Lately, we’ve noticed a HUGE upward trend in the amount of YouTuber podcasts! With podcasting becoming more and more popular, influencers and YouTubers are jumping on the podcasting bandwagon left and right. And guess what? We are totally here for it!

YouTubers like Jenna Marbles, Rhett and Link of Ear Biscuits, Logan Paul, and Tyler Oakley have all but taken over the podcast industry. YouTuber podcasts allow fans to really get to know their favorite YouTubers and their off-camera personalities. These can be podcasts produced by your favorite YouTubers, or YouTubers appearing as guests on your favorite podcasts. Podcasts like this give listeners even more insights into their favorite YouTubers lives and experiences, which is sometimes way deeper than what you see on their YouTube channels. These podcasts act as an extension of fans favorite Youtube shows and are the perfect way to get allll the tea on your favorite influencers and YouTubers.

Here at Dear Media, we’ve produced tons of awesome podcast episodes with popular YouTubers AND featuring popular YouTubers and we’re so excited to be a part of this trend! So, in light of this, we’ve put together a roundup of our top YouTuber podcasts below!

25 Best YouTuber Podcasts

Recovering From Reality: The Real Life of a YouTube Star with Tana Mongeau

Recovering from Reality is a super inspirational podcast allll about becoming your best self. Podcast host, Alexis Haines, is a mental health advocate who uses her podcast to talk about trauma and help you heal from yours! In this episode, Alexis sits down with the one-and-only Tana Mongeau. They talk about recovering from a hard childhood, Hollywood, and difficult relationships. Get ready to hear alllll about Tana’s relationship with Jake Paul and how she’s moving forward!

Recovering From Reality: Make Sure Your Friends Are Okay With Hunter Moreno

In this episode, Alexis Haines is joined by Hunter Moreno. Hunter is a videographer who has produced Youtube videos for Tana Mongeau, Bella Thorne, and many other popular Youtube stars! Hunter and Alexis dive deep into Hunter’s latest project Make Sure Your Friends are Okay, mental health, unhealthy stigmas, and so much more. If you love Recovering from Reality, be sure to check out our blog about the ten best Recovering from Reality episodes!

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast: Claudia Sulewski on Relationships, Veganism, Weight Loss, & YouTube Growth

The Him & Her podcast is here to answer allll those burning questions about health, beauty, business, and everything in between. This week, podcast hosts Lauryn and Michael sit down with Claudia Sulewski, digital creator and super popular YouTuber. Get ready to hear all about Claudia and how she’s been a creator since the age of 13. Just WOW! You’ll also hear about veganism, weight loss, and how to grow your own Youtube channel.

ILYSM: Margot Lee | Pressure on the “Phase of Life” and Where You Think You “Should” Be, Personal Branding Myths Facts & Struggles, Knowing Where To Direct Your Energy To

ILYSM with Kenzie Elizabeth is about allll things lifestyle, relationships, and living your best life. And in this episode, Youtube sensation, Margot Lee hops on the mic with Kenzie. Margot is an influencer and vlogger who vlogs about fashion, health, wellness, and her lifestyle. Kenzie and Margot sit down to talk about the stigmas surrounding different phases of life and how to direct your energy in a positive way.

What We Said: Kristin Johns – Marriage, YouTube, & Homemaking

Best friends, Jaci Marie & Chelsey Jade, are the hilarious and entertaining podcast hosts of What We Said. What We Said is your one-stop-shop for allll the best & unsolicited advice about love, life, and wellness. This week, Youtube star, Kristin Johns joins Jaci and Chelsey, to discuss marriage, how to start a Youtube channel, and self-branding!

What We Said: Katy Bellotte – Balancing Your 9-5 Job, Creative Side Projects, Health + So Much More! (@katybellotte)

In this episode, Jaci and Chelsey sit down with YouTuber, podcaster, and influencer, Katy Bellotte. Katy is a super successful business woman who is taking the corporate world by storm. Settle in for an episode allll about “imposter syndrome”, mental health, living in the big city, and so much more!

What We Said: Haley Pham – Youtube (Pros & Cons, Advice, Behind the Scenes)

Haley Pham is a lifestyle and beauty content creator who has been in the Youtube game for over 7 years! Haley loves allll things beauty, books, mental health, and more. Sit down with Jaci, Chelsey, and Haley to talk about the pros and cons of social media platforms, what life is like behind the Youtube videos, and how Haley met her current boyfriend! And if you totally dig Jaci and Chelsey’s vibe, be sure to check out our roundup of the top ten episodes of What We Said.

