Ride - Dear Media - New Way to Podcast


with Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone

And just like that… your favorite besties & tastemakers Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone are baaaack. Join them every Wednesday on your way to Sephora to hear their witty, ridiculous, and irreverent (jk) musings on life, the universe, existence, and what they currently ride for. If you've longed to hear two absolute bimbos talk about looping, Schrödinger’s cat, being a lizard, and SO much more, you're gonna absolutely live/die for this podcast. You might even... dare we say... ride for it. Trends, cultural moments that altered the direction of their lives, and even the film Mother!… NOTHING is off limits. WE RIDE AT DAWN!!


  • Hailee Steinfeld's IG Comment + F*ck A** Bobs
  • Makeup Artists + Object Permanence
  • Fake Pop Songs + Lauryn Hill
  • Group Chats + Otters
  • My Girls + The Girlies
  • FIGS + Adult Friend Sleepovers
  • Changing Your Mind + The Woman on the Plane
  • Millennial Parents + Announcing an Announcement
  • Being Vulnerable + Accutane
  • Shakespeare Adaptations + Aphrodisiacs
  • Froyo + Having a Blankie
  • Strippers + J Lo's Versace Dress
  • Arrival + The Princess and the Pea
  • Kids' Debit Cards + Peeing
  • Chickens + The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Sleeping Your Way to the Top + Horse Girls
  • Carmex + Light Denim
  • Katy Perry on American Idol + Tyra Banks
  • New Rules of Cheating + Taking Pride in Your Work
  • Ferrero Rocher + Secretive Moms
  • Driving Safely + Airlines
  • CARPOOL: Gossip Girl
  • IMDb Trivia + Julia Roberts' Armpit Hair
  • Kim K's Private Theater + Doing The Thing
  • Intrusive Thoughts + Schrödinger’s Cat
  • Alone + I Hate Suzie (TV Phenomenons)
  • Not Caring About Your Birthday + Condiments
  • Traditional Family Values + Pranking
  • 1 Calendar Year (Bonus Ep)
  • Ride: COMING MARCH 15
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