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Taste Of Taylor

with Taylor Strecker

Get a Taste of Taylor Strecker and her taste maker (celebrity/influencer) guests each week on her podcast with Dear Media!  The Phoenix is rising from the ashes baby!!!! 

You may remember Taylor as the host of SiriusXM’s Wake Up With Taylor! On Cosmo Radio who was FIRED after a decade of radio service.  Rumor has it (according to her mommy) that Taylor was converting loyal Howard Stern listeners to her fan base and he was “worried”...gotta love a mother’s delusions! 

And delusion must be hereditary because Taylor gave up the finer things in life (ie divorced a rich dude) in her quest for happiness and love (she blames watching too many “Sex And The City” episodes.) And now she’s trying to social climb her late-in-life-lesssssbian-ass back to the top one interview at a time!  Can she do it?


  • The Bravo Scoop with Heather McDonaldOn this weeks episode Tay sits down with comedian, @HeatherMcDonald.  They talk her new Amazon Prime Special ‘Juicy Scoop’ (out August 7th), and break down ALL the latest RHONY drama, who Heather would be friends with IRL, the Denise vs....
  • Being Kourtney K with Andrea LopezOn this weeks episode Tay sits down with the hilarious @andrealopezcomedy to talk about how her uncanny Kourtney Kardashian impression, amongst many others, catapulted her to TikTok stardom.    Produced By Dear Media
  • Taking the Leap with Naz PerezOn this weeks episode Tay sits down with @nazperez, co-host of the ‘I Don’t Get It Podcast’ and founder of Heartbroken Anonymous. They talk ageism, how getting coffee can get you ahead, Naz’s career journey, and getting comfortable being...
  • Peeing Our Panty Liners with Amanda HirschOn this weeks episode, Tay sits down with Amanda Hirsch, brainchild behind the podcast and Instagram, @notskinnybutnotfat. They discuss the first time they met at a #Bravoholics event, (spoiler one of them was a bitch), #freebritney conspiracy...
  • Runway Real Talk with Jazzmine Carthon and Liris CrosseOn this weeks episode, Taylor interviews 'Project Runway' Season 16 model winners, @Lirisc and @JazzmineCarthon, to talk about what it's like being a black woman in the world of fashion, and why the @modelsforchangenow movement needs to be seen,...
  • Rings, Memes and Other Things with Sarah MerrillTay sits down with @sarahamerrill_, host of the 'Big Kid Problems’ podcast and creator of the insanely entertaining meme account, @BigKidProblems.  They chat about the key to blocking people, being blocked, how Sarah got her start,...
  • Crawling Back Into the Womb with Alex ThomopoulosTay sits down with @alextcooks for their THIRD attempt at recording this podcast.  Hear how they’re coping while living with their parents again, the current state of Brit Brit, and how to make the perfect burger.    Produced By
  • Juneteenth with MacKenzie GreenThis week’s Taste of Taylor is a DO-NOT-MISS! Tay interviews the informative and hilarious, @missusatomba.  MacKenzie talks openly about her experiences with racism and shares her views on what we can all do to help eliminate the...
  • Eyes Wide Open with Liz CulleyThis week I decided to share an episode from my radio show @thetaylorstreckershow from last Wednesday (6.3.20) with cohosts, @listentoliz, to recap her experience from the front lines of one of the first protests for George Floyd in LA.  A...
  • Keeping the Love Alive with Taylor DonohueTay sits down with her girlfriend, @taylordonohue, to have a 1-on-1 therapy session. They discuss how their relationship is thriving/surviving quarantine during these trying times.    Produced By
  • Freeing the Nipple with Hannah BernerTay sits down with her girl, @beingbernz, to catch up on ALL things Summer House.  We hear the very latest on her relationship with Luke and what really went down during her on-air fight with Paige.   Produced By
  • She’s the Boss with Olivia OshryTay sits down with business savant, @oliviaoshry, yes - as in the famous Oshry sister’s.  She takes us through their family dynamic and how each of the girls brings a different somethin somethin to the table.  Listening to Olivia talk...
