Do you remember making friends as a kid? It was SO EASY. We’d vibe with some kid from two states away at a public park and become absolute besties in under five minutes. Then, we’d play for literally hours without ever even learning each other’s names. What happened to that?! As an adult, relationships seem so much harder. Really, they’re not that much different, though. It’s still all about those initial vibes. 

What Does It Mean To Vibe With Someone?

What Does It Mean To Vibe With Someone?

We hear the phrase “to vibe with someone” a lot, but what does it really mean??? When you vibe with someone, it means you have some sort of immediate connection that draws you together. Like, you just start having fun right away even though you barely know each other. Organically, this is hard to come by as an adult, but you can still curate positive vibes with the right strategy. So, whether you’re trying to make friends in a new city or find your tribe as a newly single girlie, here’s how you can vibe with someone:

How To Vibe With Someone

How To Vibe With Someone?

Find people like you. 

First up, you need to find people like you. Yessss, that means you’ve gotta get out of the house and go do something. It’s going to be easier to vibe with someone if you share something in common. You could work on finding powerful females like yourself or you could seek out acquaintances with compatible astrological signs to yours. (Find your people by rocking Kamie Crawford’s “Ask Me About My Birth Chart” crewneck.) Or, even try locating people with the same hobbies or social scene. Whatever it is, you just gotta get out there!!

Have confidence.

Okay, this one is HUGE!!! One of the big differences between making friends as an adult vs. when you’re a kid is CONFIDENCE. When you’re a child, you have ALL the confidence in the world, even with uncombed hair and dollar-store dress-up shoes. You need to emulate that same confident mindset if you want to attract people and really vibe with them. For more tips on this, check out the episode of Probably a Podcast called “Friendship and Confidence 101.” 

Match their energy.

Once you find someone that feels right, match their energy. If they’re at the club getting WILD, you need to get wild too. If they’re at the salon gushing over some hot goss about Vanderpump Rules, you gotta engage in that same tantalizing excitement from celebrity drama. Or, maybe it’s a workplace acquaintance with this cool, confident feminine energy—girl, match it. This will immediately create a sense of comradery and allll the positive vibes. (More on how to give off positive energy here.) 

Make a vibey atmosphere.

There is so much about an environment that can give off bad vibes. (Don’t believe us??? Check out our post on bedroom red flags.) So, if you’re having people over to your space, try to set the mood with some vibey music, some choice snacks, and anything else to make your home feel super fun and inviting. 

Tell them what you love about them. 

As you start talking to someone more, tell them what you love about them. Do you love what they’re wearing? How funny they are? Their make-up and nails? Their drink choice? How do they go all-in on the dance floor? Just tell them! Giving compliments will definitely help create positive vibes and instant connections.  

Be an amazing listener.

Not only do you need to communicate what you like about them, but you also need to make eye contact and listen when they talk about themselves! Being a good listener will show that you really care about their interests and experiences. They’ll know you’re the type of ride-or-die friend that will always make sure their friends are okay. It’ll tell them your future friendship will be authentic and equal . . . and full of good vibes, of course. 

Have a good time!

Most of all, though, just have fun. People want to know they’re going to have a good time whenever they’re around you! It’ll make them excited to spend the rest of the day/night with you and potentially establish a long-term friendship. So, wherever you are, have confidence, vibe out, and have a good time.  

You can vibe with someone by giving off good energy!
You can vibe with someone by giving off good energy!

Alright, guys, it’s time to find your next bestie. Use these tips to find people you vibe with and start building your community again! For more advice on relationships, personal development, and other life stuff, check out the Dear Media Blog and podcast list. We’ve got everything you need to be the best you!