Hot girl walks hit the streets in 2021 as a way of empowering women after lockdown. Let’s face it, during quarantine we lost ourselves, stopped reaching for our goals, and forgot how freakin’ hot we were. Hot girl walks were born to bring that all back. They were first popularized on TikTok, but they’ve become a straight-up phenomenon. Here we are, years later, still strutting it out on our daily hot girl walks!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking: What exactly is a hot girl walk? A hot girl walk is a daily 4 mile walk that’s all about your state of mind—no weight loss or fitness goals here! According to the founder of HGW Mia Lind, you should only be thinking about 3 things on your hot girl walks: your goals, your gratitudes, and your gorgeous self. Seriously, this is all about strutting down the street or trail just vibing and basking in your hotness!!! 

It’s the perfect way to de-stress, focus your mind, and gain some serious confidence. After days or weeks of doing hot girl walks, though, it’s easy to let your mind go blank or focus on the wrong things (like to-do lists or the season finale of Vanderpump Rules.) So, to keep your mind in good-vibes mode, listen to a podcast. There are tons of podcasts for your hot girl walks, and they’ll keep you goal-oriented, grateful, and glowing! 

So today, we’re sharing our top podcasts for hot girl walks to listen to while you strut:

Hot Girl Walk podcast list

10 Podcasts For Hot Girl Walks

A Thing Or Two

In every episode of A Thing Or Two, Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo discuss 2-4 of their most recent favorite finds. It could be anything from food to beauty to technology to literature. You can listen to A Thing Or Two and learn about a ton of new products, services, and practices that can elevate your life in every way. For example, you can get the low-down on the rules of a hot girl walk (how fitting?) and allll the benefits in this episode: Walking, Recycling Bottles, and Two Nostalgic Mall Brands.

Barely Filtered

An unfiltered and honest approach to all sorts of lifestyle topics will help boost your confidence and solidify your sense of self. You’ll be asking yourself, “Who cares what other people think?” when you hear podcast hosts Aurora Culpo and Kristen Gaffney challenging literally everything and sharing their blunt opinions on every topic under the sun. Since practicing gratitude is standard on HGWs, start with this one on creating a brand, practicing gratitude & carving your OWN path. 

Him & Her

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is like THE hot girl—and she knows all about a glow-up. After a double jaw surgery that left her swollen and almost unrecognizable for two years, Lauryn had to take back her life, restore her health, and get back to feeling like her hot self. Now, she shares how she wins at life in the Him & Her podcast. Dive into some personal development with this episode of Him & Her with Christinne Quinn from Selling Sunset. You’ll hear all about how to own your narrative, create your future, be a boss bitch, & so much more1

I Love You So Much

Kenzie Elizabeth is another lifestyle influencer that uses her podcast to give you a master class in hot girl vibes. Whether you’re looking for better routines for productivity or dating advice for your newly single life, let Kenzie and her guests give you the scoop and encourage you all the way. 

Lipstick on the Rim

Hot girl walks have a lot to do with our body image. Lipstick on the Rim is a beauty podcast that’ll give you the tools, advice, and products you need to make yourself feel trendy and snatched. Start making your self-care wishlist with Molly Sims of Lipstick on the Rim, and while you’re at it, level up your self-care game with this episode featuring the one and only Ciara! 

Podcasts For Hot Girl Walks

Mind. Body. No Soul.

Wanna get spiritual without the hokey stuff?? Jackie Schimmel is the BEST wellness guru for the unwell. Mental health is a huge part of hot girl walks, and this podcast will take you on guided meditations through all your big feels: focus on gratitude, battling anxiety, and loving yourself with Mind. Body. No Soul.

The Dream Bigger Podcast

Remember, one of the pillars of a hot girl walk is visualizing and achieving your goals. The Dream Bigger Podcast’s whole thing is helping women become their best selves. This often centers around entrepreneurship and careers, but Siffat Haider covers everything from skincare to relationships—anything in your life you want to make better! 

The Blonde Files Podcast

Arielle Lorre’s podcast, The Blonde Files, is for asking and answering all your wellness questions. She and her guest give us expert wisdom and tender advice on how to get more out of life. After binging a few episodes, Arielle Lorre will feel like your hot girl bestie. In the spirit of all the benefits of a hot girl walk, start with this episode on breaking bad habits and changing behaviors to change your life

The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire

Here’s another spiritual podcast for the hot girl soul! How amazing would it be to go on a walk and feel restored in your body and your mind? That’s what this is all about, ladies!! And, Soul on Fire is a great way to dive into spirituality in a way that’s modern, approachable, and actually helpful. Ready to take the leap? Learn how to change your life overnight with podcast host, Jordan Younger and Bryony Deery.

The Bitch Bible

Hot girls and bitchy girls are often the same breed—why? Because they know what they want, how to get it, and won’t let anyone walk over them. Jackie Schimmel (yes, she has two hot girl podcasts) uses The Bitch Bible to have unapologetic convos that help you become the bitch you need to be to conquer all your big goals. Bitch with Jackie on her recent episode all about pregnancy and reality TV.

Podcasts For Hot Girl Walks

Hot girl walks empower women to be their best selves. 

We LOVE hot girl walks. They’re one of the best ways women can take care of themselves, stay grateful, and formulate their future goals. You just need a podcast to get you in the right headspace! Choose one of these perfect hot girl walk podcasts and get to stepping. If you need more podcasts, you can check out the best podcasts for self improvement and the best self care podcasts on the Dear Media website. Plus, you can view our blog and whole show list for maximum hot girl inspo! Let’s do this!