There are over 5 million podcasts on a given streaming platform. Standing out among all those podcasts can be really tough, and new listeners don’t give you a lot of time to win their favor. In fact, the average podcast listener gives a new episode about 5 minutes before dropping off. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to convince your audience that your podcast is worth listening to, even we WE totally know that it is.

The best way to hook your listeners in those first few seconds is by having a great podcast introduction. Both the podcast intro and outro are vital for listener retention and are among the most important elements of a good podcast. When you create a podcast, getting the intro right is essential. So today, we’re dedicating this post to developing A GREAT PODCAST INTRODUCTION. Here’s how you do it and some perfect examples of how it’s done:

best podcast introductions

8 Best Podcast Intros

Wine Face

The Wine Face podcast knows how to grab its listeners. Podcast host Helen Johannesen speaks to her target audience exactly where they’re at. First, she identifies herself as a wine expert, but then she lets future listeners know that her wine podcast is accessible to everyone. This invitation for beginners captures those who may otherwise shy away from such an overwhelming topic, which is why we think this podcast intro is SO SMART. Helen perfectly ends her intro by saying “wine is for everyone.”

The Dream Bigger Podcast

Siffat Haider has a cheery intro equipped with upbeat music and a high-energy monologue to pull listeners in. Her short intro script highlights her own success and how she’ll help you get there, too! We also love the way Sif prepares people for her wide array of topics, so they’re not expecting an entrepreneurial masterclass every time. Sometimes, it’s going to be about finding the right moisturizer and other times it’s going to be about launching your dream company. 

Say Yas to the Guest

Okay, starting a podcast with music definitely grabs your attention. However, starting a podcast with your own original song is on a whole other level! That’s why we think Patrick Starrr absolutely kills it in his intro for his podcast Say Yas to the Guest. Not only is the song super catchy, but it sets the tone for the fun atmosphere. The show’s topic is “business beauty success” which is baked right into the lyrics. 

It’s a brilliant way to capture the listener’s attention. We get you may not be ready to lay down your own track yet, but some royalty free music can help you set the tone in a similarly successful way!


Is there anything more inviting than Kamie Crawford saying, “Hey, Bestie?” We don’t think so. Kamie’s intro has a down-to-earth vibe that makes listeners feel welcome and vulnerable. She explains in a few words that her podcast is all about relationship advice from an older and wiser big sister. It’s short and sweet, but has all the elements of a great intro!

Best Podcast Intros 

Not Skinny But Not Fat

The Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast is FULL of attitude thanks to Amanda Hirsh’s IDGAF demeanor in the podcast introduction. It’s the perfect way to set the tone of this hot goss podcast! Beyond the attitude, Amanda introduces herself, reveals the pop culture topic, and tells listeners what the podcast will feel like. “It’ll be like talking sh*t with your friends,” she says, which definitely captures her target audience. 

Food Heaven Podcast

The Food Heaven podcast intro is simple. Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez say their names and identify their podcast as “Your online resources for inclusive and accessible wellness.” That’s it! Some jazzy music plays and then they take off with the content. It’s really basic, but it says all it needs to say. The quickness allows people to dive right in and fall in love with Food Heaven’s unique and empowering content!

Breaking Beauty Podcast

Breaking Beauty has a short intro like Food Heaven, with podcast hosts Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins stating their podcast name and concept right off the bat. They describe their concept in one simple sentence: “It’s a podcast all about the breakthrough people, products, and moments in beauty.” After that, they introduce themselves and let a short intro song play. The song is a great touch that reveals the uplifting and insightful tone of this beauty podcast. 

Being Bumo

The Being Bumo intro begins with a homegrown, playful acoustic guitar melody. It feels positive and calming, which is the perfect way to introduce a show targeting stressed-out parents. When Sara Sohn and Chriselle Lim do speak, they connect with their overwhelmed mom and dad listeners right away by revealing that they’re moms too and the podcast is about all aspects of parenting. 

what makes a good podcast intro

What Makes A Good Podcast Intro

Identify yourself and what you’re all about.

The first thing to ensure you include in your podcast intro are the names of any hosts. When you introduce the host or hosts of your podcast, you make it more personable. Listeners can put an immediate name to the voice(s), which will help the listener establish a connection to you. Since this part is all about developing that relationship with your listener, it’s a good idea to add some personality to the introductions, too! 

State your show name and its purpose. 

Next, remind your listeners what they’re listening to. The more you say your show name, the more it’ll become ingrained in the memory of the listener. Plus, if your new listener found your podcast episode via autoplay on a playlist, they’ll need to know your show title to find you again. State your podcast name, and if it’s important to your genre, include the episode title as well! 

Connect with your target audience.

Another great way to hook listeners is to draw them into the podcast intro. Identify them in a creative way, so they know the podcast is for them. For example, if you have a spooky true crime podcast, you could say, “Hello, lovers of ghouls and gore . . .” Or, if you have a personal finance podcast, your intro may end with something like this, “. . . a podcast for millennials who want to make millions.” If your listeners can find themselves in your intro, they’ll know there’s a place for them in your podcast episode. 

Set the vibe with word choice and sound. 

Listeners like to listen to podcasts for a lot of reasons. Some want to feel intellectually enlightened and some want to decompress after work. So, it’s good to set the tone in the intro to let listeners know what they’re in for. You can set a comedic, academic, sensitive, or inspiring tone from the start with intentional word choice, music, and sound effects. A good podcast intro should tell the listener the vibe of the show. 

Keep it short and sweet. 

Remember, you don’t have a lot of time to capture your listeners, so keep your intro short. Let listeners get the info they need and jump right into your great content. An intro too long could come off as braggadocious or just plain boring. So, keep it quick. 

Decide if you’ll pre-record it or keep it organic.

A podcast intro can be done one of two ways: You can write a podcast intro script, pre-record it, and play it for every episode. Or, you can have a general intro outline and deliver it organically in every episode. 

When you pre-record your podcast intro, you never miss any of the important parts of your introduction. Plus, the intro always feels professional. However, it can feel a little over-rehearsed and less personable than an organic reading. An off-the-cuff podcast intro can leave more room for personality and timeliness, which may grab a listener’s attention more than a pre-recorded one. Whatever you choose, make sure it gets listeners excited about your show! 

A good podcast intro will encompass the most important parts of your show!

You don’t have a lot of time to draw in your listeners, so make every second count with an intentional podcast intro that sets the tone and reveals the theme of your original content. The better you connect with your audience in those first few minutes, the more likely you are to capture your listeners and make it big!

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