Self-love isn’t selfish. Self-love is how you empower yourself to reach your full freakin’ potential! (Hear more about this in this episode of ILYSM.) However, cultivating self-love isn’t easy, and most of the time we’re responsible for holding ourselves back and depriving ourselves of a happy life—and that totally sucks! 

So, to help you build an aura of self-love and self-esteem, we’re sharing a round-up of positive affirmations. These affirmations will help you manifest everything you want and fall in love with the beautiful badass you are. It’s time to become the happiest person you know and have a little compassion for yourself. You deserve it! 

Here are affirmations to add to your daily routine:

100+ Affirmations For Self-Love

100+ Affirmations For Self-Love

Daily Affirmations for Self-Love

Saying affirmations daily attracts positive vibes and a happier spirit. For more on the benefits of manifesting self-love through affirmations listen to the episode of What We Said called “How to Fall in Love with Yourself” and the episode of The Blonde Files called “How to Master Your Mind.

  • “I love who I am today.”
  • “I am comfortable around others.”
  • “Loving myself is natural and not prideful.”
  • “I will choose to be kind to myself today.”
  • “I trust my decision-making.”
  • “Like everyone else, I am learning from my mistakes.”
  • “Self-care should be a priority every day.”
  • “I deserve the things that I have.”
  • “I am in control of my thoughts, and feelings.” 
  • “My body deserves to be loved and respected.”
  • “The only approval I need is my own.”
  • “My body will be relaxed today.”
  • “I have a purpose on this planet.”
  • “I value and honor my life.”
  • “My response to all stressors will be peace and clarity.”
  • “I am releasing all negativity.”
  • “I deserve to give myself peace.”
  • “The people that have hurt me have no claim to my mind.”
  • “I am worthy of good things.”
  • “I am a good friend and people love to be around me.”

Short Affirmations for Self-Love

Sometimes, to make affirmations stick, they need to be short and sweet and pack a lot of punch. If you need a quick guide to self-love, listen to the episode of Dear Gabby called Boundaries, Balance, & Body Confidence, and pick an affirmation to carry with you this week!

  • “I am declaring I have power.”
  • “I do not stress.”
  • “Life is a blessing.”
  • “I am a good friend.”
  • “I am confident”
  • “My peace is power.”
  • “I respect myself.”
  • “I am in control.”
  • “No is in my vocabulary.”
  • “I am a good wife.”
  • “I am a good mom.”
  • “Today, I choose happiness and joy.”
  • “I am calm.”
  • “I am safe.”
  • “This will pass.” 
  • “It’ll be okay.”
  • “I deserve happiness.”
  • “People love and care for me.”
  • “Good things happen to me.”

Morning Affirmations for Self Love

Morning Affirmations for Self-Love

One of the best times to do affirmations for self-love is in the morning. This is when you’re setting the foundation for your day, so how you spend your morning routine is super important. While you’re saying your morning self-love mantras, give yourself a little extra push of positivity with the Everything is the Best episodes on facing fear, loving yourself, managing stress, and feeling good in your body. 

  • “Today will be filled with joy, gratitude, and peace.”
  • “I value my daily life and pursuits.”
  • “I am positive and will attract positivity.”
  • “Step-by-step I can take on anything before me.”
  • “I will set my mind on all good things.”
  • “I accept my flaws and strengths.”
  • “No matter what comes my way, I have the tools to handle it.
  • “I will prioritize myself today.”
  • “I have the energy to take on today.”

Nightly Affirmations for Self-Love

When you’re winding down for the night, your brain starts massively overthinking and goes into a serious negative thought spiral. Use self-love affirmations to change your evening from a stressfest to a time of personal growth and positive reflection. You should close your eyes feeling good about who you are!

  • “My thoughts are slowing down.”
  • “I have no reason to carry stress to bed.”
  • “My bedroom will be my sanctuary.” 
  • “All bad things from the day are no longer important.”
  • “I tried my best and that is enough.”
  • “Negative thoughts will not follow me to bed.”
  • “I am proud of what I accomplished today.”
  • “Today I grew wiser and stronger.”
  • “There are no wasted days.”

