Here at Dear Media, we always love learning new things! And something you might not know is that listening to podcasts that talk about happiness, beauty, and wellness can have tons of positive effects on your life. The Blonde Files is a podcast about allll things health, motivation, fulfillment, and positivity and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. Hosted by the one-and-only Arielle Lorre, The Blonde Files is not your typical wellness podcast. Arielle not only teaches listeners about the best beauty and mental health trends, but she also lets you in on meaningful conversations with inspirational guests and experts from different cultures and industries. So, settle in, grab a drink, and let’s talk about the top ten ranking episodes of The Blonde Files.

10 Best The Blonde Files Episodes

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg: Breaking Up With Bad Habits + Stepping Into A Life You Love

Arielle knows you have questions and this week, she’s here to answer them with Melissa Wood-Tepperberg. Melissa is a model turned super successful business woman and her life story is filled with inspiration and hope. Hear allll about Melissa in this episode plus an interesting listener Q&A where Arielle and Melissa spill tons of beauty secrets. This is an awesome episode for those of you who are female entrepreneurs.

Best & Worst of Wellness Trends + Best Anxiety and Bloating Tips! With Alyssa Lynch

In the world of beauty, there are tonnns of do’s and don’ts. And in this episode, Arielle sits down with influencer and wellness guru, Alyssa Lynch to talk about all of them! Get ready to hear about botox, filler, bloating, eating healthy, exercise, and all the latest and greatest beauty trends!

Dr. B the Gut Health MD – All Things GUT HEALTH!

Are you ready to learn more about gut health? While it might not seem super important, it turns out, it really is and it’s time to focus on what really matters – your health! Tune into this episode where Arielle and Dr. B the Gut Health MD discuss eating healthy, the causes of stomach and gut disorders, training your gut, and the ugly and toxic truth behind diet-culture.

I’m Interviewed By My Producer on Marriage, Recovery, Hollywood and More!

Buckle in and get ready to hear about Arielle’s WHOLE. ENTIRE. LIFE. She sits down with her producer in this episode of The Blonde Files to spill the tea on where she came from and how she got here. You’ll hear about her mental health issues, drinking, drugs, jealousy, relationships, dating famous people, and so much more! This episode is a great place to start really getting to know your new favorite podcast host.

Intuitive Eating + How To Truth Our Bodies with Evelyn Tribole, MS, RDN

Get down to the nitty gritty of diet-culture, eating disorders, and social media with Arielle and special guest, Evelyn Tribole. Evelyn is a registered dietician, a popular author of over nine books, and the co-founder of Intuitive Eating. This episode is amazing for those looking for an awesome confidence boosting podcast and those looking to repair their relationship with food!

EPISODE 100 with Lauryn and Michael of The Skinny Confidential

At Dear Media, we absolutely LOVE The Blonde Files and The Skinny Confidential. So, this crossover episode is a total dream come true! Get ready to hear allll about how Lauryn and Michael Bosstick, podcast hosts of TSC, from their busy personal lives to how they’re quickly taking over the digital world and building a totally badass brand.

Get The Fuck Out Of the Sun with Lauryn Bosstick

Lauryn Bosstick is back again in this episode of The Blonde Files. Arielle and Lauryn are both devoted beauty gurus and both super knowledgeable about all the latest beauty trends. Arielle and Lauryn get real about irreversible beauty trends, botox, filler, jaw surgery, and microdosing mushrooms. This is not the episode to miss!

Dr. Jud Brewer on the Science of Anxiety, Cravings + How To Change Negative Behavior

If you’re struggling with addiction, your relationship with food, or anxiety, this is 100% the episode for you!  Dr. Jud Brewer is a highly regarded scientist that has been researching the science behind these issues for over 20 years at MIT, Yale, and Brown. Arielle sits down with Dr. Jud Brewer to have a serious conversation about negative behavioral issues, eating disorders, bad habits, addiction, and how to overcome these common life issues.

Unpacking Bennifer, Emrata, The Kardashians & More with Pop Apologist

If you’re a lover of all things reality TV and pop culture, you will totally love this episode! Arielle is joined by the hosts of Pop Apologists to talk about what’s going on right now in the world of celebrities and social media. You’ll hear differing opinions about Emrata, the tea about new and old celebrity relationships, and get the scoop on the always-trending Kardashians!

Ditching Diet Culture + How To Stop Obsessing Over Food With Lisa Hayim, MS, RD

Tune into this episode of The Blonde Files to talk about allll things diet culture. Arielle and Lisa Hayim sit down to talk about nutrition, overcoming negative eating habits, addiction, and overall wellness. The duo take time to assess each trending diet, like intermittent fasting and others, to decide if these fads are worth it, OR NOT!

No matter your hair color, The Blonde Files is for YOU!

Don’t let the name fool you! The Blonde Files is the perfect podcast for anyone and everyone who loves all things wellness. Arielle has such a positive and distinct voice and her unique candor makes you feel like you’re chatting with your BFF! If you absolutely love The Blonde Files, be sure to check out their super cute merch by clicking here! We hope we’ve inspired you to take a listen, and as always, feel free to let us know your thoughts below! And when you’re ready to start listening, you can find The Blonde Files on Dear Media, Apple, Amazon, and Spotify.