Podcasts have become SUPER popular. In fact, 1 in 5 Americans listen to podcasts every day. Every. Single. Day. This isn’t surprising to us at all, because we STANNNN podcasts too. (DUH!) But why, you ask? Well, not only are they a great way to be entertained and learn new information, but they’re also one of the best ways to fill your day with good vibes! 

Now, don’t get us wrong, we all love challenging series like I Am America and dark shows like Creeps and Crimes. However, sometimes we just want to feel good and inject our day with some serious positivity!!!

There are plenty of podcasts out there for that! And we’re going to share some of our fave positive podcast episodes for you today. Here they are:

Positive Podcasts To Listen To

11 Positive Podcasts To Listen To

What We Said: HOT GIRL SUMMER 101

Having a hot girl summer is all about your mental and physical well-being. And, no, that doesn’t mean having the perfect beach bod. Girl, you just gotta have confidence and embrace a happier mindset!!!

Chelsey and Jaci give you all the tips and tricks to having your own hot girl summer in this positive episode of What We Said. Oh, and while listening you can take notes in your What We Said “Slay Era” journal. Manifest this hot girl summer, ladies!!!

Everything is the Best: Facing Fear, Loving Yourself, and the Importance of Change with Monica Berg

Both podcast host Pia Baronicini and guest Monica Berg are super inspirational. In this episode, they talk about tackling mental health through adversity and recovering with a stronger sense of self and a more positive perspective. This show is emotional, moving, and totally empowering. It’s a great listen if you need a healthy dose of happiness for your day! 

Him & Her: Caitlyn Jenner On Embracing Your True Self & Identity, Finding What You Love, & Accomplishing Your Life Goals

There are few people more qualified than Caitlyn Jenner to talk about being your true self and embracing your identity!

This episode of Him & Her with Lauryn and Michael Bosstick is all about personal growth and finding what you love. By the end, you’ll feel so encouraged to continue on your path and embrace who you really truly are. You be you, rockstar!!!

Mind. Body. No Soul.: #Blessed

Being positive about the future and feeling empowered to tackle your next hurdle is a needed message for sure, but sometimes we need to be reminded to be grateful for where we are!

Jackie Schimmel, your morally flexible spiritual advisor, leads you on a guided gratitude meditation that you can do in under 30 minutes. It’ll def reset your mind and make you feel #blessed. 

The Career Contessa: Gratitude Letters – How to Cultivate Happiness In The Workplace

Good life and work balance are key to a positive outlook. But, seriously, finding happiness at work is easier said than done for some of us. This episode of The Career Contessa breaks down how to have an optimistic mindset, a grateful heart, and a cheerful attitude while at the workplace!

If your venti latte isn’t a tall enough glass of positivity to get you through the day, put it down and instead listen to this episode of The Career Contessa. (Okay, also drink your coffee. That liquid gold makes every day brighter.) 

Dear Gabby: Becoming the Happiest Person You Know

Gabby Bernstein is a best-selling author, renowned life coach, and a favorite Dear Media podcaster. All around, Dear Gabby is one of the best podcasts for positivity, because Gabby is amazing at connecting with her audience and making you feel you’re in a live self-help coaching sesh every single week. 

In this particular episode, Gabby breaks down the secrets of not feeling so bad. Her keys to happiness are practical, logical, and super super helpful. If you’ve been feeling sh*tty or just need a pick-me-up, Gabby Bernstein can give you the hope you need to keep on going! 

Positive Podcasts To Listen To List #1

The Bitch Bible: The Velcro Vagina

Okayyyy, so what if the usual positive mindset podcast stuff makes you want to do a full-body eye roll??? We get it. Sometimes it’s just too much and 100% not the vibe. If this is you, take a detour on the positivity train and listen to this episode of The Bitch Bible (also with our spiritual guide Jackie Schimmel) where she rants about toxic positivity and other stuff. 

Sometimes all we need to feel heard and empowered is to listen to someone bitch about the same stuff we bitch about. It reminds us that we’re all in this together, right? Well, if you’re ready to enter your positive-and-confident-Jackie Schimmel-bitch-era, listen to this episode and grab your F*cking Bitch Bundle with all The Bitch Bible essential for sharing the tea and embracing your true self. 

Looking Up: On Creating a Vibe of Love, Communicating without Words, and Coming Out with Vince Coconato from Bob’s Dance Shop

Deepika Chopra has spent her career studying the science of happiness. That means she’s an expert in positivity and evidence-based self-care. Also, she has one of the BEST positive psychology podcasts out there!!! 

This episode is all about love, good vibes, and becoming who you really are. If you want real tools to achieve happiness, Looking Up is the podcast for you! Oh, and we have a whole post on how to give off good vibes if positive energy is a goal of yours this season.

Scheananigans with Scheana Shay: The Mindset Mentor with Rob Dial

Rob Dial is known as “The Mindset Mentor” and our very own Scheana Shay interviews him in this episode of Scheananigans! He shares some incredible tips and habits that help people get into a more positive mindset and achieve abundance in their lives. It’s all about believing you deserve everything you want and accepting nothing less! 

Note to Self: Simple Pleasures – Little Ways to Make Life Feel Luxurious Today with Joe Ross

Let’s talk about elevating our life. There are so many ways to make our day-to-day more positive, luxurious, and beautiful! Payton Sartain and her boyfriend Joe Ross give you a list of all their fave simple pleasures that’ll help you level up your self-care game and feel pampered as hell. 

Wanna start treating yo’self right now??? Why not get going with a Note to Self “Luckiest Girl in the World” coffee mug, the TSC Hot Mess Ice Roller, or the With Whit Presence Puzzle? Like, what’s your vibe? What are you into? Treat yourself to something at the Dear Media shop that’ll make you feel amazing!  

Real Pod: The Single Girl’s Guide To Mastering Self-Love & Breaking Toxic Relationship Patterns with Lifestyle Guru Sierra Nielsen

Victoria Garrick is a motivational speaker and mental health/body-positive advocate with an incredible podcast that offers inspiration, encouragement, and positivity in every episode. In this installment of Real Pod, she talks about loving yourself as a single girlie. 

With her help, you can totally embrace who you are and your single identity using proven mental health practices and Victoria’s personal advice. While on your journey of self-love, grab this Real Pod Wellness Checklist Mug that’ll help remind you of your mental health goals! 

Here are more body positivity podcasts if this is an area where you need more good vibes!

Positive Podcasts To Listen To List #2

Listen to these Dear Media motivational podcasts to feel positive and empowered!!!

We hope this list helped you find a podcast that suits your style. At Dear Media, we have a huge selection of podcasts that cover a range of topics on positivity, mental health, and more. You can check out our full show list HERE and don’t forget to head to the blog for more podcast recs and self-help content. Let’s change our mindset and head into this next week totally charged with positive energy. It’s gonna be a good one!