Personal growth is defined as the practice of consistently working to improve your own habits, practices, self awareness, actions, emotions, and more. You can apply the concept of personal growth to any aspect of your life. Whether you want to work on communication, time management, self control, boundaries, self love, or even your motivation at work. It’s your journey of personal development and it’s unique to you. Personal growth means working to improve anything related to yourself. Which is why it’s considered a personal growth and development practice.

Getting better at the things you value, learning more about yourself, it’s all a part of becoming a more healthy, fulfilled human. We can all use a little leveling up. If you’re moving the needle even a tiny bit, you’re on the right path.  With all that being said, personal growth can be a painful process. It can be a struggle, uncomfortable, a lot of work, and even something you might need to research and find new ways of thinking in order to achieve. Tony Robbins & Tim Ferris unfortunately don’t live in all of our brains full time. However we do have access to some serious inspiration by way of personal growth podcasts.

One of the best ways to work on yourself is to learn from others. So today we’re sharing a list of the best personal growth podcasts to help support you in your journey to becoming a better you.

Best Personal Growth Podcasts

Dear Gabby with Gabby Bernstein:

Gabby is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to personal growth. She’s a New York Times bestselling author, has supported thousands of people in personal growth, and is now sharing her insights through her podcast Dear Gabby. You’ll find tons of inspiration in every episode, however this episode on how to turn obstacles into opportunities and this episode on how to fulfill your purpose and add more meaning to your life.

Looking Up with Deepika Chopra

Deepika has studied the science of happiness and is here to help you cultivate it yourself. By learning how to gain more optimism, success, hope, and resiliency in your daily routine, you can holistically grow as an individual and achieve anything. Listen to gain access to real tools and practical skills you can use on your personal growth journey. No one’s personal growth journey is perfect, it can get messy. Which is something Deepika loves helping listeners acknowledge and work through without fear or negativity. We personally recommend you kick off your personal growth journey with this episode on how to recover from rock bottom & this episode on making mistakes.

Going Mental with Eileen Kelly

Eileen Kelly, former face of the successful blog Killer and a Sweet Thang has been through the mental health ringer and came out on the other side all the better for it. In this self-improvement podcast with Eileen, you’ll hear from some of today’s most influential thought leaders, media figures, influencers, celebrities, and mental health experts. Think Madison Beer, Dove Cameron, Bella Thorne, and Alex Cooper. If you’re looking for some extra support throughout your self-improvement journey, we recommend Sick Society: A Collectivist Take on Mental Health and Growing Up Disney: Bella Thorne.

Share of Voice with Karin Eldor

A big part of personal growth is having the courage and self worth to speak your truth. That’s why we LOVE this podcast for anyone on this path. This podcast is designed to give you the confidence to shake up the status quo and break out of the boxes that society has imposed on you. Karin’s goal is to share the voices of boundary breakers and inspire you to be and feel heard. Sometimes all it takes is hearing the path other’s walked for you to walk your own.

TSC HIM & HER with Lauryn & Michael Bosstick

Personal growth requires radical authenticity and a willingness to discuss some taboo topics. Lauryn & Michael are not afraid to go there. They’ve covered everything from overcoming insecurity, to how to use your disadvantages to overcome anything in life, to how to control your mind and emotions. On their show you’ll hear from some of the biggest personalities in the personal growth space. It really is a must listen!

The Uncomfortable Podcast With Dom Roberts

Sometimes you need to get uncomfortable in order to grow. The human experience is filled with ups and downs. Growth requires you to get real and have those difficult discussions. Dom Roberts is willing to have those conversations and invites guests to provide insight to overcome anything in your life. We personally love this episode on processing disappointment & creating discipline plus this episode on the power of self reflection.

The Heal Podcast with Kelly Noonan Gores

This podcast is a continuation of the seriously popular HEAL documentary and book. It takes everything from the book & documentary into overdrive. Expect to hear from experts, doctors, scientists, spiritual teachers, real people, and healers from all around the globe regarding personal growth from every angle. Have beliefs about yourself that are holding you back? Listen to this episode. Lacking inspiration? This episode will blow your mind! There is so much to learn and gain inspiration from growth on the Heal podcast.

Work Party with Jaclyn Johnson

Interested in taking your professional self to the next level? Then this one’s for you. Work Party is all about leveling up your career, work habits, business practices, and more. Think of it like the personal growth school for your inner girl boss. Tune in to these episodes to kick things off: 

The Art of Being Well with Dr. Will Cole

If your personal growth journey is currently taking a turn into your physical health journey, add this podcast to your list. The Art of Being Well is all about taking a lighter, more graceful , and overall wholesome approach to wellness. You’ll hear some seriously exciting ways to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Plus, how to use self care as a form of self respect. Our favorite thing about this podcast is how Dr. Cole is able to connect our mental and emotional wellness to physical health. Kick off your audio experience with this episode on how shame hurts your health.

Recovering From Reality with Alexis Haines

Mental health advocate and former reality star Alexis Haines is here to remind you that your trauma does not define you. She describes personal growth as coming home to yourself, and as a both messy and magical process. This podcast is for anyone that might be on the road to recovery, seeking self-care techniques, or just looking for some inspiration to grow into a more whole version of themselves. She covers truly insightful topics that help you dive deeper into who you are, how your life experiences impact you, and how you can move forward from no matter where you are. A few episodes we love include ego states & setting boundaries with family, how to improve your intuition, & the importance of self accountability.

The Gabby Reece Show with Gabby Reece

Gabby is an ex-professional athlete, wife, mother, author, business entrepreneur, and fitness professional. Her show is all about trying to figure out how people can use their experiences, successes, and failures to be better functioning humans in their everyday lives. If that doesn’t scream personal growth I don’t know what does. By listening to this podcast you’ll be able to tap into some of the most motivational and inspirational people that have either pushed themselves to the limit or trained others to do so. Her interview with Tim Grover, Luke Burgis, & Rich Diviney are all personal growth must listens.

Bold and Brilliant with Tara Mackey

This podcast is meant to inspire personal development on every level and help you manifest anything in your own life. In these bite size episodes you’ll hear the impactful stories of great leaders from all walks of life. The goal of this podcast is to ask tough questions about how the people that “made it” overcame personal obstacles to get to where they are today.

Everything Is The Best with Pia Baroncini

Journeying your way to personal growth is hard, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Pia Baroncini is your expert guide to feeling less alone and more empowered. She reminds her listeners that we are all alike and just need a little bit of inspiration to see that we all have what it takes to become the best version of ourselves. In this episode on finding your own path and falling in love she invites guest Erin Foster to share her incredible story on finding herself and embracing past mistakes. It’s a listen that will definitely spark courage. 

Another Dear Media favorite is this episode on facing fear, loving yourself, and the importance of change. Pia invites the inspirational Monica Berg to share how she overcame the difficulties of negative self-talk and how we all possess the power to change and take control of our lives. You will feel a deeper connection to yourself after listening to this episode.

Friend of a Friend with Olivia Perez

Sometimes all it takes is just one incredible story to spark the creativity you didn’t know you had. On Friend of a Friend Olivia highlights the best motivational and inspirational personalities you didn’t know you needed to hear. From entrepreneurs to thought leaders around the world you’re guaranteed to be inspired and want to do more for yourself. In this episode on finding your creative voice with designer Melody Ehsani you will feel motivated more than ever to pursue your passion and your dreams. Melody quit law school, pursued a design career, and has been the first and only women’s boutique on Fairfax in Los Angeles to date. Listen to this episode to gain all the tips on advocating for yourself. 

Life With Me with Marianna Hewitt

Marianna Hewitt is the cofounder of the skincare line, Summer Fridays. She is a leading voice on social media with over 1 million followers. She is also the host of the podcast, Life With Me. Each week Marianna invites influential voices like Rea Ann Silva, Melissa Wood, and Katherine Power. You’ll learn from the best and brightest of the beauty, lifestyle, and fitness industry. Even more, you can expect a ton of success stories from her influencer network that will inspire you to take action and live your best life. For personal growth, we love this episode on meditation & this episode featuring tons of advice from Kris Jenner.

Real Pod

It doesn’t get more real than this show, Real Pod, hosted by Victoria Garrick. Former volleyball player and now mental health and body-image advocate and motivational speaker sits down with guests sharing all the most vulnerable topics. Conversations about failure, challenges, and the struggles of life! Everything isn’t always peachy and that’s what makes these conversations so valuable. Because they’re relatable and lets listeners know they’re not alone. For personal growth inspiration we recommend listening to how to find meaning, purpose, and connection. 

The Femails with Lauren McGoodwin

Alright people, buckle up! This one is for anyone interested in taking their career, hustle, and overall professional life to the next level. The Femails is a podcast by Lauren McGoodwin of Career Contessa. The name truly says it all. She really covers everything A-Z related to career. Plus she has some of the best tips, advice, lessons, and practical solutions for everything you might want to improve on. You can expect major insight into topics like how to quit your job, overcoming feelings of self doubt at work, and how to have more satisfaction in your career. This one really focuses on personal growth related to professional life. So if that’s your jam we definitely recommend tuning in!

With Wit with Whitney Port

You probably know her from her time on the reality TV show The Hills. She was always our favorite cast member, however Whitney has accomplished a lot since then. If you’re looking for some motivation for personal growth, look no further. Whitney will introduce you to the baddest people in the game when it comes to success, happiness, and building a life you love. She is a mother and business owner, so she’s all about creating balance and life that works for you. Some of our favorite personal growth episodes include this episode with a spiritual and life coach on how to pick yourself up when you’re sad & this episode on living life for yourself.

What personal development podcasts are on your playlist?

Hopefully this list of podcasts are helpful on your personal growth and development journey. Remember, it might not be comfortable or easy, but the growth will always be worth it. Sometimes all you need is a little motivation, inspiration, and a different perspective to really get the ball rolling for yourself. Make sure to subscribe to these podcasts so you can continue learning and growing!