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Any good film buff knows that sometimes the most entertaining part of watching a movie is dissecting it with friends afterward. However, not everyone has time these days to constantly gather friends on the couch for movie marathons.  

This is why movie podcasts have totally become the go-to for deep dives into our fave films, behind-the-scenes tea, and lively discussions about all things cinema. They’re like our virtual movie night gang, giving us everything from hilarious hot takes to thought-provoking film critiques.

If you’re searching for your next binge list for an epic road trip, all-day cleaning sesh, or months-long hyperfixation, you’ve totally come to the right place. We’ve done some digging and handpicked some of the best podcasts that discuss everything from blockbusters to old Hollywood treasures.

So grab your popcorn and some wine, and let’s talk movies:

Best Podcasts About Film

14 Best Podcasts About Film for Every Movie Buff 

Carpool: Unexpected Rom ComsRide

Get ready for endless laughs from one of our favorite episodes from the hilarious podcast Ride with comedic geniuses Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone. As the name implies, this is unarguably one of the best podcasts for road trips. In this episode, titled Carpool: Unexpected Rom Coms, the duo takes a deep dive into some romance films that might not be the first to come to mind when you think of the genre. 

According to them, these movies feel like rom-coms, but the producers didn’t set out to film them as such. Some of these movies are Midsummer, Scream 6, Spooktober, and Redeye. What we love about this podcast is how the duo always delivers witty commentary and an inside scoop that will have you and your friends rolling. We promise you’ll be cry-laughing along with their chaotic energy the whole time. 

This is Mandy MooreNot Skinny but Not Fat

Not Skinny but Not Fat is all about getting Created by Amanda Hirsch, each episode is one part laughs and two parts juicy gossip. And with topics like reality TV, film, music, and everything in between, there’s truly something for every entertainment-lover. 

In this episode with Mandy Moore, Amanda and Mandy discuss some of our fave 2000s teen movies like A Walk to Remember and Chasing Liberty. But, they also take time to discuss how Mandy’s life has evolved both as an artist and a mom! It’s so cool to see what she’s up to!

March Madness but for Disney Channel Original Movies (a ranking) Twenty Whatever

We girls grew up LIVING for anything Disney Channel. In this episode of Twenty Whatever, trio Sierra, Riayn, and Paloma have the ultimate debate to rank all of our fave nostalgia Disney Channel original movies. Think DCOMs like High School Musical, The Cheetah Girls, Camp Rock, and SO many more. 

If you love this episode, make it a double-feature and listen to The Ultimate Disney Channel Original Movie Trivia Face Off right after. The whole crew answers questions about the most popular Disney Channel flicks. Get some wine, invite over your girlfriends, and put yourselves to the test and see how well you know these classics!

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Guessing the Plots of Movies I’ve Never SeenUnhinged with Chris Klemens

We all LOVE Chris Klemens’ absolutely unhinged takes on everything from celebrity fashion to relationship advice. However, in this video he has us all ROFLing by guessing the plots of movies by the titles alone. He has so many hilarious (and way wrong) assumptions wrapped up in random stories and bits. Seriously, this is a must-watch if you need a good laugh and know anything about movies! (At least, you know more than Chris.)

The TV Shows and Movies We Won’t Shut Up About. And Also Boiled PotatoesA Thing or Two

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo of A Thing or Two go deep into the shows and movies they’re totally obsessed with. From Love on the Spectrum, The Fight, Shrill, and I May Destroy You, these ladies have PRIME taste in entertainment.

They also discuss their love of boiled potatoes girls after our own hearts! What makes this episode so good is how Claire and Erica gush over the stories and characters just like you would with your BFFs. It honestly makes you feel like you’re part of their girl gang. 

Madi Sees MoviesThe Bad Broadcast

Our girl Madi Murphy is back with more hysterical hot takes and reviews in this episode of The Bad Broadcast. As the queen of complaining turned podcaster, Madi has the best taste in entertainment. 

What’s so fun about “Madi Sees Movies” is how she gives you all the details of the Barbie and Oppenheimer movies in her signature snarky but hilarious style. She dished on the plot twists, rated the acting and the length of the movies, and told us who to love or love to hate. This podcast is just what you need to lighten up a girls’ night in. 

Scarlett Johansson From Child Star to Mega Star, Skincare Secrets, & The Truth About Acting Him & Her

We all love a little inside scoop on Hollywood right from the horse’s mouth, don’t we? Well, Him & Her hosts, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick, bring you all the tea on everything entertainment, health, relationships, business, etc. This episode of their podcast features our girl Scarlett Johansson and she talks about her journey from child actress to bonafide mega movie star. She gives us a super interesting inside perspective on what it’s actually like working in Hollywood. 

We learn how, even as a kid, Scarlett knew she was destined for big things on the silver screen. Beyond talking about Scarlett’s awe-inspiring career, though, this episode is full of so many “you go girl” moments, as she also shares her skincare secrets for looking half her age. 

