Podcast hosts are the soul of any show. They make or break how entertaining, informative, and inspiring each episode is. Highlighting podcast hosts for not only their content but who they are and where they came from is one of the best ways we can get to know the person behind the mic. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. So now feels like the perfect time to celebrate all of the voices from the AAPI community – especially the AAPI voices at Dear Media. 

So this post is all about celebrating the Pacific Islander and Asian American podcast hosts at Dear Media! Tune in to hear their stories, and opinions, & dive right into the epic audio content created by the AAPI Dear Media community! 

8 Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know

Dom Roberts | Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know
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Dom Roberts

Creative activist Dom Roberts is the host of The Uncomfortable Podcast. And, let us tell you, the name says it all. The topics discussed in the show are indeed uncomfortable for some. However, Dom still manages to make her audience feel at home. She welcomes every guest with an ice-breaking segment, asking them about the last times they felt uncomfortable. So she encourages both her guests and audience to get comfortable with being vulnerable right from the jump! Dom is not afraid of getting political. In fact, you can expect her to get very real on complex subjects. She’s widely known for her willingness to discuss injustices & current events. The show sheds light on several sticky topics, such as white privilege,  racism, cancel culture, and also mental health. 

This is what makes Dom’s show so enticing and so dynamic to listen to. If you want to get real, listen to Dom. 

Here are the links to two of her most notable episodes, so you can head straight there

Kick off your audio experience with Dom Roberts:


Marianna Hewitt | Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know
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Marianna Hewitt:

This Asian-American host has a warm personality and a loyal following. She started as a social media influencer back in 2012, sharing beauty tips, personal favorites, and travel vlogs. Since then, Marianna has co-founded a clean beauty brand, Summer Fridays, and then launched her podcast. Her podcast, Life With Marianna, has a little bit of everything. She talks about beauty, entrepreneurship, self-care, empowerment, wellness, inspiration, finance, networking, and so much more. Actually, a lot of amazing guests, influencers, business owners, & thought leaders are invited to the show. You’ll learn so many new things, listen to kind advice, and be inspired to live your best life. 

If you want to jump straight into one of Marianna’s podcast episodes, here are two of our favorites: 


Deepika Chopra
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Deepika Chopra:

Ever heard of the Optimism Doctor? Say hello to Deepika! She is a doctor in clinical health psychology and also a media expert!  Forbes and Harpers Bazaar have even featured her work. Her podcast, Looking Up, started back in 2020 to help listeners learn new tools and practical wellness life skills. Each week she introduces a new guest, gets things rolling with a fiery round of personal questions, and also talks about a different subject related to optimism, wellness, and resiliency. It’s a fantastic combination of holistic plus science-backed information. In addition, she helps listeners navigate the chaoticness of human existence. 

You will learn about reducing anxiety, stress, elevating optimism, and looking up in life. Listen to these two episodes to get started with the science of happiness: 


Anisha Ramakrishna
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Anisha Ramakrishna:

You may recognize TV Personality Anisha Ramakrishna from the hit reality TV show Family Karma. After living her best NYC life in the fashion industry and ending a twelve-year relationship, Anisha moved back with her parents and started Currently Cringing. This candid podcast discusses her fashion business, dating, living with her parents in her mid 30’s, and all the cringe-worthy experiences in between. All of her guests also add a sharp edge to the show with their stories, complimenting Anisha’s unfiltered honesty. 

This show is the one to listen to if you need a heart-to-heart conversation about contemporary cringe-worthy topics. Here are two of her boldest episodes: 


Patrick Starrr | Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know
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Patrick Starrr:

Patrick Starr is Filipino-American and packed full of energy. He is the electric host of Say Yas To The Guest, a podcast centered around the freshest people in the beauty industry. The show started in 2020 and has hosted many notable guests such as Manny Mau, Jen Atkin, Patrick Ta, & Erika La Pearl. He is also a complete rockstar when it comes to making guests feel at home. So expect to laugh every show and feel completely hyped up. One listen to his podcast and you’ll see what we mean. So, it’s a must for any beauty aficionados out there, or anyone eager to listen to some seriously impressive success stories. 

Get to know Patrick in these two episodes: by clicking the link: 

Chinae Alexander
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Chinae Alexander:

Chinae is all about honesty. And, her podcast, Press Send, encourages listeners to send in their questions related to being a modern-day woman and then answer them live in each episode. In fact, the show started back in 2019 and Chinae still has that everlasting energy and frankness. You can also expect to listen to a new guest most weeks. However, she also likes to have one-on-one conversations about her own experiences with her audience. 

Here are two episodes to get you started: 


Chriselle Lim | Asian American Podcast Hosts You Need To Know
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Chriselle Lim:

Chriselle Lim is a fashion Influencer, Youtuber, blogger, stylist, podcaster, and mama bear. Many know her from her incredibly successful blog, The Chriselle Factor, where you can find everything from styling tutorials to skincare routines. In addition, she is a recognized entrepreneur and host of Being Bumo. Her parenthood podcast was created soon after pivoting her career following the birth of her second child. 

Chriselle’s show is raw and refreshing with blunt discussions about crucial topics that come up when navigating the world of parenthood. She also welcomes experts, celebrities, and inspirational figures each week to keep the candid conversation going. 

Here are two of our favorite episodes of Being Bumo:

AAWW Asian American Writers' Workshop

Asian American Writers’ Workshop:

The podcast, AAWW Radio: New Asian American Writers & Literature is a vibrant and engaging platform for exploring the diverse and complex experiences of Asian American writers in the United States.  It’s hosted by a rotating cast of writers and artists. The podcast features in-depth interviews, readings, and discussions that cover a wide range of topics, from the craft of writing to issues of identity and representation. The podcast covers the work of both emerging writers and established figures in the Asian American literary community.

The AAWW promotes diversity and inclusivity in the literary world as a leading literary organization. And, its podcast offers listeners a unique opportunity to explore the rich and diverse perspectives of Asian American identities. It also covers challenging anti-Asian stereotypes and offers new insights into the Asian American experience. Whether you’re interested in social justice, literature, or simply hearing from a diverse range of voices, AAWW Radio is a must-listen for anyone interested in exploring the diverse and dynamic world of Asian American literature and culture.

Here are two of our favorite episodes of the AAWW Radio podcast:

Who are your favorite Asian American and Pacific Islander podcast hosts?

What better way to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month than by listening directly to the voices in this community?! Dear Media is genuinely proud to help amplify as many diverse voices as possible. We highly encourage you to listen to their success stories, struggles, inspiring guests, and of course tune in to the overall Asian-American experience. You’re guaranteed a good convo, primary motivation, and a lot of laughs! Happy listening!