The Best Podcasts For Road Trips

Everyone loves a good road trip, we mean seriously… who doesn’t? From the sights to the sounds to the company a properly planned road trip could be everything you need for a mental reset; a much-needed vacation from your normal day-to-day. A good road trip helps you to clear your mind, let go of the stress of your routine work schedule, and may even improve your mental health.

Road trips are a great way to explore the country by visiting places you only see in pictures or on the map. With tons of possible road trip destinations worth visiting, the beauty of it all lies not only in the destination – but in the journey to the destination as well. Now this is where we come in.

Trust us when we say your road trip experience isn’t complete if you don’t have the right podcast to listen to along the way. Depending on who you’re making the trip with, the right podcast can keep the entire crew awake. Not to mention intrigued, excited, AND informed. All within the space of the starting point to the finish point. 

There are different types of great podcasts available, be it for family road trips, couples, or friends. Likewise, there are also podcasts for those times you just want to let off steam by driving from one end of the country to another.

If you’re more into long-distance travel, be sure to check out our roundup of the best travel podcasts to see what you might be missing out on and get the inside scoop on your next popular destination. 

Today we’re strictly talking about road trips. We’ll be sharing a roundup of interesting podcasts – perfect for cruising along the highway.

best podcasts for road trips

25 Best Podcasts For Road Trips

Back To The Beach

Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti star in Back to the Beach, where they are officially reliving all of our favorite moments from “Laguna Beach: The Orange County”. And, let us just say – we are totally here for it. If you and your besties used to binge Laguna Beach as we did. Then, you are going to love all the behind-the-scenes tea as you cruise to whatever beach you are hitting for spring break. Start with fan-fave episodes like “The First to Go” and “The Last Dance”.

TSC Him and Her

Hosts Lauryn Evarts and Micheal Bosstick have an interactive podcast in Him and Her where everyone is carried along. It has a mix of everything from health, relationship, marketing, business – you name it. Whatever your fancy is, questions and answers about it will be provided on Him and Her. It is one of the fun podcasts for road trips around now and episodes like Life Advice For Young Adults – A Roundtable Conversation Ft. Jordan Becerra & Nico Becerra will make every second of your road trip count.

Best of Both

Road trips can be an effective way to learn, unlearn, and relearn some life lessons. Interesting podcasts like Best of Both will go a long way to help with achieving this. The hosts are Margo Oshry – a full-time influencer and Nicole, a law school student with a robust social life. Both share their quality insights and experiences across a wide range of topics. Like celebrity gossip, dating in NYC, trending topics and so on. Set your road trip in full flow with 30-minute episodes like “Everything’s a lie“, ” Ugly Headbands and Depression“, and “A Bounty of Icks”.

Dear Gabby

Gabby Bernstein coaches listeners in this real-time Q&A podcast where she speaks on Becoming the Happiest Person You Know. Gabby, a #1 New York Times best-selling author and speaker is joined by inspirational guests from different spheres on the podcast from time to time. She and her guests have relatable conversations with listeners. Mostly on issues that we can all relate to and learn from in just under 45 minutes per episode. Episodes like “How To Find A Way Through Every Block” and “Release Stress and Feel Grounded” are top favorites.

The Bad Broadcast 

On a road trip where you plan to let loose and be free from your routine life? A no-holds-barred podcast is your best bet for the experience you desire. This is what Madi Murphy offers in The Bad Broadcast. Each episode always brings smiles and comedic relief. Madi always has something to say about everything, making this one of the best comedy podcasts for road trips. You cannot go wrong with episodes like “THE THINGS THAT HAUNT US” and “SOCIALLY SPOOKY“.

Friend of a Friend 

The world presents a new set of up-and-comers and game-changers and there is so much that we can learn from them. Olivia Perez helps to tap into their wealth of knowledge here with every episode of Friend of a Friend featuring a new bright mind across different fields. Special episodes like “How To Run A Company Like A Creative with Jacklyn Johnson” and “Making a Masterclass with Joe Holder” will surely make your road trip worthwhile.

Circle Time

In Circle Time, you have a podcast that brings to light the issues of adulthood in a relatable way for all to learn from. This podcast is best for long road trips with friends. We love how it can set the tone for some of those serious topics that you won’t readily talk about. Host Kelsey Kreppel opens up on her struggles, wins, and experiences in her formative years. You cannot go wrong with this podcast as you see the world through Kelsey’s eyes while relating it to yours.

