We all know how hard the holidays are on your mental health. Seriously, YIKES. Mental health issues sometimes reach their all-time high this season and the reality is…the happiest time of the year can be the hardest time of the year for some of us. 

And yet for others, there’s plenty of joy to go around. So, why not spread that cheer? Giving gifts is a great way to boost your loved ones’ mental health by showing you care and you’re there for them. Even better—you can give gifts for mental health, whether by supporting mental health awareness or by giving back to charities with every purchase! 

With that in mind, we’re sharing a round-up of gift ideas that support mental health for you and allllll your besties! Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Gifts That Support Mental Health

27 Gifts That Support Mental Health 

Mental Health Gift for Her

Mental Health Gifts For Her

Crayola Flowers

Crayola Flowers partners with growers to bring you beautiful bouquets, the perfect gift for almost any special occasion. With 10% of the purchase price going to support their variety of partners, including the Wounded Warrior Project, this gift supports mental health for veterans who return from service wounded and beyond! 

Your Angels Are Always With You Mug

A great reminder that you’re never alone—we all need one sometimes!

This purchase supports The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire podcast, which is all about healing and wellness. Listen to the Life Changing Episode To Heal Anxiety Once & For All with The Anxiety MD Dr. Russell Kennedy to get a taste of what Jordan Younger (the host) is doing to spread mental health support!

I <3 Therapy Bracelet

Therapy can be hard. Like, REALLY hard. That’s why it’s important to remember it’s actually a good thing! Don’t forget what you know with this I <3 Therapy bracelet. 

It gives 25% of the net proceeds to Project Healthy Minds, a non-profit organizing a mental health marketplace to make mental health services more accessible. 

Becoming A Whole New B*tch Journal

Journaling SAVES our mental health. Seriously, we don’t know any coping mechanism that does as much leg work as journaling. 

If your loved one is struggling with their mental health, this is a great method of stress relief. Get your loved one a place for all their anxious thoughts, so they don’t have to be carried around with them!

This purchase supports the podcast Relationsh*t with Kamie Crawford, and podcasts that spill allllll the tea on relationship patterns and how they affect us. This episode on Red Flags with Karrueche Tran can help you protect your peace (and mental health)!

Cup of Té Luxe Gold Starter Kit

Nothing says relaxation like a warm cup of tea, and nothing says luxury like this luxe gold tea gift box! This is a great gift for your tea-loving friends. Choose from an array of teas to include in the starter kit.

Better yet, this gift gives back! $1 from every starter kit purchased goes to the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital.

Note To Self: 222 Tee

Manifesting mantras can be crucial to mental health—they keep us focused on how we want life to be, and allow us to recognize when life is going well!

This purchase supports The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire podcast.

Mantraband “Self Care Isn’t Selfish” Cuff

Speaking of mantras, this one’s a great one for your loved ones to keep in mind—and $5 is donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness with every purchase!

Breathe Candle for Good

We are lavender lovers over here! No scent packs as much punch when it comes to self-care. Known for relaxing and soothing anxiety, this lavender candle will have you “ooh”-ing and “ahh”-ing as you relax.

This candle supports the National Alliance for Mental Illness.

Set Your Boundaries Card

This card is a great holiday reminder to Set. Your. Boundaries. This holiday season! If a question makes you feel uncomfy, you do NOT have to answer it, girl! Reduce anxiety by going into the holidays KNOWING what you are willing to tolerate—and what you’re not.

Please Don’t Ask Crew

Going along with holiday boundaries, this sweatshirt is a great way to set your intentions this holiday season. 

This crew supports The Bad Broadcast, which reminds you it’s okay to hate on things (as long as it isn’t EVERYTHING) and makes listeners feel less alone. Plus, Madi Murphy is ALL about boundaries, which are soooooo crucial to mental health. 

To Write Love On Her Arms Subscription Box

Need a gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and giving? One of the best mental health box subscriptions, this t-shirt subscription box is the one for the job! Each box contains a surprise tee with a mental health slogan, an 8 x 10 print, a surprise accessory, and a monthly message of hope. 

Proceeds from this box support the To Write Love On Her Arms movement, which works to provide mental health resources and destigmatize mental illness.

