Podcasts are an ideal platform to have an in-depth conversation about a myriad of topics. From pop culture, to sex, to personal development, and homemade cooking. There is a ton of diversity when it comes to the kind of content you can listen to. However, diversity in podcast topics isn’t the only kind of diversity that matters. At Dear Media, we’re all about amplifying diverse voices, and that includes women of color. So today we’re talking specifically about Black women in the podcasting game, and why you need to meet these hosts ASAP.

Women of color host a lot of the best podcasts. It’s always fantastic to see a strong Black lead leaving her mark in the industry. Black hosted podcasts pave the way for Black people to have a platform to amplify their voices and reach wider audiences. There’s been a rise in the popularity of every podcast hosted by a Black woman because more and more people realize the benefits of listening to their personal experiences and learning from them directly. If you want to learn more about the importance of amplifying Black voices, listen to this episode of The Dissenters to hear it firsthand from Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter.

We love the way the podcasting industry is shifting towards a more inclusive and diverse perspective. Our goal is to be a part of that shift so we can all enjoy a more well rounded, diverse, and inclusive audio space. In today’s post, we’re shining a light on the 7 best podcasts by Black women here at Dear Media. Get your earphones ready because these shows are a must listen.

7 Best Podcasts by Black Women

Relationsh*t with Kamie Crawford:

A podcast that is a hilarious and relatable dive into the ups and downs of relationships, and hosted by the sassy and witty Kamie Crawford? What more could you want? This podcast is like eavesdropping on your funniest friend’s therapy session. Without holding much back, Kamie tackles topics like online dating disasters, the dangers of ghosting, and the struggles of co-parenting. She’s got a sense of humor that will leave you in stitches!

But this podcast is more than just a good laugh – it’s a much-needed dose of real talk about relationships. Kamie shares her own experiences and invites guests to share their own, creating a safe space for listeners. Together, you can learn, grow, and heal. Whether you’re in a relationship, recovering from a breakup, or just trying to navigate the dating scene this is for you! You’ll find yourself nodding along in agreement and feeling a little less alone.

So, are you looking for a pick-me-up, a good belly laugh, and some solid relationship advice? We recommend this episode if you’re new to “Relationsh*t”: The Big Sis Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Nicole Walters Podcast with Nicole Walters:

Hosted by the hilarious and inspiring Nicole Walters, this podcast is a life-affirming journey of entrepreneurship and self-discovery. With her infectious energy and trademark humor, Nicole tackles topics like overcoming impostor syndrome, balancing work and life, and achieving financial freedom. She has a a lighthearted approach that’s guaranteed to make you laugh. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a boost of inspiration or just someone in need of a laugh, she’s got you covered. This podcast is the perfect blend of humor and motivation.

But don’t let the laughter fool you – there’s some serious wisdom to be found here, too. Nicole shares her own experiences and insights, and will help you find the motivation you need to chase your dreams.

A boost of confidence and some hard-hitting advice are just around the corner with Nicole Walters, especially in her message to us for the new year: You Need Help

I Am America with Tracee Ellis Ross:

Tracee Ellis Ross, the comedic powerhouse and cultural icon, shares her fascinating journey through the intersection of race, gender, and culture in America throughout this podcast. It’s like taking a comedic history class from the coolest professor you’ve ever had.

With her quick wit and sharp humor, Tracee tackles topics like the complexities of intersectionality and the joys and struggles of being a black woman in America. Somehow, she manages to do it all with a mix of humor, wit, and wisdom. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or an insightful look at the state of America today, this podcast delivers. Tracee also brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She shares her own perspectives and encourage everyone to engage in conversations that matter.

So if you’re looking for an insightful conversation and a deeper understanding of the issues facing America today check out this episode to start: Designing for Justice

Food Heaven Made Easy with Wendy and Jess:

What’s better than listening to a podcast hosted by two best friends? Food Heaven Made Easy is a show hosted by some of the most nutrition-savvy women out there, Wendy Lopez and Jessica Jones. It started in 2011 as a creative outlet for the two BFFs where they share their passion for nutrition and healthy eating. Jess and Wendy are both registered dietitians with a master’s degree in nutrition. So you can be sure their advice is only the best of the best when it comes to healthy living!