Looking Up With Dr Deepika Chopra

Dr. Deepika Chopra (aka The Optimism Doctor) displays her wealth of knowledge on the science of happiness in this quality podcast. She coaches listeners with evidence-based practices to inspire them towards optimism, hope, and resilience. Looking Up is an interesting podcast for long road trips. It is sure to give you answers to questions you never knew you were asking. Episodes like “Adapting to Change With Pia Baroncini” and “Recovering From Rock Bottom With Ryan Haddon” will open you and others on the road trip to the science of happiness and how to benefit from it.

You’re Gonna Love Me

Kate Maloney changes the landscape on this podcast by showing both sides of the coin of those who have judged or have been judged by others. Being one who has been on the receiving end herself, Kate shares her experiences with other guests on how to move from judging to loving. This podcast is best for road trips with friends as there is room for everyone to relate and learn some valuable life lessons about friendship and kindness. Episodes like “If You Can’t Love Yourself, How You Gonna Love Someone Else” and “Nothing is Forever With Chriselle Lim” are best suited for long road trips with friends.

Recovering From Reality

Break away from the norm by using Recovering From Reality to heal as you embark on that road trip of self-care and recovery. Mental health advocate Alexis Haines uses every episode to normalize struggles that seem bigger than life and show a path to true healing health. Interesting and useful episodes like “Our Brains Aren’t Broken, Our Society Is With Johann Hari” and “Improving Your Intuition With Laura Day” makes this a useful podcast for long road trips.

Everything is the Best

Things aren’t always as they seem… with most people simply making the most of every situation to bring out the best that they can. This is the premise for this special podcast hosted by Pia Baroncini and her array of friends. Many of which are recurring guests on the show. This weekly podcast will help you life’s struggles and inspire you to be the best you can be. It’s an interesting podcast that can serve as a proper get-me-up for long road trips with episodes like “An Emotional Solo Pod -My Relationship With My Body” and “Shooting the Shit With Jason Stewart“.

The Blonde Files Podcast

Get the inside scoop on how to do it right. With everything from health to cosmetics, fashion, and wellness with your new bestie Arielle Lorre. Arielle brings a friendly voice to this podcast as she speaks on multifaceted interests. All to help her listeners have the best life they can have. Each episode is over an hour long and with quality episodes like “How To Manifest The Life You Want with Lacy Phillips” and “All About Fertility With Dr Natalie Crawford“, you can relax and drive safely while on your road trip.

the right podcasts make for the best roadtrip

Life With Marianna 

Marianna Hewitt is the co-founder of Summer Fridays (a skincare line). She is also a top personality on social media with over a million followers. And the host of Life with Marianna. Join her on this podcast to see life through her eyes. And, see what it takes build a brand as well as lead an entrepreneurial lifestyle. She offers followers who want to achieve more quality insights on this podcast alongside her network of brand founders, influencers, and top personalities. Make the most of your road trip with the girls by listening to episodes like “9 Life Changing Habits With Marianna” and “11 Things I Learned In My 20s + 30s“.

Good Instincts

Shira Barlow is sure to keep your taste buds salivating all through the road trip. Follow along as she opens you up to all you have been missing in your relationship with food. She’s got all you need to know about food in the podcast. So, don’t be surprised if there are stops during the trip to fulfill some new cravings along the way. She also shares views on other cultures, health, lifestyle, and societal issues in short episodes like Love On The Brain, 4 Practices To Boost Your Focus, and What’s for Dinner with Pamela Salzman

What We Said

Best friends Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade Talk bring you a fun and interesting podcast in What We Said. No topic is off-limits with the girls as they give their views on anything they get their hands on. What We Said is an example of a fun podcast for long road trips with episodes like “juicy polls”, “are you toxic or am I?” and “Answering Unique Questions!”. 

Absolutely Not

Host Heather McMahon gives it all in this electric and humor-filled podcast. Making it one of the best comedy podcasts for road trips. Absolutely Not has everything you need from Heather as she answers questions, gives TED talks, hosts intriguing interviews, and every other thing you can think of all in different 1-hour episodes. This podcast will keep everyone on the road trip grinning and laughing from the beginning to end.