Holiday Self-Care Card

This holiday self-care card is a great reminder to your besties on how to take care of themselves. We know it’s hard to remember and feel motivated once it starts getting dark outside so much!

This card supports Real Pod, a self-help and wellness podcast that advocates for mental health and body image.

Philosophy Products

We love a self-care duo—a self-care gift for you with a great bath product, and mental health care for the world at large!

Philosophy donates 1% of sales from their products to the Hope & Grace fund to address mental health issues.

Boundaries Blanket

DON’T touch me! Or do. Depends on what side this blanket is showing! This blanket is a great way to show when you’re ready for some lovin’ or really, REALLY not. 

This blanket supports The Bad Broadcast.

Hope Night Eau de Parfum Purse Spray

Smell good, feel good—that’s what we always say! Plus, this perfume (and everything else from Hope Fragrances) gives back in a MAJOR way. ALL proceeds from Hope Fragrances go to the Hope for Depression Research Foundation, which funds advanced research on depression. 

F*ck Filters Crewneck

This fun crewneck reminds you that you don’t need filters to be GORG AF. All you need is you, babes! It supports Real Pod, a self-help and wellness podcast that advocates for mental health and body image.

Need an episode to listen to like, yesterday? Here’s one for ya on How She Overcame Her Mental Health Battles & Started Living Life to the Fullest.

Marcella Mental Health Candle

This scented candle has a blend of essential oils that is SO refreshing, it might just help you put on a new mindset! But even if it’s just a delicious scent, it still gives back—10% of proceeds go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. LOVE!

Have A Good Cry Mug

Sometimes, what you really need is a good cry. Crying is a great tool to process your emotions. But crying can be stigmatized, so we all need that reminder that it’s okay to not be okay. Support The Bad Broadcast with your purchase!

Does that cry seem to last forever? It may be one of the signs you need a mental health day. Take time for yourself, GF!!

Feeling Feelings Cards

When you need a reminder that you are worthy…turn to affirmation cards! These cards are the perfect gift for a friend or family member who always forgets what she means to the world. Plus, 50% of proceeds go to The Loveland Foundation, which is committed to community and mental health, especially for Black women and girls. 

Wanna give directly? Give money to The Therapy Fund, for those who cannot afford those crazy medical bills on their own.

Rare Beauty Comfy Hoodie

1% of proceeds of all products from Selena Gomez’s brand, Rare Beauty, go back to the Rare Impact Fund, which works to destigmatize mental health and provide people with resources.

Conscious Step Mental Health Gift Box

These beautiful socks support mental health by donating $3 per purchase to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Mental Health Gift for Him

Mental Health Gifts For Him

Support Mental Health Hooded Sweatshirt

Each sweatshirt donates $5 to the National Alliance on Mental Illness to destigmatize mental health issues. Plus, they’re mega-soft!

Doughp Bestseller Pack

If your man’s got a sweet tooth, this is a delicious gift idea for you. This cookie dough is safe to eat raw AND a portion of the proceeds goes to SHE RECOVERS Foundation.

Giftcards.com Wounded Warrior Gift Cards

These gift cards give back 3% of the purchase amount to the Wounded Warrior Project, which supports mental health for injured veterans and their families.

Men’s Harley-Davidson Wounded Warrior Project Honor Hoodie

Harley-Davidson donates 10% of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Awareness Coffee Co.

Know someone who can’t wake up without that cup of coffee in the morning? Now, everyone’s coffee can give back! With 50% of proceeds going to organizations like the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation, Active Minds, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness, this coffee is sure to pack a punch!

USA Lacrosse Mental Health Awareness Sweatshirt

Big lacrosse fan in your life? They’re about to be an even bigger fan! This mental health sweatshirt that says, “we can stick it out together” brings awareness to mental health issues and is super comfy.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this sweatshirt will go to the Center for Sports Science & Safety to fund research and outreach efforts.

What are you picking up for your faves this year?

You know they deserve the best gifts. And they’ll be pumped to find out their gifts help more than just them!

But what helps our besties best is knowing they’re not alone. That’s why we encourage you to share with them some of the best mental health podcasts, so they can hear real people talking about issues they face. 

Don’t know where to start? We are loving this episode of Good Morning, Monster, OR this episode of Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari!