Podcasts are a great way to learn new things! They are a free source of information and high-quality advice on many diverse topics, as well as being available anytime you need them. These days, plenty of finance experts have joined the podcasting revolution. This makes podcasts the perfect learning platform for those interested in starting a side hustle and gaining some financial freedom!

It’s always important to be financially literate, at least regarding your finances. This covers everything from day-to-day money management to savings and investments. For beginners, financial advice is a huge help in navigating this confusing world. Following the right blueprint and tweaking a few details will make a significant impact on your financial independence! For those paying off debts or even student loans, this information can be the key to gaining financial security. Listening to experts is a total game-changer!

Because we want you to achieve financial freedom and enjoy some of the most practical advice on money management out there, today’s post is all about that money mindset. Think tips, and tricks, and learn from the best in the business of MAKING MONEY. We are sharing a roundup of the best personal finance podcasts for beginners. So get ready to enter the world of stacking that cash and financial responsibility.

Best Financial Podcasts for Beginners

Work Party with Jaclyn Johnson

Work Party is the online hub for the new generation of working women. With a focus on redefining the meaning of work to make it the best deal for you, Jacklyn joins other entrepreneurial and professional women each week to discuss all things business. The episodes fly by with the best entrepreneurial and side hustle advice. Want to find joy in your finances? Then listen to this episode! Need to take control of your finances? This episode has everything you need to do so. You’ll take your professional life to the next level with this show focused on your financial hustle. show!

I Love You So Much with Kenzie Elizabeth

Kenzie is your new guide to the world of branding, entrepreneurship, and productivity. On ILYSM, she is joined by a new industry expert each week. You can find in-depth interviews with business and financial advice, straight from certified financial planners at the top. So this is the show for you if you need all the tips and tricks on how to grow a side hustle or make a bold career jump! If you want to kick off your ILYSM listening experience by learning how to break bad money habits, then listen to this essential episode about budgeting money management.

Money for the Rest of Us with David Stein

David Stein, a former chief investment strategist and money manager, is the brilliant mind behind the Money for the Rest of Us podcast. With over 25 years of experience in the investment industry, David offers practical money management advice for individuals and investors alike. His expertise in asset allocation, risk management, and retirement planning is unparalleled, making him a go-to guru for anyone looking to take control of their finances. Tune in to his podcast to gain invaluable insights from a seasoned pro. This episode is a great take on the financial weight of the pandemic.

Trading Secrets with Jason Tartick

Trading Secrets is one of the personal finance podcasts to go for the latest scoop on money management. Think of the most taboo money question you have. Expect to get your answer when you listen to this show! And, Jason doesn’t hold back. He covers everything from trading with student loans to building a business empire on blogging. One of our favorite episodes is with major investor and Shark Kevin O’Leary AKA Mr. Wonderful. You can expect to learn about the best money-making products and services, invest in the stock market, and pay off debts while having fun with Jason as your host. The secrets are all out!

TSC HIM & HER with Lauryn & Michael Bosstick

While The Skinny Confidential HIM  & HER Show isn’t solely known as a financial podcast, they do offer a ton of tidbits for beginners when it comes to finances. Michael & Lauryn are both successful entrepreneurs. On their podcast, they regularly interview experts in all fields while giving tips on money values from their real-life perspectives! So to say they’ve picked up a few tricks when it comes to finances would be an understatement. Take this episode on how to achieve financial freedom for example. You’ll walk away feeling inspired and savvy when it comes to becoming financially sound and independent.

Afford Anything with Paula Pant

Get ready to achieve financial independence with the help of Paula Pant, the one and only host of the Afford Anything podcast. Paula’s podcast is a treasure trove of knowledge, offering listeners invaluable insights on smart investing and strategic decision-making. From real estate investing and budgeting to entrepreneurship, Paula covers it all, providing practical advice that will help you reach your financial goals. Tune in to her podcast and start your journey to financial freedom today. Check out this episode where Paula gives advice on how she tripled her income, and what follows!

Pretty Smart with Danielle Robay

This weekly podcast is dedicated to women with a story as Danielle, a professional journalist, interviews remarkable and bold females. Turns out, many of them have something to say about entrepreneurship, credit cards and debt, real state finances, and all things money management. Just listen to Danielle as she interviews Ali Kriegsman on how to build an empire! As you can see, everyone can achieve financial freedom especially when you focus on the long-term strategies for building an empire. And this is the show to help you do this – in a pretty smart way!

