The Dissenters

with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani

DEBRA MESSING is an actor, philanthropist and global icon. MANDANA DAYANI is an entrepreneur, attorney and the creator/co-founder of I am a voter. And they are the biggest nerds you’ve never met.
Join them each week as they speak to one of their heroes. Each of these 20 Dissenters just made the decision one day to dissent: to challenge the status quo, stand up to an injustice or make a tremendous difference in their communities. Learn how a stay at home mom took on the NRA and built the largest grassroots movement in our country, and how a college student went on to pass over 30 laws to protect sexual assault survivors (and even got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize). These Dissenters will give you the courage and hope to find your purpose and chase your passion.
There are heroes everywhere. Discover them. Become one.


  • Glennon Doyle: The Love Warrior, on Getting UntamedDebra and Mandana sit down with Glennon Doyle to discuss the power of anger and how to become untamed. They learn how Glennon found her purpose through community, honesty, and love. She also shares how she went on to build a foundation that has raised...
  • Meet the Hosts: Debra Messing and Mandana DayaniIn the first episode, Debra and Mandana introduce the inspiration behind The Dissenters and how they built their list of the top 20. They also reveal their personal backgrounds, commitment to activism and some very embarrassing anecdotes.  ...
  • The Dissenters TrailerGet a sneak peek of The Dissenters with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani - premiere episodes launching May 21! 

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