As we descend into the winter season, many of us are dreaming of vacation destinations! Whether it’s somewhere warmer or just somewhere away from the chaos of the holiday season, a fresh locale does wonders for the mind, body, and soul! 

But, over recent years, the travel landscape has changed dramatically. And not everyone has the time to research and stay up to date with the ins and outs of traveling these days. This is where travel podcasts come in. You’ll not only hear about the best places to visit in the WORLD (omg, how exciting!?!?), but these podcasts also offer tips, updates, packing lists, and everything else travel-related.

So, whether you’re saving for a trip to the Bahamas or you’re still deciding on the perfect hiking destination (or, you know, anything in between) listen to these travel podcasts! They’ll give you the inspiration and motivation you need to get through the colder months and maybe even plan your own getaway. Here are our 15 best travel podcast episodes:

15 Best Travel Podcasts

Friend of a Friend: “Hunter Harris Unpacks Succession’s Season 3 Finale, Vacationing in Italy with The Roys, and Going Team Tom”

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Italy? Live vicariously through Hunter Harris, actor in the TV show “Succession” and hear all about his adventures in Bel Paese. Plus, hear what it’s like traveling the world frequently for film and TV work. It’s super interesting and will def give you vacation fever. 

Girls Night: “European Escapades”

Host Alexis Waters gushes about her trip to Europe in this episode of Girls Night! Not only did she see the sights, but she partied hard the European way. She’s got some wild travel stories that are a total blast to experience. Partly because they are totally wild, and partly because Alexis is such a dynamic host. 

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her: “Travel Hacks and Travel Bugs, Tips and Tricks for Travel”

Enchanté, podcast listeners! In this episode, Michael and Lauryn are in the South of France and they discuss all things travel. Not only do they give you a window into their exciting travel destination, but they give you advice on how to deal with jet lag, how to pack well, and how to get the best destination info. 

A Thing or Two: “What We Always, Always Pack and How to Travel with a Toddler”

If you’re traveling with kids for the first time (or, really, even the hundredth time) you may need some help. They need SO much stuff, and they’re unpredictable. Both of these things can make packing a real challenge. But, don’t worry. Tune in to this episode to learn how to pack and travel stress-free (mostly) with a toddler. More from A Thing or Two, here.

Mood: “Mood Euro Trip Week One”

Want to join a crazy adventure? Lauren Elizabeth of Mood takes her listeners with her on her wild European road trip with her two besties. If you’ve listened to Mood in the past, this episode is much different than her usual material. But, it’s SO fun, authentic, and immersive. Check it out! 

Absolutely Not!: Two Weeks Long

Heather McMahan, host of Absolutely Not returns in this episode from a year-long honeymoon. She describes her usual contradictory feelings and how traveling affects her and her new husband’s relationship. It’s a unique take on the honeymoon travel experience and a total must-listen for anyone with wedding bells in the near future!

Good Instincts: “9 On the Go Travel Snacks”

Let’s take a break from all the traditional travel material and discuss travel snacks with Shira Barlow, host of Good Instincts. She gives us all the best travel snacks to keep us full and focused while road-tripping or flying to an exotic destination. Yum! 

Lipstick on the Rim: “This is Your Spring Vacation Handbook”

Spring is just around the corner! You know what that means? It’s time to plan those Spring vay-cays! If that’s your plan, use this episode of Lipstick on the Rim to assemble your perfect destination wardrobe. Two fashion experts join her to give you the DL on vacation fashion. 

Probably a Podcast: “Once Upon a Barcelona”

Ever wanted to go to Spain? This trip to Barcelona for friends Shannon and Marissa quickly turned into a Barcelonan fairy tale. Discover the romance of the trip and the beauty of Spain with these unforgettable travel diaries! 

Blonde Files: “My Italy Trip Recap & How I Find Balance While Traveling”

If you’re looking for a podcast episode that’ll help you really plan your trip to Italy, this is a great one to pick! Arielle Lorre shares her full itinerary as well as where she stayed, ate, and hung out. After she discusses her whole trip, she takes listener questions about travel! She’s like a travel professional that has tips and tricks on every vacation question. More from Arielle, here

Wine Face: “Coastal Creepin to Get to a Dream Zone”

Do you love some great wine? Take a coastal trip through France and Spain where Helen Johannesen of Wine Face explores the local wineries. She’ll tell you what you should drink and why! Plus, she makes the normally elitist industry feel approachable to any caliber of wine connoisseur. 

The Papaya Podcast: “The One Where We Go ‘On Airplane Mode’ with LGBT Travel Bloggers Kristie & Christine.”

Papaya Podcast host Sarah Nicole Landy brings travel writers Christine and Kristie of “On Airplane Mode” onto the show. They discuss their backstory and some of their favorite destinations. They’re members of the LGBT community as well and describe what that’s like to be career adventurers. 

What We Said: “Crazy Travel Stories!” 

This episode of What We Said is an anthology of the listener’s craziest travel story submissions. They read them on air and discuss the wild world of travel. Plus, they give you travel tips and tricks on what to do and what NOT to do on your next trip. 

With Whit: “Pod-ing while Packing! My Work Advice, Fashion Essentials, and Travel Plans”

From her bed sick in Paris, Whitney Port talks about her current anniversary trip. Obviously, since she’s sick, the vacation does not go as planned. She makes the most out of her holiday and answers listener questions on this episode of With Whit. See a roundup of our fav With Whit episodes, here

The Garcia Diaries: “Let’s Talk About the Worst Trip Ever”

Want something that’ll kill your travel hunger? At least until you can afford it? Listen to this episode of the Garcia Diaries where Bethanie and Anthony talk about their trip to Mexico. Spoiler: It was the WORST. (They even had a run-in with the police. Yes. That bad). It’s enough to make any amateur traveler say, “No way.” Listen now! 

Travel the world with some of Dear Media’s adventurous podcast hosts! 

If you’ve got the travel bug, listen to one of these podcasts and be transported to your ideal destination. Each one is like its own contained adventure that we hope will be refreshing and exciting to listen to! Check out all of our podcasts here, and don’t forget to browse our blog for more content like this.