  • Feeling Yourself with Ellie LeeTay and @ellieyjlee go in DEEP - discussing living with your ex, LA vs. NYC vibes, self-love, and breaking generational habits.   Produced by
  • Landlord Zaddy with Anthony CarrinoIn this episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor is joined by renovation/design Guru, close friend , and now Landlord @carrinoanthony  to talk about how to make your home your haven in these Quarantining Times... Also check out his new web series ...
  • You Drink WHAAAT?!? with Claudia OshryTay sits down with @girlwithnojob to talk being extra positive (eye roll) during quarantine, the Ellen Degeneres and Arielle Charnas debacles, tips for feeling better without leaving home, their current drinks of choice, and playing games without...
  • It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know with Jared FreidTay sits down with @jaredfreid, co-host of the 'u up?' podcast and host of 'The JTrain podcast’.  They come to agreement on the secret sauce to networking, dive into Season 1 RHONY and why Luann > Alex, and get caught up on quarantine life...
  • Straight Up with Social Distancing with Stassi SchroederIn this two-part podcast (listen to ‘Straight Up with Stassi for part one) Tay and Stassi catch up on all-things-quarantining.  Who’s winning at it? Who’s losing? We also get the update on Stassi and Beau’s Italian wedding, and they dish...
  • Andrew Exotic with Andrew CollinTay sits down comedian, @andrewtcollin, to discuss quarantining life.  They talk Andrew’s newfound TikTok skills, his Zoloft-infused journey to the pharmacy, selling panties for money, the state of their buttholes, and of course… F**k, Marry,...
  • My Mommy Still Dresses Me with Paige DeSorboTay sits down with Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo.  We get the behind the scenes scoop on what it’s really like to film a reality show, Paige’s airing process, and they share stories about their mom’s dressing them.  Paige also shares...
  • Behind The Scenes of the Bougie Bus Tour with Stassi SchroederTay and Stassi give us a behind the scenes peek into bus tour life, we get a cameo from Beau, find out which VPR cast mate Tay isn’t quite sure about, how they handle trolls, and what Stassi hope's for the future of VPR.
  • So Buckwild with Liz CulleyTay sits down with old friend and podcaster, @listentoliz.  They catch up on their two decade friendship, how they reconnected, Liz’s scandalous relationship history and her borderline disastrous proposal.  Liz also helps Tay plan her...
  • Get The Fries, Just Share Them! with Jane DoTaylor sits down with Jane DO fitness brand founders, @JaceyLambros and @Danid_Janedo.  Not only do we get realistic workout advice, but the former Radio City Rockettes give us a behind the scenes look into what that life was really like, which...
  • Do I Make You Horny, Baby?! with Remy KassimirTaylor sits down with comedian and host of How Cum podcast, @remykassimir.  Remy get’s Taylor to open up about sex in a way she NEVER has before so buckle up!   Produced By
  • Shootin' the Summer House Sh*t with Hannah BernerTaylor sits down with good friend and Summer House castmate @beingbernz. We get a behind the scenes explanation of Episode 1 and the skinny on where the cast stands IRL.
  • The Man One with Emma WillmannTay catches up with comedian and old friend, @emmawillman, about life in LA, her blossoming relationship, and manifesting success.     Produced By    
  • Hair-Pull-Palooza with Ashlee MalleoTay sits down with RHONJ’s, @ashleemalleo, who gives us the real story behind of her feud with Danielle Staub and the untold play-by-play of the famous hair pull scene.  As she reminds us, she’s one of the few not contractually obligated to...
  • Diet Starts Today with Danny MurphyNew year, new Tay! Taylor sits down comedian/writer, @kashmeredanny, to talk about their first week of dieting.  As life-long yo-yo dieters, they both think they’ve finally found the magical programs that will actually work. If you struggle...
