how do you find trending audio on instagram

Hey queen! Looking to boost your social media marketing? 

Whether you’ve got a podcast, a lifestyle brand, music, products to sell, etc., social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your bag. But simply posting videos won’t cut it if you’re trying to reach a wide audience you’ve got to be strategic about the sounds you use and the videos you post. 

Hopping on viral trends on Instagram can be an easy way to amplify your brand quickly as well as boost your engagement. But spending forever searching for trends can be a pain we want it quick and easy.

If you’re wondering how to promote your podcast or other business/brand on Instagram, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you from baby micro influencer to a professional Instagram creator in no time flat. Which is good, because these trends come and go QUICKLY. You’ve gotta be on your toes to keep up! Ready? Let’s get into it!

how do you find trending audio on instagram

How Do You Find Trending Audio On Instagram?

Check out the Instagram trending audio list.

If you’ve got a business Insta, finding trending songs and audio on Instagram is a piece of cake! And, if you don’t have a business Instagram account… what are you waiting for, bestie?! 

Turning your Instagram into a business account gives you access to lots of cool features, like engagement insights, filtered messages, and the crème de la crème of influencer tools: the Instagram trending audio list.

To access the trending audio list, just go to your profile in the app, tap Professional dashboard, and select trending audio.

If you want to stick with your personal account, you can still find the list of popular Instagram reels trends. Simply go to your reels explore page and find a reel with a next to the audio track name at the bottom. Tap the audio button, which will take you to that reel audio’s page. Then, at the top, tap Trending. 

Scroll, baby, scroll.

Obviously we’re not going to encourage the endless, mindless scroll you’ve still got to get your hot girl walks in, and you definitely can’t let the scrolling ruin your productivity. You want to navigate social media in a healthy way, of course. But, a little scrolling is actually part of the job when it comes to content creation!

Scrolling is a good way to see trending reels, especially in your niche. While the trending audio list might show you what all of Instagram wants to see, your reels explore page will show you what your kind of account is using for audio, giving you all the inspo you need for your next viral reel.

Remember, you want to grow your following with authenticity, so using some of the non-trending audios that fits your brand better is the way to go!

Learn from the @Creators account. 

The best tips on how to boost your engagement come from the source. Lucky for us, Instagram’s made it easy to get those tips. Just head over to the @Creators account on Instagram to get tips for reels, learn more about the algorithm, and get a current trend report.

The search bar is your new bestie. 

You can definitely get some weird content when you’re venturing outside of your little niche, but using manual search is a good way to get fresh ideas from beyond your feed. 

Just tap the little magnifying glass at the bottom of your screen, then type something like “trending sounds” in the search bar. You can add more details if you know what kind of video you’d like to post, like “fashion” or “fitness.”

ways to find trending audio on instagram

You can have a little TikTok. As a treat. 

Maybe you’ve already been using both platforms for your brand, or maybe you’ve got your heart dead-set on using IG ONLY. Either way we have to tell you that sneaking a peek at what’s trending on TikTok will only benefit you. If it’s popular there, there’s a good chance it’ll resonate on Instagram as well.

Pluuuuuuuuus, if you adapt your reels for TikTok, you can boost your engagement through that avenue, too!

In order to find trending songs and sounds on TikTok, you can utilize the Creative Center, the search bar, or TikTok’s playlists, which are personally curated for you. To find them, click the + at the bottom of your screen, tap the music note on the right side, and boom! A beautiful list of sounds just for you. Just listen and search for any of the ones you like on Instagram!

Sneak a peek at Meta’s Sound Collection.

Copyright concerns can make creating reels really tricky, but lucky for us, Meta has a collection of thousands of sounds and audios that are totally free to use. The system is used best on a desktop computer, but the system is totally worth that extra effort. It’s super user-friendly, with lots of search filters available! Once you’ve found what you like, just save the audio to your account.

Of course, any time you’re making a reel or any other content, you want to make sure to stay true to your brand DNA. Meta has a great collection of sounds, but they won’t all be for everyone! The top Instagram brands know their own DNA and they know their audience. They stay true to their values and that authenticity brings the high level of engagement you’re looking for. 

Follow Instagram accounts that post current trends.

The @Creators account isn’t the only account that can keep you in the loop on the latest trends. In fact, there are plenty of accounts (like @reelstips) that post reels with the best content inspo out there you’ve just got to find the account that’s right for you!

Use an Instagram Reels Template.

Reels Templates lets you quickly copy the clip timings of an existing reel. All you have to do is drop your own photos or videos into a template, and BOOM! You’ve made a killer reel. 

To use templates, you can either tap Use Template on a reel you like, or you can get to the Reels Templates page through the Video Editor. Just tap the Reels tab, then the Camera icon in the top right. After that, you’ll be able to slide to the Templates tab in the Video Editor. When you find one you like, simply hit Use Template and add your own content.

instagram influencer tips

Ready to be a top Instagram influencer?

There you have it! The easiest ways to find great sounds and songs for Instagram reels, all in one place. We hope this makes your brand, business, or podcast promotion easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy you deserve it, after all!

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