Gratitude Affirmations for Self-Love

If you want to feel happy, you need to practice gratitude. Start by saying your self-love affirmations and mix in a little gratitude meditation for a seriously full spirit.  

  • “I am grateful I am who I am.”
  • “I appreciate how I am made unique and perfect.”
  • “Gratitude always dwells in me.”
  • “I am thankful for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”
  • “I am grateful for all of the people in my life.”
  • “People are grateful for me in their lives.”
  • “I am grateful for the breath in my lungs.”
  • “I am grateful for the life I’ve created.”

Body Positivity Affirmations for Self Love

Body Positivity Affirmations for Self-Love

Insecurities can totally kill your self-love. Affirmations can help! You can also tune into this episode of Real Pod on owning your imperfections and this episode of Divorced Not Dead about body image and confidence. They’re must-listens! 

  • “I love my body.”
  • “My body is perfect and requires no fixing.”
  • “I chose to stop letting insecurities prevent me from living my life.”
  • “I am grateful for the body I’ve been given.”
  • “People love all of me.”
  • “I accept all of myself, even health problems and body concerns.”
  • “I am at home in my body.”
  • “My body, mind, and soul are beautiful.”
  • “I will not be ashamed of my body or any part of myself.”

Bible Affirmations for Self-Love

If you’re a Christian, your life should be full of self-love, because the good book says you’re loved! You can dive more into your spirituality in the episode of The Art of Being Well called “How to Use Spirituality + Meditation to Heal Your Body” and the episode of The Nicole Walters Podcast called “You Ask. God Answers.”

  • “The Holy Spirit guides my steps.”
  • “All things work together for his kingdom.”
  • “I have faith God’s got it.”
  • “God uses his full power in my life.”
  • “God’s plan is best.”
  • “I do not have to rely on my own understanding.”
  • “God is my comfort.”
  • “I am worthy of love.”
  • “The Lord is pursuing me, and I am pursuing him.”
  • “I will praise God through all things.”
  • “God has forgiven me, so I should forgive myself.” (Here’s more on how to forgive yourself.)
  • “I only need God.”
  • “I am perfectly and wonderfully made in God’s image.”
  • “God gives me all that I need.”
  • “God has already won.”
  • “The Lord is my strength, I will not fear.”
  • “God’s love never fails.”
  • “I will rejoice, pray, and be thankful always.”
  • “I am blessed.”
  • “I know the truth.”
  • “This is temporary.”
  • “I can have peace and joy with God.”

Powerful Affirmations for Self-Love

Sometimes you need something really powerful to get you through a funk of insecurity. These affirmations will do it!!! You can hear some strong female voices push you to accept yourself too in this episode of Friend of a Friend featuring Serena F*cking Kerrigan and this one from Him & Her all about turning your insecurities into true strengths. These amazing female hosts and guests will empower you to see yourself as the beauty you are!

  • “I am the strongest person I know.”
  • “I have endless strength.”
  • “My view of myself is the most important thing.”
  • “I’m stronger than anyone realizes.”
  • “I release any limiting beliefs about what I can do.”
  • “Truly, I appreciate the life I have been given.”
  • “I accept myself unconditionally right now.”
  • “Everything works out for the best.”
  • “I accept everything that I am.”
  • “Confidence is my strength.”
  • “My body, mind, and soul all deserve care.”
  • “I am allowed to heal.”
  • “My past does not define my future.”
  • “I am allowed to set boundaries.”
  • “Doing what’s good for me is okay.”
  • “I can do and be anything I want.”

You deserve to be loved by others AND you deserve to be loved by you. 

Okay, ladies. It’s time to stop feeling guilty for being happy. (Gabby Bernstein agrees.) You need to manifest your era of self-love using these daily affirmations. To get you started with this whole self-love thing, listen to this 7-step guide to manifesting, take a long deep breath, grab your Lucky t-shirt, and start your morning with the Visualize It mug. Oh, and keep your Dear Media besties in your pocket for all the best self-care podcasts and advice. Then, you’ll be all set to step into your season of love—self-love, that is!