  • F**K The Ten Year Challenge with Hannah BernerIn this week's episode Taylor and her hilarious gal pal @BeingBernz get deep about how stupid things like New Year’s Resolutions, The freaking 10 Year Challenge, and social media affect their body image and self worth!  Hannah gives Tay a much...
  • 2019 Instagram Recap with Comments by CelebsTaylor sits down with @emmabessdiamond and @juliekramer, co-creators of Comments by Celebs.  We find out how their lives have changed since building their empire, they update us on the latest Kardashian drama, and run through their favorite...
  • Over the City and Through the Tunnel To Jersey City We Go with Taylor DonohueTaylor sits down her girlfriend, @taylordonohue, to recap the past few chaotic weeks, their move to Jersey City, and Tay answers some rapid fire fan questions.   Produced By
  • Secrets and Sh*t Talking with Girls Gotta EatTaylor sits down Girl Gotta Eat hosts, @rayna.greenberg and @ashhess.  They are known for making people spill secrets, but now the tables have turned and it’s their turn to dish about trouble with authority, balancing work and friendship,...
  • Locked In The Pantry with Alex ThomopoulusTaylor sits down with celebrity chef, @alextcooks, to share the good, bad and ugly of family, fights and food over the holidays.  They share their most embarrassing drunken holiday stories, Alex spills the identify of her first famous boyfriend...
  • Swiss Cheese Nightmares with Andrew CollinTaylor sits down with comedian, @andrewtcollin, of the Puddles podcast and Sirius XM’s You Up w/ Nikki Glaser.  Andrew shares his journey to comedy, taking us through his dog walking days and various semi-successful app-making adventures....
  • Ahoy, Bitches! with Kate ChastainTaylor sits down with Below Deck’s Chief Stew, Kate Chastain, and Taylor gets the skinny on life on the water, how Kate copes with 24/7 cameras, what their salaries are, and juicy celebrity yacht stories.  Kate doesn’t hold back on her...
  • Naked on the Bathroom Floor with Beau ClarkTaylor sits down with tourmate and Vanderpump Rules castmate, @thegoodthebadthebogie.  They work through what aspects of Stassi and Beau’s wedding Taylor can and cannot talk about, their feelings on strip clubs and bachelor parties gone wrong,...
  • Loud and Proud with Sam RobertsTaylor sits down with the "last professional broadcaster", @notsam, to catch up after almost a year.  They shoot the shit about SiriusXM, what makes Sam cry, his boundless wisdom and what is/isn’t appropriate teasing.  Produced By  ...
  • Paranoid and Pissed Off with Nicole RyanTay sit’s down with college BFF and SiriusXM Hits1 host, @mashupnicole.  They reminisce about their delinquencies at college, Nicole attempts to therapize Tay into chilling the f*$& out, we get caught up on how potty training it going, and...
  • The Haunted (Summer) House with Hannah BernerTaylor sits down with fellow radio co-host and ’Summer House’ cast mate, @beingbernz.  They talk about the much-needed generational shakeup, the fact that non-competes are bullshit, Hannah’s pseudo boyfriend sitch and their...
  • A Hundo P with Jessie JollesTaylor and the hilarious @jessiejolles talk about loving both the talent and creative sides of the “biz.”  We learn about Jessie’s unique experience haven been in a sorority, her crippling name anxiety and they discuss the truest character...
  • A Hundo P with Jessie JollesTaylor and the hilarious @jessiejolles talk about loving both the talent and creative sides of the “biz.”  We learn about Jessie’s unique experience haven been in a sorority, her crippling name anxiety and they discuss the truest character...
  • Unpopular Opinion with Sean Kilby and Chris BurnsTay sits down with Betches duo and The Taylor Strecker Show regulars, @radioseanryan and @fatcarriebradshaw.  They share stories about their best and worst jobs, one in which Tay may or may not have been exposed to meth. Sean and Chris continue...
  • They All Hot with Andrea LavinthalTay sits down with her former boss turned Taylor Strecker Show co-host, @andilavs, to talk about how corporate evolution is f*&%ing crazy.  And as these two both rapidly approach a "certain age", they reflect on their "uh-oh age", wonder how...
