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I Am America

with Tracee Ellis Ross

I Am America, presented by Tracee Ellis Ross, is a collection of audio portraits that expand our understanding of identity, the idea of community, and the possibility of our country. In each episode, you’ll hear the story of someone searching for belonging, hope, and joy, and the effect that their experience has on people around them


  • Episode 10: Michael Platt is Baking with Purpose
  • Episode 9: Ethics in AI with Timnit Gebru, PhD
  • Episode 8: Identity and Disability With Conchita Hernández Legorreta
  • Episode 7: “Injustice in Health” with Dr. Rachel Hardeman
  • Episode 6: Departing the Quiet with Cole Arthur Riley
  • Episode 5: Nurturing Masculinity with Kier Gaines
  • Episode 4: Black Men and Feminism Pt. 2 with Richie Reseda
  • Episode 3: Black Men and Feminism Pt. 1 with Richie Reseda
  • Episode 2: Designing for Justice with Deanna Van Buren
  • Episode 1: Growing Children in Harlem with Tony Hillery
  • Introducing: I Am America
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