Say Yas to the Guest: Manny MUA

Say Yas to the Guest is hosted by the one-and-only beauty and Youtube superstar, Patrick Starrr. Patrick sits down with a variety of guests to talk about success stories, beauty, current trends, and of course, THE TEA. So in this episode, Manny Mua joins Patrick to talk about Manny’s success, past relationships, and growing up as men in makeup!

Say Yas to the Guest: Todrick Hall

Who doesn’t just love Todrick Hall? Todrick is a YouTuber, singer, songwriter, and choreographer known for his ah-mazing & magical Youtube videos. Sit down with these two insanely popular YouTubers to hear alllll of Todrick’s best stories and advice and get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to be a part of Todricks team!

Say Yas to the Guest: Deepica Mutyala – South-Asian Beauty CEO and Trailblazer

Meet Deepica Mutyala – beauty guru, business woman, and super inspirational Youtuber. Deepica is a trailblazer in the beauty industry and the CEO of Live Tinted. In this episode, Patrick sits down with Deepica to talk successes, failures, and changing beauty standards for future generations.

Life with Marianna: Michelle Phan on Following Your Intuition

The Life with Marianna podcast is allll about inspiring you to be your absolute best self and this week, Marianna is joined by Michelle Phan. Phan is a successful YouTuber, influencer, beauty guru, business woman, and the titles just keep coming! So in this episode, Marianna and Michelle dish about learning from mistakes, letting go of your ego, and becoming the best version of yourself from the inside out.

Life with Marianna: Hyram on Skincare, Tiktok, and Launching a Brand

Hyram, founder of Selfless by Hyram, YouTuber, and TikTok star, is the special guest on this episode of Life with Marianna. Hyram originally found success on Youtube. But has since drastically increased his following through the use of other social media platforms. Sit down with Hyram and Marianna to talk alllll about Hyram’s life, his brand, and his new & upcoming content!

Dream Bigger Podcast: Allana Davison, Beauty YouTuber: First Viral VIdeo, How To Make A Career of YouTube, How YouTube Has Evolved, Tips For Making Successful Makeup Videos, Tips for Someone Who’s New to Youtube

The Dream Bigger Podcast is where you can find all the best inspirational and motivational advice about life. In this episode, OG YouTuber, Allana Davison joins your host Siffat Haider. Allana is here to dish about what it’s like to be a YouTuber, how to make successful content, and how the Youtube industry is changing. Buckle in for an episode alllll about Youtube!

The Blonde Files: Analyzing Celebrity Plastic Surgery + Beauty Standards with Lorry Hill

Meet Airelle Lorre, podcast host of The Blonde Files. Airelle knows there are tons of unanswered beauty questions out there. So she’s made it her goal to answer them all! In this episode, she catches up with popular YouTuber, Lorry Hill, to talk about all things plastic surgery. The duo talk about the effects of getting plastic surgery at a young age, learning how to deal with haters, and the insane beauty standards set by celebrities.

Breaking Beauty: O.G. Beauty YouTuber Kandee Johnson is Ready For Her Comeback Now

Breaking Beauty with Jill Dunn & Carlene Higgins is allll about beauty from the products to the industry. And, this week, OG YouTuber, Kandee Johnson joins Jill and Carlene. You may know Kandee for her oh-so-amazing beauty transformation videos. In this episode she’s here to dish about her success, motherhood, and why she took a year off. If you love Kandee, this is not the episode to miss!

Breaking Beauty: How-To Find a Sunscreen You Can Really Trust With Dr. Michelle Wong, AKA Lab Muffin Beauty Science 

This week, Jill and Carlene sit down with Dr. Michelle Wong. Dr. Wong is well-known for her amazing products, her Lab Muffin Beauty Science blog, and her Youtube channel. In this episode of Breaking Beauty, the ladies get real about sunscreen, which products to use, which products to avoid, and why sunscreen is SO important!

Breaking Beauty: Replay! “Take It To The Tits!” & More Age-Your-Best Skin Secrets With Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is a beauty YouTuber turned total badass business woman. She is trained in hundreds of brands and currently works as a consultant for makeup-artists and brands alllll around the world. In this episode, Jill, Carlene, and Caroline take time to debunk all those beauty myths you’ve been wondering about from blue light to egads. This episode is a must-listen for all the skin-care lovers out there!