  • Doing the Most with Heather McMahanIn this weeks episode, Taylor sits down with the hilarious, @heatherkmcmahan.  They share a special bond over being at their 911 weights and vow to be new workout buddies.  We get a glimpse into Heather and the Italian Stallion’s wedding...
  • Juggling Jobs and Jealousy with Claudia OshryTaylor sits down with @girlwithnojob AKA @claudwithnojob to compare their experiences with "tour life.” They also talk about how they deal with jealousy in a hypercompetitive industry among friends.   Produced by
  • Famous Adjacent with Joey CamastaOn this weeks episode, Taylor sit does with @misterp79, AKA Snooki’s BFF.  They talk about the best and worst parts about having a famous best friend and what he and Snooki bonded over from Day 1. Joey spills on what Boy George is really like,...
  • Bling & Things with Beau ClarkOn this week’s episode Taylor sits down with her buddy @thegoodthebadthebogie They talk about what it’s like to be on @BravoTV’s #VanderpumpRules, how they’re feeling about the upcoming Straight Up! With Stassi tour, intimate engagement ring...
  • Younger Season 6: Up Close and PersonalIn this episode, Taylor goes behind the scenes of what it’s like working with the cast, crew, and creators of @YoungerTV in honor of last night’s Season 6 finale! After 3 seasons of hosting their after show she tells how it all began, why she’s...
  • Hashing It Out with Stephen McGeeTaylor sits down with @stephenmcgee, estranged friend and former Summer House cast member, to talk about they private-turned-public fight that led to a lot of uncomfortable activity on social media.  However New York City is just too damn small...
  • The Bachelor for Dummies with Margo Oshry This week @margoshry stops by to give Tay the ultimate CliffNotes to the world that is Bachelor Nation.  Like it or not, The Bachelor and all things adjacent to it are everywhere and Margo, host of The Snatchelor podcast, speaks fluent Bachelor!...
  • The Bachelor for Dummies with Margo Oshry This week @margoshry stops by to give Tay the ultimate CliffNotes to the world that is Bachelor Nation.  Like it or not, The Bachelor and all things adjacent to it are everywhere and Margo, host of The Snatchelor podcast, speaks fluent Bachelor!...
  • Rap Battle with Kelly Cutrone: PART 2In this part two episode, Kelly shares her opinions about Stephanie Pratt’s recollection of history.  And speaking of opinions, she also has a couple to share about Clay Aiken too.  It then closes with an impromptu, yet impressive rap...
  • She’s the Larry David of Fashion with Kelly Cutrone: PART IOn this weeks podcast, Taylor sits down with close friend and fashion PR icon, Kelly Cutrone, and what ensued is nothing short of a hilarious epic rant.  In this first of two parts, they deliberate on a slew of topics including mind vs. spirit,...
  • Barbie’s and Jenner’s and Housewives, Oh My! with Heather McDonaldTaylor sits down with comedian and podcasting OG, Heather McDonald.  They talk the in’s and out’s of the biz, being your own boss and having longevity.  Heather gives us the inside scoop on the Kardashian xmas eve parties and you’ll...
  • Let’s have a RHONY Reunion Part 3 Kiki with Barbara K!In this week’s episode RHONY newbie @msbarbarak gives us SCOOP on what it was like to be the new kid on the Housewive’s block plus dishes on what went down from her POV on tonight’s 3rd and finale reunion episode on @BravoTV (insert gasp...
  • There’s No Place Like Home with Jackie Schimmel!This is a very special episode of Taste of Taylor because it is in this podcast that Taylor gets to officially call Dear Media her new home!!! And to welcome her into the family is The Bitch Bible’s @jackieschimmel aka her spirit animal! They talk...
  • A Little Taste of The Taste of TaylorGet a Taste of Taylor Strecker and her taste maker (celebrity/influencer) guests each week on her podcast with Dear Media!  The Phoenix is rising from the ashes baby!!!!  You may remember Taylor as the host of SiriusXM’s Wake Up With...
  • Make Outs and Mayhem at World Pride with Daryn Carpe!

