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Everything Is The Best

with Pia Baroncini

Everything is the Best is an expert guide to simply- not feeling so alone. Host Pia Baroncini, Creative Director of LPA asks her guests, “how did you go from 0 to yacht” in an attempt to get real, get vulnerable, and find those common denominators that connect us all. The goal of this show is to inspire YOU, the listener, by talking to guests of all backgrounds; which hopefully, evens the playing field and inspires you to go after your dreams and never look back! Recurring guests include Pia's husband, Davide Baroncini and her mother Margit, who will help answer all your weekly relationship questions - how cute it that?!


  • Q&A with Davide Pt. 8
  • YES, YOU CAN GET PREGNANT with Aimee Raupp
  • A Founder Episode For People Who Don’t Like Founder Episodes with Trinity Mouzon of Golde.
  • BONUS RELATIONSHIP Q&A - Valentine’s Edition!
  • Q&A with Davide Pt. 7
  • Your Health Questions, Answered by Dr. Lekkos
  • Changing the Face of Beauty, Literally, with Deepica Mutyala
  • Sibo Truly Made Simple with Phoebe Lapine
  • Q&A with Pia and Davide Pt. 6
  • The Founder of Overheard LA, Jesse Margolis
  • The Scientific Reason You Need More Orgasms with Alisa Vitti
  • A Major Solution to a Major Problem - Dr. Robin Berzin, Founder of Parsley Heath
  • Calling Out the Uncomfortable with Dom Roberts
  • Saie Founder and Clean Beauty Queen, Laney Crowell
  • Q&A with Pia and Davide Pt. 5
  • Finding Your Own Path and Falling in Love with Erin Foster
  • Facing Fear, Loving Yourself and the Importance of Change with Monica Berg
  • In Bed with Ariel Kaye, Founder of Parachute Home
  • Q&A with Pia and Davide Pt. 4
  • Love, Taking Chances and World’s Best Pad Thai with Sarah Yenbamroong
  • Your Favorite Auntie, Marjon Carlos
  • The Importance of Toxic Free Dental Hygiene with Dr. Maddahi
  • How Long Gone with Jason Stewart and Chris Black
  • Taking control of your life with Modern Fertility
  • Q&A with Davide Pt. 3
  • The Crown Affair’s founder Dianna Cohen on disrupting the industry and the importance of good hair routine.
  • How Judy Can Save Your Life with the Iconic Simon Huck
  • The Changing Lives of Youth in Foster Care with Zaid Gayle
  • The iconic Kristen Crawley of KNC Beauty
  • Beautiful Skin from within with The Beauty Chef
  • Beauty God’s Nick Axelrod and Annie Kreighbaum
  • Q&A with Pia and Davie Pt. 2
  • Creating an opportunity for civil discourse with The Flip Side
  • A history lesson on pandemics, climate change, the need for grace and change.
  • Q&A with Pia and Davide
  • Chrissy Rutherford on a career in fashion and the power of social media
  • The ladies of Breaking Beauty and a very emotional Q&A with Davide
  • From homelessness to the Forbes list with “alive ideas” with Suzy Batiz
  • Mental health during quarantine with Shira Myrow
  • Heather Mcmahan talks odd jobs, taking chances and loving her family.
  • Legendary Chef Evan Funke and How Shaping Pasta Shaped His Life
  • Italy, Entrepreneurship and Quarantine Routines with my husband, Davide Baroncini
  • Changing Majors, Viral Videos and the Kardashians
  • Everything is the Best Trailer
  • Sneak Peek of Everything is the Best with Pia Baroncini
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