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Moving to a new city comes with tons of excitement: you get a new job, new sights to see, and a new place to live and make your own. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life, one you may have been dreaming of for a long time.

But, no matter how excited you are, moving to a new city can be overwhelming and a little scary, too. There’s a lot of unknown out there in your new city! Plus, moving somewhere you don’t have a support system can be more than a little intimidating, to say the least.

Don’t be afraid! Meeting new friends can make the process stay exciting, rather than getting stressful. And you’re like, the absolute best, so you’ll make friends in no time! Plus, we’ve got some great tips for making new friends. (If you’d rather listen to some great advice, check out the episode of Balanced Black Girl called How to Make Friends in a New CIty.) 

So, even if you struggle when meeting new people, you can still expand your social circle with ease after you’ve moved. You may have to work outside of your comfort zone, but trust us, it’s good for you. And, we totally believe in you, babe!

Here’s how to make new friends in a new city:

How to Make New Friends in a New City

How to Make New Friends in a New City 

Try group activities.

Group activities are a great way to find new friends. There typically isn’t a lot of pressure to hold a long conversation during these activities, but you may find that conversations flow with ease because you have a ton of common ground! And, if you both enjoy one hobby together, you may enjoy another, too. 

You can find a lot of different group activities in larger cities by asking around, visiting community centers or coffee shops with community boards, or searching on apps like Nextdoor. Some fun activities include team sports, community musicals, slam poetry nights, or language courses.


Volunteering can not only help you find new friends, but it can also have great benefits for your mental health by reducing stress and releasing dopamine, which increases positive feelings. (Love those good vibes.) This can make you feel empowered, which boosts your confidence and helps you meet new friends. Plus, you know the people you’re volunteering with probably have similar interests, since they care so much about their impact on the world!

If you’re not sure of the needs of your community, we highly recommend you listen to I Am America, which highlights a lot of social issues our world faces! Or, just think about something you see every day that you want to make better. 

Use your social network.

Sure, maybe you don’t have friends in your new city (yet) but chances are you do have friends, in general, and there’s a chance THEY know someone in your new city! It’s definitely worth asking around, because the friends of friends are like built-in besties! 

Attend community events.

Neighborhood block party? You’re there. Free movie screening on the green downtown? Um, yes PLEASE! Summer arts festival? Don’t mind if we do!

No matter what you’re doing, events that bring the local community together are a great place to start networking and developing your new social life. Spend time researching what your new city has to offer when it comes to community events, and attend ones that interest you! Then, strike up a conversation with someone. 

Feeling nervous? House Guest with Kenzie Elizabeth has a great ep on making friends that can help you gain some confidence. You can also listen to 4 Confident Hacks to Transform Your Life from Transform

Check out local Facebook groups + events.

There are all sorts of local events and groups that won’t be posted in coffee shops, community centers, or on local news outlets. And, they’re definitely not something you want to miss out on! Luckily, you can find cool events like tarot reading nights, art showings, special markets, and nighttime hikes.

Join a book club.

This one’s for our avid readers who love The Readheads Book Club. Take your love of this discussing books out into the real world with a local book club! If you find someone who loves the same books as you, they’re basically already your BFF, are we right?!

How to Make New Friends in a New City

Hang out in coffee shops.

Better yet, start a new routine at your nearest coffee shop the more you’re there, the more comfortable you’ll be there, and the easier it will be to make friends. Plus, you may notice that you’ve got the same routine as another person in the shop. They could be a new coworker, coffee shop gossip partner, or ride or die bestie. Who knows? Either way, you’ve got to get out there and meet them!

Chat up your coworkers.

We get it sometimes at work, it’s clock in, do your sh*t, and clock out. But the truth is, your job is an amazing place to meet people! These people already know what you’re dealing with, because they’re dealing with the same work bullsh*t you are. Plus, you spend time with them every day, so you might as well be friendly with them!

If you’re unsure where to start with your coworkers, check out our post on how to make friends at work. It starts with engaging in small talk, lending a helpful hand, and keeping the gossip to a min. Hopefully soon, you’ll have your next BFAW (best friend at work)!

Go to the dog park (with a dog, obviously).

Know what people LOVE to talk about? Their pets, of course! So going to a dog park can be a great way to meet people, whether or not you have a dog. Just borrow a friend’s, or offer dogsitting services on an app like Rover (which can double as a lucrative side gig SCORE)! And, if you meet someone, the two of you should def bond over The Dog that Changed Me podcast. Prepare for waterworks! 

Try friend-making apps. 

This one could be pushing you out of your comfort zone, but it’s a great option to find a new friend. Apps like Bumble BFF work similarly to dating apps just make a profile with some pictures, a quick bio, and some of your interests, and get to swiping! This one works best if you’re good at small talk. Just keep your guard up and looking out for friendship red flags with the help of the hosts at Twenty Whatever.

Get to know your neighbors.

There are some easy ways to start out on your neighbor’s good side, and who knows? They could turn into a full-blown friendship! Try bringing over a homemade dessert or bottle of wine, host a housewarming party, or grill out on your front lawn. Get to know what your neighbors do, and see if you vibe with anyone!

making new friends as an adult

Making new friends as an adult can be tricky, but you’re totally up for the job. 

Just remember: as nervous as you are making new friends, they’re probably nervous, too! You’re not alone, ever, Plus, the worst they could say is “no.” Soon, you’ll be having those adult sleepovers binging Bravo with your new BFF!  

Want more tips on how to make new friends? We know it can be hard, especially because it’s different at every age. Here’s how to make friends in your 20s, and how to make friends in your 30s

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