    On this week’s episode @CarpeDaryn (Taylor’s Wednesday cohost of “The Taylor Strecker Show”), gal pal, and @BravoAndy’s  right hand woman joins Tay to recap what went down at NYC’s World Pride Parade and what happened on the @BravoTV’s float! Making out and Mayhem! 

  • Horny for Real Estate with Anthony Carrino

    On this week’s podcast Taylor catches up with her handy man pal @carrinoanthony to share their love of all things real estate and talk about how he turned the real estate bubble burst into an HGTV/Ellen gig...literally the epitome of turning lemons into lemonade! He also spills the deets on how he just proposed to his new fiancé...swoon! 

    Thanks to our sponsors FabFitFun and ScentBird! 

  • How To Tame a F@*K BOY with Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo

    On this weeks podcast, Taylor fan girls out over @BravoTVs Summer House newbie @Paige_DeSorbo ! Paige explains what it’s really like to have reality TV cameras in your face 24/7, shares a fashion tip that will blow your mind, and spills on what it was like to try to tame a F@*K BOY!

    Thanks to our sponsors, HelloFresh, Myro, and Away Luggage! 

  • Because My Penis Told Me To with @JaredFreid

    On this week's episode, Taylor shoots the shit with @jaredfreid, hilarious comedian and host of the @Betches ‘U Up? Podcast’ and '’The JTrain Podcast’. Jared explains what it’s like to be a self proclaimed douchebag in a girl dominated world and what having a penis does to your brain! 

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  • Talking Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino

    On this week’s episode, Taylor and @DannyPellegrino host of the ‘Everything Iconic’ podcast dish on what it’s like to be bravo adjacent, dive deep into Summer House, Vanderpump Rules, Housewives and who the TRUE Bravo villains really are. And we finally discuss Danny’s #1 obsession in this world, @JessicaSimpson Is she an incredible singer or were we all just being bamboozled?!

    Thanks to our sponsors: StoryWorth and ThirdLove

  • RHOBH Conspiracy Theories with @WatchWhatCrappens

    On this week's episode, our favorite Bravo TV shit-talkers, Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam stop by to not only do a deep-dive into this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but also to shockingly deep-dive into their own personal lives... It's called a therapy session, b*tch.. look it up... but more importantly listen! 

    Thanks to our sponsors: FabFitFun, HelloFresh, and Noom. 

  • The TV Host Hustle with @EllieLee.tv

    In this episode, @EllieLee.tv explains how the hell she wet from being a dog nanny (yes.. it’s a thing), to a staple on The Wendy Williams Show, E! And VH1.  She also doles out some sage advice on how to take rejection in stride and stick to your guns no matter what!

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  • Beautifying Bravo with @MsPriscillaNYC

    In this week’s episode, makeup artist to the stars @mspriscillanyc talks about her journey from a single mom working at the MAC counter, to the in-demand glam goddess to many of your favorite Bravolebrities! Priscilla also gives delicious Behind the Scenes deets on what it’s like to work within the @BravoTV world! She teaches, she inspires, and best of all she will make you laugh your ass off!

    Thanks to our sponsors Away Luggage and Third Love! 

  • Types of Girls at the Met Gala with @fatcarriebradshaw aka Chris Burns

    In this week's episode, Taylor brings back the hilarious @fatcarriebradshaw to talk Met Gala 2019 lewks... and dissect the execution of Camp theme. He is our favorite drag diva after all! And his “types of girls” at the Met Ball impressions are NOT to be missed...if you’re a fan of his viral @betches “types of girls” videos....be excited.  And if you don’t know what we’re talking about ummmm you’re welcome!

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  • Hey Dracarys Bitches Hey with Stassi Schroeder Part 1

    On this weeks episode, @StassiSchroeder explains how she turned “Season 1 Stassi” into a lovable podcast sensation and New York Times BEST SELLING AUTHOR!!!! All the while getting the worlds most expensive mani/pedi at her hotel. The price tag will make you cry as hard as it made her! P.S. This is Part 1 of our podcast double header...for Part 2 listen to Straight Up With Stassi!  

    Thank to our sponsors: BetterHelp, OpenFit, and FabFitFun! 

  • Getting The Skinny Confidential with Dear Media CEO Michael Bosstick

    Last week Taylor was in the hot seat on the @tscpodcast and now she’s flipping the script on @MichaelBosstick the brains behind podcast powerhouse Dear Media!Michael spills his tips and tricks on becoming a successful entrepreneur, what it takes to build a kick ass brand, and of course wifey and podcast cohost @theskinnyconfidential crashes the interview to lovingly torture him with embarrassing tid bits! 

  • Watch What Happens with Watch What Crappen’s Ben Mandelker

    This week Bravo connoisseur @benmandelker stops by to discuss his opinions of all things Bravo per usual, to defend his obsession with a certain Housewife, and what BravoTV really thinks about The Watch What Crappens podcast.

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  • How Not To Get Fired From SiriusXM with Nicole Ryan

    In this weeks episode, Taylor interviews college bestie / former SiriusXM colleague, @mashupnicole.  The girls  reminisce about their days at Ithaca College, go in-depth about Nicole's journey from receptionist to the female voice of the Morning Mashup @SiriusXMhHits1, and Nicole spills the tea about best and worst celebs to interview.. we’re looking at you Johan Hill. 

  • One Two Punch with Rumble founder Joe Ferraro

    This week Taylor sits down with @joeferraro7 founding trainer of Rumble! Between it’s boxing roots, full body transformation, and heavy hitter founders, @rumble_boxing is taking over the fitness world! And in this podcast we find out how and why celebs like Justin Bieber are punching their way to summer bods!

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  • Loose Lips Sink Ships with Bravo’s Summer House’s Kyle Cooke

    On this week’s episode Taylor sits down with @BravoTV ‘s Summer House OG @IamKyleCooke and ooohhh does it get juicy! Kyle breaks down what it’s really like to live in a reality TV house with 24/7 filming, gushes about his engagement to fiancé and fellow Summer House Star @amandabatula, and  of course discuss the cheating scandal. It will blow your mind (as it did Tay’s) just how closely involved Taylor was with the whole scandal without even realizing it.

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  • The Adult Diaper Monologues

    In this week’s episode, Taylor is flying el solo! She’s been sick with the flu for over a week so rather than spread the plague to an innocent guest she decided to lock her herself in her apartment with her microphone, her fever, and her thoughts and what happened was, special. She rants, she raves, she even explains how to fasten a make shift diaper. And is her conspiracy theory about The Voice just delusions from her high temperature or the breakthrough of pure Genius?!

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  • Crying In The Shower with Danny Pelligrino

    On this episode Taylor and @dannypelligrino bond over their mutual love of all things Bravo... obviously! They also talk about how they survive as overly sensitive people in the entertainment industry, share their biggest fears (spoiler: they have the same exact one), and breakdown the pros and cons of LA living.

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  • Sur-ving The Tea with Vanderpump's Katie Maloney Schwartz

    On this week’s episode, Taylor sits down with Vanderpump Rules star and friend @musickillskate to chat. Taylor and Katie breakdown this past week’s showdown between Katie and Kristen, hear her perspective on James-gate, and address those transphobic accusations from Billie. Love all things #Vanderpump... Then don’t miss this one!

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  • Sweet Serenade with Max Ehrich

    This week the adorable and insanely talented singer/songwriter/actor @MaxEhrich stops by to talk love, life, and bullies! Max is deep AF and I dare you not to fall in love with him after listening to this interview! He is a heartthrob, stud muffin, cutie pie supreme!  

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  • Sex In The City IRL with @fatcarriebradshaw

    This week the hilarious Chris Burns, aka @fatcarriebradshaw, talks about the highs and lows of chasing your dreams in the entertainment industry. Chris also discusses how he became an @betches video insta star, and the realities of coming out and being gay in NYC!

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  • Vanderpump Love with Stassi and BeauOn this week’s Taste Of Taylor America’s favorite love birds Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark stop by! They get real about what it’s really like to be in a relationship on Vanderpump Rules. They also talk engagements, marriage, kids, and of course sex!
  • It Gets Realll with RHONJ’s Melissa Gorga

    On this week's episode, the unapologetically honest @MelissaGorga of @BravoTV ‘s RHONJ: recaps the Season 9 finale... but she also dishes about what’s to come in the explosive 3 Part Reunion!!!! She talks girl fights, shares sex secrets, and spills about where her and SIL @teresagiudice relationship stands post reunion!

  • Summer House Scandi with Hannah Berner

    In this week’s episode, Taylor has on the newest cast mate of Bravo’s Summer House, Hannah Berner @beingbernz! She spills her secrets on how to go viral on social media as well as what life’s been like since being cast in the craziness that is reality TV

  • Getting The Skinny Confidential with Lauryn Evarts!!!

    This week the witty and inspiring @theskinnyconfidential aka Lauryn Evarts Bosstick shares her secrets about how she became a blogging sensation, podcast royalty. And how she used her personal struggles and pain as fuel to achieve her aspirational success! If you need a pick me up for today or for this year we’ve got your medicine right here.

