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Being Bumo

with Chriselle Lim

As we all know, parenthood can feel like one big roller coaster with multiple ups and downs, often just within a day.
Raw is the first word that comes to mind with this refreshing podcast. Radically honest in their approach to sharing all the ups, downs, struggles, and gray areas that come with marriage, relationships, parenting, careers, and life in general. They bring in experts, inspirational leaders, and celebrities to talk about big issues every parent faces in a straightforward and easy to digest format.


  • Christy Turlington on Advocacy & Childbirth
  • Neuropsychological Assessment to evaluate your child's intelligence with Dr. Oren Boxer
  • Can kids learn coding?
  • Navigating Divorce & Co-Parenting with Alli Webb
  • Pre and Post Natal Fitness
  • 5 Way To Overcome Working Mom Guilt
  • Myths & Truths about Infertility & miscarriages with Dr. Robin Berzin
  • Dr. Pooja Lakshmin on anxiety, depression and martyr mode during a pandemic
  • Lisa Ling on how Covid 19 affects kids and monitoring screen time
  • Building Healthy Kids & babies Thru Food with Kelly Leveque
  • Things that moms don't really talk about with Genevieve Padalecki
  • How To Raise  Successful, Empathetic, & Smart kids
  • Becoming BUMO
  • Raising anti racist kids with Tia Mowry
  • Being Bümo - Coming September 15th!
  • Being Bümo - Sneak Peek!
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