“Silver Linings Playbook” with Chris Ryan, Andry Greenwald, and Zach BaronThe Rewatchables

On this episode of The Rewatchables, your favorite movie critics, Chris Ryan, Andy Greenwald, and Zach Baron, discuss the feelings-filled romantic dramedy Silver Linings Playbook. Our hosts don’t just fangirl over how good the cast is; they also discuss the film’s accurate and inspiring depiction of bipolar disorder.

They give kudos to director David O. Russell for starting important conversations using mainstream cinema. And naturally, they don’t hold back in shipping the film’s lead characters’ (played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawerence) will-they-or-won’t-they romance.

The Top 10 Films of 2023The Filmcast

You have to brace yourself for this one because this is the perfect podcast to fuel your plans for a movie marathon. In this episode of The Filmcast podcast, our favorite movie geeks, David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Jeff Cannata, drop their takes on what they think are the top ten movies of 2023. And they didn’t disappoint. 

From chick flicks to war films, action, thrillers, and more, they cover it all as only they can with lots of witty banter, hilarious hot takes, and just the right mix of intellectual film discussion. This podcast is the perfect excuse to obsess over your favorite 2023 lineup all over again.

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Oprah’s Oppenheimer OpusGood Guys

Who better to hear about Hollywood than from someone who’s been there? If you’re a millennial, Josh Peck, one of the co-hosts of Good Guys, needs no introduction! From Drake and Josh to Mean Creek to Red Dawn, Josh Peck knows the world of film all too well! 

In this episode, listeners get to hear his take on some of the latest movie trends and the trails of stardom. But, don’t think this is going to be heavy. Josh and his co-host Ben are HILARIOUS and give you an inside look at Hollywood in a way that’s not only insightful but also super funny. 

Hustle & Flow Black on Black Cinema

You’re definitely in for a treat when you tune in to the Black on Black Podcast.The show’s hosts, Terrence Carpenter, Jay Jacksonrao, Micah Payne, and Rob Shively, are passionate about cheering black voices in cinema and celebrating the richness of black storytelling.

In this episode, they review Hustle & Flow (one of our fave film from the aughts) and dissect how the film represents black masculinity, class struggles, and musical talents in a way that’s both educational and super entertaining. You’ll be glued to your headset till the end, as the hosts easily address complex topics and provide fresh perspectives. 

90s Lolitas, Volume 1: Drew Barrymore, Amy Fisher, and Alicia Silverstone (Erotic 90s, Part 8)You Must Remember This 

Karina Longworth of the You Must Remember This podcast has a way of making stories about trailblazing actresses feel so relevant even now. In this episode, Karina picks apart all the tabloid headlines to reveal the real women under the Lolita labels. It’s not easy starting out in Hollywood as a teen. So Karina explores the harsh realities these three strong female talents faced entering the industry at a young age and how they navigated it. This episode will make you feel like a fly on the wall of the 90s film scene; you’ll laugh and be in your feelings a lot, but you’ll mostly be inspired.

Podcasts About Film to binge

“Blonde” and the Top 5 Essential Marilyn Monroe MoviesThe Big Picture

If you love Marilyn Monroe as much as we do, this podcast is perfect for you. Sean Fennessey and Amanda Dobbins host The Big Picture podcast, and they always bring such fun and exciting energy to their discussions of Hollywood movies. 

In this episode, they discuss Hollywood’s favorite blonde bombshell, the iconic Marilyn Monroe. From drama to comedy and musicals, Sean and Amanda gush over Marilyn’s star power and talent on screen. 

They honor her as the trailblazing talent that she was and discuss her biopic, “Blonde,” while also ranking Marilyn’s top five must-see movies. Marilyn left her mark on every genre of film she made, and this podcast will leave you inspired by her legacy. 

Shakespeare Adaptations + AphrodisiacsRide

Okay, you can’t expect Mary Beth and Benny of Ride to stay on topic for more than a few minutes, so they pack a lot of topics into every episode! This one is no different, but beyond topics like aphrodisiacs, religion, and animal hygiene . . . in this episode Mary Beth also discusses how she rides for Shakespeare adaptations.

I mean, us to? Some people started crushing on Leonardo Dicaprio in Titanic, but for us it was in Romeo + Juliet. If you agree, definitely grab this Ride tee to show you stan with these adaptations. 

Consider this your crash course in cinephile 101.

We hope these podcasts excite you to discover the amazing world of movies. These conversations about films are not only entertaining but very insightful, too. No matter what you’re into, there’s undoubtedly a show on this list with your name on it. Besides, we should all support podcasts hosted by people who lift each other up.

For more of the best podcasts out there, check out all the shows in the Dear Media catalog! And, if you’re looking for the latest bingeworthy movies and TV shows to watch, check out these posts: