If you’ve been invited to another podcast, congratulations! Being a guest on a podcast is a seriously great way of marketing your own content and building a bigger audience. But, if you want to keep those invites coming, you’ll need to be a really great podcast guest. 

But, how do you do that? It’s not as easy as it sounds, right? When you jump on another show, everything is different! The style is different, the expectations are different, the message is different, the audience is different, and even the way it’s recorded is different! This is why it’s wise to put some thought into how to be a great guest. Luckily, we have 12 tips for you today:

12 Tips for Podcast Guests

Listen to a couple of episodes of the show. 

Even if you’ve heard bits and pieces of the podcast, you need to listen to a few full episodes. This will help you understand the flow and become familiar with the tone, style, and any recurring segments you’ll be participating in. It’s also a huge plus if you can reference past episodes. The host will really appreciate your investment in their content!

Peruse their social media—especially the comments section.

To further understand the brand, take a look at its social media. See the language and visuals the host uses to market themselves. If they have blog posts linked, read a couple of those too! You’ll get really familiar with their overall objective and get to know their loyal audience. 

Speaking of the audience, you can learn about them best through the podcast’s comments section. There, you can see how fans are interacting with the podcast host. This will give you a really good sense of who you’re speaking to. Remember, these people are not your listeners! (Not yet, anyway.) 

Do the required prep and then some. 

It’s becoming more common for podcast hosts to send over some prep for the guest. It might be a questionnaire, a pre-interview, or a list of the types of questions to prepare for. Definitely take all this material and USE it. 

Then, do your own prep too. Come up with a few relevant stories to tell, and practice saying them without stumbling over your words. You should also collect any statistics or sources you may need while discussing your topic. 

Consider all the logistics for the best audio quality. 

You need to have the best audio quality possible. This will help maintain the integrity of the podcast and make sure there are no annoying can-you-hear-me-now moments. You probably already have a great mic, but if you don’t, definitely invest in a good microphone. Here’s a list of some top-notch choices. 

Beyond a great mic, eliminate background noise, turn your phone off, and make sure you have a great space to record. You want a room with a lot of clutter to help absorb sound. Avoid spaces that are really echoey like a bathroom or hard-floor basement. 

Keep your answers quickly. 

No one wants to hear someone ramble on and on when they’re listening to a podcast. Plus, the podcast host has plenty they want to get to. So, when you’re answering questions, make sure to do it in a concise way. Answer it thoroughly, but don’t take forever to get to the point. 

Listen and take notes. 

It’s easy to let your mind wander when you’re joining a podcast remotely. Make sure you pay attention and stay focused by taking notes. Jot down key points they’re saying so that when you respond, you know exactly how to reply. 

Be mindful of edits.

Though you might stumble over your words or not answer a question the way you want, try to avoid asking the podcast host for a do-over. If you have your own podcast, you know how tedious it can be to edit podcast recordings. Don’t make it any harder than it has to be for your gracious host!

Be conversational, not sales. 

This isn’t a commercial. People like to listen to podcast interviews because they’re authentic and relatable. If you come off too salesy, you won’t connect with the new listeners at all. Be you! Don’t be afraid to go a little off-brand or off-topic. Stay relational and treat the interview more like brunch with a friend. 

Keep yourself distraction-free.

A good podcast guest gives their full attention to the host. Don’t be scrolling emails or shooing away your dog while they’re talking. Try to put yourself in a situation that keeps you totally distraction-free. They’re your only priority at that moment! 

Learn how to say the host’s name.

This one is simple, but really embarrassing if you don’t do the prep work. Make sure you know how to say the podcast host’s name BEFORE you jump on to record. 

Promote the episode.

Once the podcast is uploaded, tell everyone about it! Talk about it on your own podcast episodes and post links all over your social channels. Show the podcast host you really think they made some great content and get the word out. You’ll get new listeners from the collab and so will they!

Connect more guests. 

Booking guests is hard work. Do some of the dirty work for the podcast host by connecting them to new guests in your sphere of influence. This will establish a really good relationship with the host, and will probably get you invited back. Plus, they’ll tell others about you too!

How to Prepare for a Podcast as a Guest 

  1. Listen to 3 full podcast episodes. (Yes, three!)
  2. Look at all their social channels.
  3. Read some blog posts (if applicable). 
  4. Do all the given prep work.
  5. Prepare stories, research, and other interview needs.
  6. Find the proper place and tools to record.
  7. Maintain good communication leading to the interview.
  8. Ensure you’re in a distraction and interruption-free environment
  9. Be early!!!

Develop a reputation as a must-have podcast guest with these helpful tips!

Being a podcast guest is a great honor! It shows you have great personality and credibility in your niche. Follow these tips to be the best podcast guest you can be. While you’re at it, invite the other podcast host onto your next episode as a guest too! To help them prep, send them this post. And, for more helpful podcast tips, check out our blog. We post new podcast wisdom weekly!