how to ask a guy for his number

As much as we’d love to know the ins and outs of dating from a man’s perspective, it’s impossible to know what they’re thinking. This can make seemingly simple things, like asking for a guy’s number, awkward and nerve-wracking. But know this: there’s nothing wrong with expressing your interest and getting their phone number! 

Today we’re sharing practical tips and creative strategies on making the first move to make it easier to ask for a guy’s phone number. 

How To Ask A Guy For His Number

How To Ask A Guy For His Number 

Keep It Casual

Regardless of whether it’s someone you’re talking to for the first time or someone you’ve hung out with before, one thing is true: you’re only asking for his number! It’s easy to get so nervous that you turn it into a huge deal, but try to keep it cool. A simple “I’d love to have your number so we can talk more” would be a great way to casually invite a guy to give you his number.

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Make Up An Excuse

If you’re feeling especially anxious about exchanging numbers with a guy, you can make up an excuse for why you might need it. The key to this tactic is making your excuse somewhat reasonable. 

Some fun ideas for pulling this off include telling him you want to send him a link to something you were talking about or notes for a class you’re taking together. You can also ask for his social media first and then tell him that you prefer texting and see if he offers to give you his phone number first. 

How To Ask A Guy For His Number

Get Creative

If your sense of humor is your strong suit, go ahead and get creative when asking a guy for his number! There are a ton of corny ways to ask for his digits in a way that will make him laugh. Check his body language to make sure he’s into it and then just go for it!

Here are some cheesy, funny lines you can use to ask for a guy’s number:

  • Want to see a magic trick? If you give me your phone I can make my number appear
  • My phone must be broken! (What’s wrong with it?) It doesn’t have your number in it!
  • I’d love to hear how sexy you sound when you tell me your phone number
  • If you give me your number I won’t be “the one that got away”
  • How can you know how great I am at sexting if you don’t have my number?

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Be Confident

Confidence is key! You’d be surprised by what you can attract with a healthy dose of confidence. And it’s not just in how you speak; confidence also shines through in your body language. Stand tall yet relaxed, look him in the eyes, smile, etc. 

If you feel uneasy, focus on the positive and be optimistic. Even if you have to fake it a little bit, exude confidence when you ask for his number and he’ll be more likely to want to continue the conversation via text.

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Just Go For It

This is the 21st century! There are no “rules” when it comes to getting or receiving a guy’s number. If you want it, just go for it! 

You know the old saying “There are plenty of fish in the sea” right? It’s true. If he turns you down, he’s not the guy for you. Don’t take it personally, it’s his loss! Props to you for putting yourself out there. Try again with the next guy you connect with and before you know it, you’ll land a great catch.

making the first move

When it comes to asking for a guy’s number, pick a tactic that you feel most comfortable with. 

You got this! Sure, it’s nerve-wracking the first couple of times you ask a guy for his number. But it gets easier as you become more confident. Just be yourself and have fun with it.

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