Raising the Bar with Alli and Adrian

Do you want to dive deep into entrepreneurship? Then this is the podcast for you! It’s packed with financial tips and is a must-listen for the hustlers at heart. Ali and Adrian will guide you through the rocky process of starting a successful business. This pair of bold entrepreneurs are not afraid to go there! You can listen to all the pros and cons of building a business. Expect the best entrepreneurial and financial advice from a brand-new industry expert each week. You’ll get the scoop on the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all! For financial content and tips, this episode on why millennials prefer to spend now than pay later is a must-listen.

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Meet Farnoosh Torabi, the powerhouse host behind the So Money podcast. Farnoosh’s mission is to help individuals achieve financial freedom and live their best lives, and her podcast is packed with practical advice on personal finance, career development, and entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to take control of your finances or take your career to the next level, Farnoosh has got you covered. Tune in to her podcast and start living your best life today. Our favorite episode is when she covers daily and bold moves to further your career!

The Femails with Lauren McGoodwin

If you want to learn more about how to manage your money goals while escalating your career, you need to tune in to The Femails! Lauren McGoodwin from Career Contessa is your host. You can imagine the level of expertise! There’s no career and business topic left off the table on this show. That includes finances. For some seriously on-point finance talk, try this episode on career advice you most likely haven’t heard. Specifically, how finances have a major impact on your career on how being financially stable impacts your decisions.

Real Pod with Victoria Garrick

Victoria is a fierce, sweet, and 100% real body image and mental health advocate. Now that her Division I volleyball days are over, she is your new favorite podcast host! Every Wednesday Victoria puts out fresh episodes ranging from bringing the realest chats with some of the most inspiring guests to talking about life, success, and being your true self. You can find more advice on personal growth HERE! Many of her guests are financial experts and successful entrepreneurs ready to share their wisdom with the world. And Victoria always makes sure to get the most real details during every interview! Kick off your listening experience with this juicy episode in collaboration with Tori Dunlap aka The Financial Feminist.

The Ramsey Show with Dave Ramsey

Are you looking for practical advice on budgeting, debt management, and wealth building? Look no further than The Ramsey Show, hosted by the one and only Dave Ramsey. This podcast is a treasure trove of practical advice on personal finance. David Ramsey shows his listeners a door into the world of financial literacy based on his philosophy of living debt-free, saving for the future, and giving generously to others. Whether you’re struggling with debt or looking to achieve financial freedom, Dave’s got you covered. Tune in to The Ramsey Show and start your journey to financial success today. He offers advice on how to recognize and beat spending addictions in one of our favorite episodes!

Life With Me with Marianna Hewitt

Marianna is an absolute boss businesswoman and an expert in everything related to the influencer marketing industry. She’s a long-term leading voice on social media and the founder of her skincare brand, Summer Fridays. Life With Me has a brand new guest each week. The guests are the leading voices of various industries and many of them have experience in entrepreneurship, business, and finances. One of our favorite episodes covers finances, specifically how to diversify your income through a side hustle! Marianna has a genuine personality and a candid attitude, you’ll never get enough of her financial advice once you tune in to her show!

Friend of a Friend with Olivia Perez

Olivia is your host and a bold entrepreneur, dedicated to sharing the stories of some of the best game-changers out there. This weekly podcast covers success stories from every background, from brand builders to influencers and entrepreneurs. Friend of a Friend is the place to listen to the experiences of other financial experts and take note of their advice. It’s up close and personal! You can’t talk about finances without mentioning monetization strategies. In today’s world, we’re all just trying to monetize ourselves, our time, and our skills in one way or another. But what about learning how to monetize what you love? Then listen to this episode if you need monetization tips!

What is your favorite financial podcast for money beginners?

That’s a wrap on the best financial podcasts for beginners!

Money management is a never-ending learning curve these days. So it’s best to stay up to date and keep learning about personal finances. With the financial advice from these fantastic shows, you can budget, pay off any debt, invest, save money, and achieve financial freedom!

Are you a financial newbie? What are some of your favorite money podcasts to stay informed and learn more about personal finances?

Tell us in the comments!