Introducing Taylor Strecker – former host of SiriusXM’s Wake Up With Taylor!, current podcast host of Taste of Taylor, hilarious late-in-life lesbian, and total bad-ass. Taste of Taylor is allllll about current events, learning cool things, talking shit, and getting real about the world we live in today. It is one of the best reality TV podcasts around and features different celebrities, influencers, and thought-leaders each week. Taylor never holds back and she always manages to choose the most interesting and intriguing guests. Taste of Taylor covers a variety of subjects each and every episode. So let’s take a look at the 11 best Taste of Taylor podcast episodes below!

Who Is Taylor Strecker?

Taylor Strecker, known for her raspy voice and exuberant laugh, is a seasoned radio vet who has been entertaining listeners for nearly two decades.

Taylor grew up just outside of Boston, in gorgeous Cohasset, Massachusetts. She attended Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications. And just a short time after graduation, was discovered in a New York City bar by SiriusXM. In March 2006, she launched Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Sirius Satellite Radio’sCosmo Radio’ channel, an unprecedented radio station marketed as being “for women, by women.”

After eleven years of entertaining millions of listeners first thing in the morning, Taylor created an indendent radio show, aptly titled ‘The Taylor Strecker Show.’ Her loyal fans followed her as she ventured into podcasting and joined the Dear Media team as the host of ‘Taste of Taylor.’ She’s collaborated on friends’ podcasts including ‘The Toast,’ and toured with ‘Straight Up With Stassi Live.’ The tour was hugely successful. And Taylor continued her venture with Stassi through ‘The Bougie Bus Tour’ and ‘Mommy Dearest Tour.’

She also hosted ‘Getting Younger’ on TV Land, Bustle’s ‘Taylor Tries,’ and the ‘Betches Brides’ podcast.

The 11 Best Taste of Taylor Podcast Episodes

Straight Up with Social Distancing with Stassi Schroeder

In this top ranking episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor sits down with her best friend, Stassi Schroeder. The ladies dive into all things quarantine, which celebrities are winning lockdown, and that Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift feud that never seems to end.

The Girl With No Job Show!

Meet Claudia Oshry, podcast host of The Morning Toast, famous Instagram personality, and influencer. You may remember when Claudia was in deep sh*t for some not-so-nice tweets a couple years ago…and that’s what this episode is all about. Sit down with Taylor and Claudia to get the scoop on allll the drama in Claudia’s first interview since the scandal.

Reality Bites with Hannah Berner

This week, Taylor sits down with the one-and-only Hannah Berner. Hannah is one of many stars on the hit reality TV show, Summer House. The girls talk reality TV, and filming. And what it’s like to watch your best and not-so-best moments air on TV.

Secrets and Sh*t Talking with Girls Gotta Eat

In this episode, Taylor sits down with Rayna Greenberg and Ashley Hesseltine, podcast hosts of one of the best female comedy podcasts around – Girls Gotta Eat. The trio spill dirty secrets, and talk about allll the drunk nights they can remember. And dish about the challenges associated with balancing work and friendship.

Naked on the Bathroom Floor with Beau Clark

In this fun episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor interviewed Vanderpump Rules star (now known as Stassi’s better half), Beau Clark. Taylor and Beau covered A LOT of ground as they talked about Beau’s upcoming wedding, strip clubs, bachelor parties gone wrong, musical theater, and BravoCon.

F**k the Ten Year Challenge with Hannah Berner

It’s always a good time when Taylor and Hannah Berner get together. So get ready for another gossip-filled episode. This time, the ladies talk about self-love, Summer House, Vanderpump Rules, stupid new years resolutions, the 10-year challenge, and more!

Stassi and Taylor Pt.2

Taylor and Stassi are total BFF’s! And that’s why anytime these ladies get together, there is bound to be trouble! In this episode, Taylor and Stassi sit down to talk allll things friendship and catch up on allll our favorite reality TV drama. When it comes to sharing juicy tidbits and shocking BTS deets, no one does it better than Taylor and Stassi!!

You Drink WHAAAT?!? With Claudia Oshry

In another must-listen episode with Claudia Oshry, Taylor and Claudia talk about how to stay positive during quarantine. And share tips on how to improve your mental state from home. The ladies also gossip about Ellen Degeneres and Arielle Charnas, share their fav drinks of choice, and dish about their significant others.

Freeing the Nipple with Hannah Berner

In case you haven’t noticed, Taylor and Hannah Berner love getting together to gossip. They love to spill the tea, talk reality TV, and just catch up with each other. In this episode, you’ll hear allllllll the tea about the latest season of Summer House, how Hannah and Luke’s relationship is going, and what that on-screen fight with Paige was really about.

My Mommy Still Dresses Me with Paige Desorbo

In this juicy episode, Taylor sits down with Paige Desorbo. Paige is also one of the stars of Summer House and is here to tell her side of the story. The duo talk about Paige’s relationship status, new trends, and Paige’s most and least favorite cast members.

Baby Wants a Birkin with Shannon Ford

In the final episode of our Taste of Taylor roundup, Taylor sits down with Shannon Ford, host of Probably A Podcast, to chat about *gasp* Taylor quitting Zara!? Shannon gives all of us a crash course on going to a Morgan Wallen concert, which all on its own makes this episode a must-listen.

What is your favorite Taste of Taylor episode?

With over 175 episodes to choose from, the Taste of Taylor podcast has a ton of content to check out! Taylor Strecker is an amazing podcast host with years of experience and she always manages to choose interesting and intriguing guests for her podcast. Each episode ranges in length from 40-65 minutes and trust us when we say, there is never a boring minute with Taylor! Feel free to listen to Taste of Taylor at Dear Media, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. And be sure to check out the Dear Media Blog where we release awesome podcast roundups (like this one!), essential podcasting tips, and more!