Raising children is hard enough as it is! Getting some much-needed assistance and support from other parents and experts is a total must for navigating this incredible journey. Sure, you could read self-help books and take parenting classes, but what parent has time for that?

Podcasts are the perfect platform for parents! You can keep one headphone popped in while you feed your kids, run errands, and change diapers. So, why not use podcasts to expand your parenting skills? Podcasts will help you feel prepared, equipped, and supported through this exciting but difficult stage of life. Here are seven great podcasts to try out now:

6 Best Parenting Podcasts

Being Bumo

Chriselle Lim and Sara Sohn host a parenting podcast that prides itself on radical honesty. They discuss all elements of parenting: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Plus, they talk about how children can affect other parts of our lives like careers, relationships, and more. Each week, you won’t only get their insight, but advice from inspirational leaders and celebrities! It’s super wholesome and helpful. 

With Whit

The Hills reality TV star Whitney Port isn’t on screen anymore, but instead she’s married, running a business, and, of course, being a mom! Each week, she discusses parenthood, marriage, and more. You can expect content on entrepreneurship, beauty, health, and more all through the lens of a mom. She’s super relatable! 

Raising Good Humans

Dr. Aliza Pressman is a true parenting expert herself. Not only is she a mom, but she’s a developmental psychologist! She co-founded the Mount Sinai Parenting Center and SeedlingsGroup, and she produces a weekly podcast where she gets deep with other experts and parents to share the best approaches to raising good humans. There may not be a parenting manual, but you do have this podcast! 

The Garcia Diaries

Anthony and Bethanie Garcia are married high school sweethearts with kids. On their podcast, they host candid and casual conversations about marriage, parenthood, pop culture, and everything in between—all without a filter. This honest podcast will help empower you through relatable stories and lots of empathy. 

The Nicole Walters Podcast

Though this isn’t specifically a parenting podcast, Nicole Walters is a mom, and she hosts many episodes on the topic of parenting. Learn all about personal finance, entrepreneurship, parenthood and more with self-made millionaire Nicole Walters! She discusses every topic from the perspective of a powerful female leader as a mom and business leader. 

The Papaya Podcast

The Papaya Podcast host Sarah Nicole gives weekly wisdom on her podcast to empower and inspire females everywhere. She’s a mother, wife, and successful blogger that hosts weekly guests and experts. They give the audience advice and information to help them get through all aspects of their lives, whether it be parenting choices or big professional decisions! 

Bonus: The Dog that Changed Me

Okay, so this doesn’t count as a parenting podcast per se, but if you have a furry friend, this is a wholesome podcast you NEED to listen to. Dog moms and dads join Katherine Schwarzenegger and her guests and listen to their stories about how their furry soulmates changed their lives. It’s inspiring and tear-jerking for sure! It could help you be the best dog mom out there. 

Find Your Favorite  Parenting Podcast Based on Different Types of Parenting Styles:

Alright, let’s be real. We all have different parenting styles. And we should! No two kids are alike, so no two parenting styles should be alike. Whether you’re more strict, less strict, helicopter vibes, or more go with the flow, in these shows you’ll find what you’re looking for. Most of these shows offer a wide range of tips, interview guests with various methods and ideas on parenting, and provide a non judgmental space to discuss all things parents. So once you take the time to tune in, you’ll undoubtedly find things you both agree and disagree with! And we would loooove to hear which episodes you’re totally vibing. Leave a comment below so we can get all the tea on your favorite podcast episodes for parents.

With this epic list of parenting podcasts, YOU GOT THIS!

These podcast hosts are moms and dads just like you. Whether they’re child psychology experts or just parents pushing through, they can help provide support and wisdom through their content. We hope you found a host that connects with your parenting style. Their insight will help you navigate your day-to-day parenting struggles. Let’s do this parenting thing together with Dear Media’s podcast hosts!