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  • Taylor's Got Jackie O Problems

    Taylor and @jackieoproblems take you behind the scenes of the life in the entertainment industry on this week’s podcast. Jackie talks about how she turned a college twitter account into her dream job (so fascinating), we dissect the genius that is The Morning Toast, and discuss the best and worst things when you do your job in the public eye.

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  • Down & Dirty with U Up?This week Taylor goes deep with U Up? podcasting duo @JordanaAbraham and @JaredFreid... by deep we mean sex.  From blue balls to masturbation this will make you feel awkward in a good way. Come see Taylor live 02/18 @ Carolines in NYC.
  • Life is a Runway with Liris CrosseWe decided to save this week’s podcast for Sunday because  Liris Crosse takes us to church! Aside from being the 1st plus model to win Project Runway, Liris knows how to preach! And who doesn’t need a little inspiration to help curb the Sunday scaries XX Tay Thanks to our sponsor BioClarity!
  • Taylor Does Sports With Barstool's Ellie SchnittOn this weeks Taste of Taylor, Taylor interviews guest Ellie Schnitt, host of the podcast Schnitt Talk.  They talk all things Barstool Sports and debunk the “Saturday’s Are For The Boys” stereotype discussing the broader appeal of Barstool.
  • Comments By Celebs The New NewsIn this week’s episode Taylor interviews Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer the genius minds behind the viral instant account comments by celebs! These girls are changing the game and their story and the stories they get on celebs will blow your mind!
  • The Insatiable Sarah ColonnaOn this weeks Taste of Taylor, comedian Sarah Colonna stops by to chat.  The girls reminisce about Sarah's days on Chelsea Lately, talk about the controversy surrounding her Netflix show Insatiable, and of course catch up on Sarah's hunky football hubby, Joe Ryan.  Thanks to our sponsors. For 20% off your first one time order and free shipping visit sustainnatural.com and use code: TAYLOR at checkout. And go to betterhelp.com/tot to get 10% off your first month with discount code: TOT.
  • Bitch Bibled with Jackie SchimmelTaylor  FINALLY gets to meet and chat with the hilarious Jackie Schimmel, host of The Bitch Bible podcast and more importantly Stassi Schroeder’s other podcasting BFF!  This could either lead to a beautiful friendship between the 2 girls or a bloody battle for Stassi’s love and affection. Listen to find out. Go to smartandsexy.com and use code: TAYLOR for 30% off your first qualifying purchase.  Start your free wedding website and get $50 off your registry on zola.com/tot.
  • Stassi and Taylor Part 2Wait did you guys know that Stassi Schroeder is Taylor’s best friend?!!! Taylor only mentions it every other sentence 🙄  Well FINALLY these 2 basic ass besties get together for a 2 part podcast...Part 1 is on Stassi’s pod Straight Up with Stassi...and this is The continuation aka Part 2! In this portion the girls go in on Vanderpump and their friendship! Thanks to our sponsors, get 30% off your first order at smartandsexy.com/taylor, and get 10% off your first month at betterhelp.com/tot.
  • Gayzed and Confused With The Travelin BumIn this weeks episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor and @thetravelinbum aka Jeff Perla go deep on sexuality, how @thetravelinbum came to be, and how to unapologetically be yourself.  Get #inspired.  Thanks to our sponsors, ScentBird and Sustain Natural.  Get 50% off your first month with ScentBird at scentbird.com promo code: TAYLOR.  And get 20% off your first one-time order and free shipping when you sign up at sustainnatural.com and use code TAYLOR at checkout.
  • Celebrating Real Housewives Of New Jersey Premiere With Margaret JosephsOn this week’s episode of Taste Of Taylor, Margaret Josephs of The Real Housewives of New Jersey stops in to give us the scoop on Season 9. Hear The Marge and all of her unfiltered opinions on the new cast-mates, the drama with Siggy Flicker, and who can hold their liquor. Make sure to listen before tuning into tonight’s premiere on Bravo at 9/8c. Thanks to our awesome new sponsor, Zola to start your free wedding website and get $50 off your registry visit zola.com/tot.
  • Watch What Crappens Takes a Taste of TaylorIn this week’s episode of Taste Of Taylor, Taylor and Bravo TV shit talking experts “Watch What Crappens” Ben Medelker and Ronnie Karam go IN on all things Bravo! They talk Real Housewives of well everywhere, the boys do their world famous Bravolebrity impersonations. Get 20% off your first order and free shipping when you sign up at sustainnatural.com, code: TAYLOR at checkout. And get 30% off your first purchase at smartandsexy.com, use promo code: TAYLOR.
  • From Betches to Best FriendsOn this week’s episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor gets a chance to interview all three founding members of Betches: Aleen Kuperman, Jordana Abraham and Sami Fishbein. Taylor “Howard Stern’s” them, which is betches speak for getting them to spill sh*t. They also dish on their new book "When's Happy Hour?" Thanks so much to our awesome sponsors Away and Le Mystere. For $20 off an AWESOME Away suitcase visit awaytravel.com/tot and use promo code: TOT. And visit lemystere.com/gift promo code: TOT.
  • From Rude Jude To Just Jude!On this week’s episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor dives in with long-time friend and former SiriusXM coworker, Jude Angelini, of The All Out Show on Shade 45. They reminisce about the good ole days and rehash all the drama, in particular a shocking radio war one of them was involved in! Taylor also talks to Jude about the journey that is his life… and what a life it’s been. Jude details this in his two incredibly unfiltered and vulnerable memoirs Hyena and Hummingbird.
  • The Britney 911 Show With Heather McMahan!On this Episode of Taste of Taylor, Taylor gets a chance to go in with the hilarious Heather McMahan!  Taylor dissects her viral Britney 911 Instagram Stories…the inspiration for her Britney 911's. And obvi we debate which celeb she needs to be saving next on her GRAM…Lindsay Lohan, Justin Bieber, Tara Reid we see you.  She also talks about her love of Aperol Spritzes, living your truth, and how to get your dream job in this crazy world ruled by social media!
  • The Virgin Voyage With Jerry O'ConnellJoin me on my season 2 virgin voyage with the fabulous Jerry O’Connell from Bravo’s Play By Play, you may also know him as the dude married to the amazing Rebeca Romijin. We take a deep dive into all things Bravo, Jerry opens up about what it feels like to lose to Ryan Seacrest, and we debate poop… yup we like to put on a well-rounded show here people...drama, scandal, and crap!  Whether you are Bravo obsessed, are a fan of Jerry, or just simply like to laugh this episode is MUST-listen for you.
  • The Don't Eat That Show!Hey girl hey! This is the last episode before our relaunch next week! We decided to end it on a bang with the hilarious Matt Ryan! We talk about the Cynthia Nixon bagel controversy, gross foods, and even take calls from listeners! Be sure to tune in next week for an interview with Jerry O'Connell!
  • The Fashion Week Show!Hey girl hey! My boy Rob Shuter and I dish on all of the hot New York Fashion Week gossip and recap our fun at the OK Magazine party, where Rob spilled drinks all over me because he thinks he's Tom Cruise from 'Cocktail.' We dish on celeb sightings, give you the inside scoop on what it's like to be a "celebrity" during one of the hottest weeks of the year, and so much more! xx Tay
  • The Serena Williams Drama Show!Hey girl hey! Sean Kilby and Hannah Berner, who happens to be a tennis expert, get into a heated debate with me over Serena Williams' unsportsmanlike conduct when she lost the US Open. Thanks to our sponsors care/of and TeaMi. For 25% off your first month of personalized Care/of vitamins, visit TakeCareOf.com and enter promo code TOT. And visit teamiblends.com and enter promo code TAYLORS for 15% off any order!
  • The Reality TV Face-Off Show!Hey girl hey! My girl Claudia Oshry is back AGAIN and this time, we go head to head over which Real Housewife of New York we prefer (She's team Bethenny, but I'm team Carol!) and we also debate whether or not we think Kylie Jenner is really "self-made." xx Tay
  • The Clap Back Show!Hey girl hey! I am so excited to introduce you all to my dear friend, chef Alex Thomopoulos! Alex dropped by last Monday and we dished on how Instagram can ruin your day, trolls and how to handle them, toxic fandom, and celebrities who clap back, including Alex's friend Sophia Bush! xx Tay

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