners like you. Even though staying sober is tough, Arielle Lorre wants you to see hope. 

P.S: You can hear her tell her story on other podcasts as well to get a slightly different spin on her incredible journey. You can listen to Lipstick on the Rim and Dream Bigger as well. 

The Art of Being Well: Alexis Haines – Trauma Triggering Autoimmunity, Addiction, and Radical Recovery

Dr. Will Cole gives his listeners weekly guidance through common problems using his medical background. Giving people freedom from their ailments whether they are struggling with physical or mental health. In this episode, Dr. Will Cole sits down with Alexis Haines, a former heroin addict, and discusses how trauma triggers autoimmunity, addiction, and a whole lot more. Plus, he gives you practical tools to pursue sobriety. 

Divorced, Not Dead: We Met at Rehab! With Alexis Haines

Alexis Haines also sits down with Caroline Stanbury to discuss her addiction and recovery as well as her journey to marriage and divorce. Her advice and insight are definitely relatable to anyone struggling with substance abuse. And, her story of success is totally motivating!

Real Pod: Eating Disorder Recovery: The Realities of Repairing Your Relationship with Food and Learning to Like Yourself with Alex Light 

Alex Light is a radical influencer who speaks out about her anti-diet philosophy and the importance of body confidence. She’s so passionate and relatable about this because of her past battles with eating disorders. In this episode, she helps those with similar disorders see hope and pursue addiction treatment. If you’re dealing with anorexia, bulimia, or other eating disorders, definitely listen in. 

The Blonde Files Podcast: Eating Disorders, Addiction, and Recovery with Remy Park

Remy Park, a vegan recipe developer, and blogger has dealt with it all in terms of addiction. Drugs, alcohol, and an eating disorder. A total triple whammy. She understands the struggle to recover with a mind and body prone to addiction. In this podcast, she shares what helped her succeed and how she stays focused on sobriety. 

Dear Gabby: My Spiritual Path from Addiction to Sobriety

Gabby Bernstein and her brother are both influencers with brands that reach a lot of people. They also both dealt with addictions to drugs and alcohol. The two of them discuss the spiritual side of recovery and give listeners hope that an internal, spiritual miracle can happen! 

Going Mental: Pillow Talk – Love Addiction with Vic Mensa

Eileen Kelly of Going Mental sits down with rapper Vic Mensa. He’s suffered from drug abuse and sex addiction that stemmed from his depression. He and Eileen talk through the highs and lows of recovery and the challenges of reforming your mind to achieve sobriety. 

Raising Good Humans: The Addiction Inoculation

If you struggled with substance abuse, you might be aware that an addiction-prone mind is genetic. It’s a disease. This is worrisome when you become a parent. Dr. Aliza discusses raising kids with healthy attitudes and behaviors when it comes to substances. Have peace of mind you’re on the right track with your parenting by tuning into this podcast episode. More of the best of Raising Good Humans, here

Recovering from Reality: The Social Causes of Addiction and Mental Health with Bob Forrest and Evan Haines

The co-founders of Alo House Recovery Centers sit down with Alexis Haines, a recovering addict herself, to discuss all things addiction. Their program is holistic and doesn’t follow the standard 12-step program. Learn about this recovery model and get inspired. Alo House might be exactly what you need to achieve sobriety. 

That’s So Retrograde: Tech Addiction SOS! With Digital Habits Coach Tommy Sobel

There are more addictions than drugs and alcohol abuse. If you’re dealing with another type of addiction, it can be easy to convince yourself recovery isn’t necessary. Maybe you think it’s not even a problem! In this episode, learn about tech addictions and how to create healthy relationships with tech with Tommy Sobel, a digital habits coach!

The Art of Being Well: Doug Bopst – How Alcohol Harms Your Health and the Addiction Spectrum

Of course, we know that an addiction to alcohol or drugs is bad for our bodies. But, how is it bad exactly? Doug Bopst, a former addict turned award-winning personal trainer, and Dr. Will Cole discuss how substance use disorder affects your mental and physical health. Plus, you’ll receive insight into your addicted mind and how to get sober.

From Addiction to Conviction with Hannah Johnson 

The Garcia family brings in family and friends who have struggled with addiction and come out on the other side. They discuss childhood trauma and drug addiction, and they answer all your questions about living with addiction AND living with someone who’s addicted. The family impacts of substance abuse are huge. Feel all the love and support from the Garcia family! 

We Met at Acme: Adderall Addiction, Sexual Confidence, and Cams fr.s Caroline Calloway

Addiction to prescription drugs is a growing problem in the U.S. Sit down with Caroline Calloway and learn about her life and sobriety. Every time you hear a success story like this, use it to charge your recovery. Get ready to feel supported and understood by the team at We Met at Acme as you dive into this podcast!

Recovering from Reality: Healing from Sex Addiction with Staci Sprout

Staci Sprout is a psychotherapist who deals specifically with those dealing with addictions to sex and love. No matter your specific struggle or sexual orientation, she can help. She’s seen all sorts of sexual behaviors and knows exactly how to support your healing. During this chat, Alexis Haines and Staci Sprout dive into recovery from addiction and healing after. 

What We Said: Recovering from Drug Addiction and Reality TV with Alexis Haines

Alexis Haines makes her rounds on these podcasts for sure and we are totally here for it. Her story is so powerful! Here’s one more perspective of her substance abuse story. In this one, she recounts her past and highlights her success today. Hear her story through the lens of the What We Said podcast

Use these podcast episodes to find support and motivation as you journey through addiction recovery!

If you’re struggling with substance abuse and addiction, you need all the help you can get. When you’re bombarded daily with temptations to relapse and use, keeping a voice in your ear that’ll keep you focused on recovery is VITAL. Friends, family, and sponsors are the major components to a healthy support system, but they can’t talk to you and motivate you all day. Podcasts can be that voice! Make a playlist with these podcast episodes and stay the course. You can do this with your Dear Media family!