The show covers more topics than just nutrition and healthy eating. Expect to listen to episodes on business advice, social media struggles, body image issues, and even generational wealth. The episodes usually feature the two hosts on their own, but they also have guests every few weeks. The guests are always industry experts brought to discuss specific topics related to health and wellness, nutrition, or eating disorders.

Kick off your healthy living journey with this episode from Food Heaven Made Easy: Why Black People Don’t Trust Doctors with Dr. Rashawn Ray

Dr. Jackie’s Point of V with Dr. Jackie:

Dr. Jackie Walters is your host and the queen of making you feel like you’ve known her forever. Her advice is straightforward, honest, and just like talking to a long time friend. Dr. Jackie is an advocate for all things feminine health. She is the star of Bravo’s Married to Medicine, a best-selling author, celebrity ob-gyn, and founded the 50 Shades of Pink Foundation which does incredible work helping breast cancer survivors. Jackie is now sharing all her outstanding knowledge in her show, Dr. Jackie’s Point of View.

You can expect to hear from celebrity and industry expert guests as well as solo episodes. No matter the style, you’ll find these episodes to be super in depth regarding all your burning questions, the taboo topics, plus everything related to female wellness. We know you’re going to love all of her content.

If you need somewhere to start, this is one of our absolute favorite episodes where Jackie talks about advocating for gay acceptance in the Black community.

Because Life with Sydel Curry-Lee:

Sydel Curry Lee is a digital entrepreneur, volleyball player, and host of Because Life, a podcast that brings mental health to the forefront of the conversation. Sydel’s show is the place to go for advice on all things mental health and the struggles of the BIPOC community. Sydel is a fierce mental health advocate and works non-stop to end the stigma around mental illnesses. Because Life is all about having those difficult, in depth conversations surrounding mental health discussions and awareness.

On each episode, Sydel usually meets with an industry expert or celebrity to discuss a particular mental health issue. The show is not afraid to dive into under-represented topics concerning mental illness. It often emphasizes the radical difference between mental wellbeing for white and Black people. This podcast will be your partner while navigating the tricky world of mental health.

Tune in to Because Life with this amazing episode where Sydel and a mental health professional discuss the ins and outs of forgiveness and acceptance. It’s an amazing starting point: Forgiveness vs. Acceptance

The Uncomfortable Podcast with Dom Roberts:

This is one of the podcasts to listen to if you want to educate yourself on topics everyone should know about but might not feel comfortable discussing. Hosted by Dom Roberts, The Uncomfortable Podcast is dedicated to shedding light on some seriously uncomfortable topics and inspiring Black girls to speak up as well. Think racism, mental health, cancel culture, and inequality.

Even though the topics discussed in this podcast can be uncomfortable to talk about, Dom always makes her audience feel at home. She also interviews people from all walks of life during some of her episodes, going over the sticky details that can go terribly under-represented in the media. Dom’s show is the podcast to listen to if you want to get real. So tune in and be ready to face the uncomfortable!

Start your audio experience with Dom’s The Uncomfortable Podcast by listening to this killer episode on mental health, spiraling out of control, and regaining control.

What are your favorite podcasts by Black women?

Make sure to give these podcasts a listen and appreciate their stories – because there’s so much to learn from their experience. It’s time we keep amplifying their voices louder than ever. Happy listening everyone!

One last thing before you go! If you enjoyed this list of the best Black female podcast hosts, we have two bonus episodes for you! Both feature bold Black women to share with you today. Enjoy this insightful episode of Work Party featuring no other than the legendary Tyra Banks. This conversation about challenging expectations and building empires will leave you extra inspired! Or tune in to Pretty Smart for a discussion of women’s history in hip hop dance and equality in sports with Historian Clover Hope and Rapper Kierra Luv.