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If you’ve been hanging with us at Dear Media for a while, you know we LOVE manifesting. Aligning your actions, thoughts, and beliefs with your inner desires and purpose?? That’s what we’re all about, friends. Plus, when you manifest, the universe is supporting you in your purpose. How cool!

Basically, manifesting is when you orient everything you are and do with the energy of the universe to make your dreams come true. It sounds like it’s for daydreamers, but truly anyone can manifest if they get the mindset right!

But aligning yourself can be tricky, especially when negative thoughts love to creep in! That’s why we love using meditation for manifestation. Meditation is super helpful because it can give you clarity on your goals by helping you listen to your own desires. It also can give you control over your thinking, helping you shape your thoughts into the reality you’re dreaming of. That’s why today, we’re sharing practical ways to meditate for manifestation! 

Don’t let your dreams be dreams, guys! 

how to meditate for manisfestation

How To Meditate for Manifestation

Define your objectives.

Basically, what are you trying to manifest? This step is so important, because if you don’t set your intentions, you may end up manifesting something you didn’t intend to manifest. Or nothing at all! We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Uh, don’t put that out in the universe?” That’s exactly what we’re talking about. A key to successful manifestation is, setting your goals from the start.

Visualize your target.

Visualize, visualize, visualize, baby! This is the step where you really take the time to SEE what you’re intending to manifest. Step into the mindset of a manifestor visualize yourself receiving your manifestation, visualize how you’ll feel once you receive it, and visualize what your life will be like after your manifestation has come to life. Align your energy with the version of you that has already received it.

Utilize positive affirmations.

The positive affirmations you use can help you continually visualize and unify your energy with your target. Repeat mantras like:

  • “Money flows easily to me.” 
  • “I am loved.”
  • “Positive opportunities and experiences come my way.”
  • “I am successful.”
  • “I am worthy.”

For more possible affirmations, check out these mantras for self-love. Practice gratitude.

This isn’t your typical “give gratitude” advice you want to be specific with your gratitude. You should be giving gratitude as though you have already received your manifestation. In doing this, you raise your vibration, which draws your manifestation to you. 

how to meditate for manisfetation

Continue through life with a spirit of abundance.

Once your manifestation meditation is over, keep the mindset of gratitude and abundance throughout your day. Remember to be thankful whenever you can, and continue to be open to receiving. It can be hard to wait for manifestations to come true, but things can take time. You’ll see results before you know it!

If you feel yourself slipping from your mindset, try picking one of these manifesting quotes and using it as a mantra throughout your day to remind yourself of your purpose.

Meditations for Manifesting

meditations for manifesting
Trust in the process, stay positive and take inspired action.

You have the power to make all your dreams come true, whether you’re practicing meditation all the time like Jackie Schimmel from Mind. Body. No Soul., or you literally never meditate. But remember, meditation takes practice, so don’t get discouraged if it takes you a few sessions before you’re really in your manifesting groove. 

For more on how to manifest, check out these manifesting methods, or read up on Dr. Wayne Dyer’s methods for manifesting with Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life. 

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