The Toast

Set everyone in the car into a frenzy with The Toast with Jackie and Claudia Oshry as you set out on your road trip. It is one of the best comedy podcasts for road trips as the hosts talk about every trending topic from celebrity tea, trending issues, fashion trends, and even hot reality TV gossip. In The Toast, there is a wide range of episodes to select from as you go from stop to stop on your road trip.

Note to Self

Join in on every conversation with Payton Sartain as she offers a personal voice on a wide range of topics in Note to Self. Payton engages in interesting conversations on every podcast episode. And, offers unique perspectives on issues such as relationships, personality, character, and values needed in our present day. The podcast is filled with an array of top podcasts like “The Top 10 Things I’ve Done For Myself in My 20s (So Far)” and “Quit Doing Sh*t You Hate” that will surely make your road trip that much more worthwhile.

Pursuit of Wellness

Nothing inspires more like a personality with a transformation story that was against all odds. This is the reality of Mari Llewellyn as she shares her victories over childhood trauma, mental health stress, and relationship struggles in this super relatable podcast. Pursuit of Wellness is an interesting podcast for long road trips as Mari gives heartfelt and honest insights on how to turn your life around. Perhaps, you’re heading out on the road trip with a couple of issues, episodes like “How I Saved My Own Life, Borderline Personality Disorder & My Transformation” and “Working in Hollywood, Binge Eating, Fat Camp & Learning To Love Yourself” might just be what the doctor ordered.

Probably a Podcast

Laugh your heart out with your road trip besties with one of the best comedy podcasts for road trips around. Shannon Ford is the host of Probably a Podcast and her aim isn’t just to motivate you – but make sure you turn every grin upside down and see the upside of life. The episodes are mostly 1-hour long and every minute serves up comedic relief that keeps you laughing till the end. Check out top episodes like “73 Questions With Shannon Ford” and “Bras in Balthazar” and thank us later.

Bone Marry Bury

Looking for a murder mystery to get you and the crew all intrigued throughout the trip? Look no further. Bone Marry Bury is a quality podcast where hosts Sarah Hyland and Harvey Guillén take us through the reality of Allie and Gabe as they chart a special (and suspenseful!!!) course through New Year’s Eve. Get ready for a fascinating experience with every 30-minute episode. And follow Allie’s plans to get down with, marry, and kill three different people at the same party. All in just under one month. The suspense is literally killing us already. 

A Thing Or Two

Join hosts Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo on A Thing Or Two. They give their two cents on a wide range of topics you’ve always wanted to talk about. From topics on couples’ interactions to handling relationship grief, this podcast has all it takes to make your long drive with that special someone worth it. The hosts also lay down their experience with design and architecture in this podcast. All while branching out to talk on topics like beauty, food, literature, and technology. So there really is something for everyone here. 

Work Party

Work Party is the perfect podcast for any woman heading on a road trip for self-discovery and self-reflection. Host Jaclyn Johnson shares all the best career tips. In addition to real stories about the failures and successes of women in the workplace. She promises to motivate you to bring the best out of yourself and your career/business with episodes like “The Key to Innovation with Ruth Davis” and “How To Build a Business That Solves a Problem with Aasiyah Abdusalam“.

Not Skinny But Not Fat

Amanda Hirsch keeps her fans and followers intrigued with this fun and interesting podcast about everything pop culture. From celebrity gossip to trending news and entertainment stories, Amanda uses her sarcasm and wit to keep you up to date. This is a fun podcast to listen to while on your road trip as she offers you an inside scoop on the stories you’re seeing on social media with a pinch of her comedic theatrics to boot. Trust me, it is a fan favorite that will keep you wanting more with every episode.

I Am America

I Am America is a wonderful example of a special podcast series best fitted for road trips. If you weren’t planning a road trip earlier, you will after listening to I Am America. Tracee Ellis Ross shares insightful and interesting audio portraits about stories around our country. From Black Men and Feminism to growing children in Harlem, the podcast focuses on stories in different communities that affect the country and shaped it into what it is today. 

the right podcasts make for the best roadtrip

 The right podcasts make for the best road trip.

Road trips are meant to be fun and exciting, so don’t settle for anything less. When you’re on your next road trip, make sure you set the mood by picking out the right podcast. Whether it’s a trip with that special someone, a summer family road trip, or a time-out with the crew, there’s always a podcast to make it more memorable.

Asides from the podcasts above, there are still a host of other entertaining and intriguing podcasts to select from for your road trip. You can also check out some of our other podcasts that can help in making your journey more memorable and impactful HERE.