In The Chair With Justin Anderson – Lauren Elizabeth: Be Yourself and Success WIll Come

Justin Anderson is a celebrity hair-stylist and the totally hilarious podcast host of In The Chair With Justin Anderson! Every week, Justin chats with different guests about a wide range of topics like love, life, relationships, and more. So this week, Justin sits down with entrepreneur, blogger, and YouTuber, Lauren Elizabeth, to talk business, keeping it all together, and how to be a bad-ass multitasker!

In The Chair with Justin Anderson – Trish Paytas: I love being extra, that’s just who I am

This week, the beautiful, hilarious, and totally dramatic, Trish Paytas joins Justin Anderson. Trish Paytas is a social media and Youtube star known for her oh-so-extra personality and attitude. You need to tune in because we are soooooo here for this episode! Trish and Justin get down to the nitty gritty of what it’s like to live in the spotlight and dish about relationships, being vulnerable, and the struggles that come with just being yourself!

PRETTYSMART – Orgasms, Fetishes, Boring Sex & More: Shan Boodram Answers Sex Questions Woman Are Embarrassed To Ask

PRETTYSMART, hosted by Danielle Robay, is alllll about redefining pretty! Each week, Danielle sits down with different thought-leaders and experts to tackle cultural issues and squash societal stigmas. So in this episode, special guest Shan Boodram join Danielle. A relationship expert, dating coach, certified sex educator, and YouTuber. They talk about allll things sex. Check out this episode to hear about the Orgasm gap, different kinks, how to be there for your partner, and tooons of awesome tips about how to keep it spicy in the bedroom!

Unhinged with Chris Klemens

Chris Klemens has been doing YouTube for over a decade and we love all of his HILARIOUS videos from his vlogs to his pranks. Chris has over a million subscribers on YouTube and still posts new content on there literally all the time. But, this creator is versatile AF and also has his own Dear Media podcast! Unhinged with Chris Klemens is all about delivering irreverent commentary on all pop culture topics. No red carpet look is safe and no celebrity conspiracy will go unexplored. You’re going to  love this one!


Sami Clarke, one of the founders of the brand FORM has a super popular fitness YouTube channel with half a million followers. Though you might be familiar with her YouTube channel, did you know she also has a podcast? She does with her bestie and business partner Sami Splater! It’s call Transform that’s all about becoming the best version of yourself: mind, body, and soul. It’s super bingeable, so be prepared for a time sink!

Good Guys – People Be Peopling with Adam Ray 

Adam Ray is a hilarious comedian with a YouTube channel that showcases his comedy specials, skits, and, best of all, his legendary Dr. Phil impression. In this episode of Good Guys with Josh Peck and Ben Soffer, they sit down with Adam Ray and talk about tons of random sh*t. (As they tend to do on The Good Guys.) They’ll discuss topics Ben’s undercover stint in Utah, alligators vs. crocodiles, Stephen Hawking at Epstein Island, and Adam’s role in the Barbie movie. Okay, this sounds like a good time and it is!

Not Skinny But Not Fat – Francesca Farago is a New Woman

You probably know Francesca Farago from some of your favorite reality love connection shows like Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, and Perfect Match—but, did you know she also has a vlog on YouTube?! It’s amazing and hundreds of thousands of people tune in regularly. In this episode of Not Skinny But Not Fat we learn all about what’s been happening in Francesca’s life since her dating show! Big things are happening!

Pretty Basic

Besties Alisha Marie and Remi Clarke of Pretty Basic are both HUGE on YouTube. In fact, Alisha Marie has over 8 million subscribers! They do vlog-style content, which includes a lot of friend shenanigans, house management, product reviews, and other day-to-day stuff. Their podcast Pretty Basic includes everything from TMI conversations about dating to big sister chat on how to feel more confident. It’s super relatable and a lot of fun!

Keep up with your favorite YouTubers on Podcasts…

So with the growing popularity of social media and podcasting, it’s never been easier to keep up with your favorite influencers and YouTubers. Nowadays, our favorite YouTubers and influencers are usually on multiple platforms. You know, making allll kinds of content and merch for fans to enjoy. Listening to podcasts is such a great way to keep with your favorite YouTubers for lots of reasons…one being that many podcasters are YouTubers. And if your favorite YouTuber isn’t currently a podcast host, they have most likely been a guest on at least one existing podcast already.

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of our top YouTuber podcasts.  And we totally encourage you to to do some digging on your own! We’re confident you’ll find some podcasts that feature your favorite YouTubers on all of our shows! Also if you have any additional questions or episode recommendations we missed, be sure to let us know below! Finally, if you liked this roundup, be sure to check out the Dear Media blog for more podcast suggestions like the Best Podcasts for Couples & Best Podcasts by Black Women.