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The Dissenters

with Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani

DEBRA MESSING is an actor, philanthropist and global icon. MANDANA DAYANI is an entrepreneur, attorney and the creator/co-founder of I am a voter. And they are the biggest nerds you’ve never met.
Join them each week as they speak to one of their heroes. Each of these 20 Dissenters just made the decision one day to dissent: to challenge the status quo, stand up to an injustice or make a tremendous difference in their communities. Learn how a stay at home mom took on the NRA and built the largest grassroots movement in our country, and how a college student went on to pass over 30 laws to protect sexual assault survivors (and even got nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize). These Dissenters will give you the courage and hope to find your purpose and chase your passion.
There are heroes everywhere. Discover them. Become one.


  • Hillary Clinton on Dissent and Democracy
  • Dr. Edith Eva Eger: The Healing Survivor on Trauma, Healing and Forgiveness
  • Jane Fonda: The Climate Crusader on Political Activism, Feminism and Fighting Climate Change
  • Carole Cadwalladr: The Dismantler of Disinformation, on Facebook and the election
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The RBG Tribute Episode
  • Lena Waithe: The Truth-Teller, on Breaking the Rules, and Mentorship
  • Cindy Eckert: The Sexual Revolutionist, on owning pleasure and the female sexual revolution
  • Christian Siriano: The Inclusion Pioneer, on Disrupting Fashion, Championing Inclusion, and Changing Runways Forever
  • Preet Bharara: The Guardian of Justice, on a Lifetime of Doing Justice, Being Fired by Trump, and Banned by Putin
  • Schuyler Bailar: The Trans Trailblazer, on Why You Should be Intentional About Language
  • Eva Longoria: The Latina Visionary, on the Power and Opportunity of Latinos
  • Mark Bustos: The Humanit-hair-ian, on The Power of Kindness
  • Kate Roberts: The Women's Health Maverick
  • Jameela Jamil: The Shame Assassin on Fighting Unrealistic Beauty Standards
  • Ali Wentworth: The Mental Health Champion, on Parenting and Activism
  • Patrisse Cullors: The Freedom Fighter and Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter
  • Zach Skow: The Rescue Savior
  • Sophia Bush: The Equality Warrior
  • Congressman Adam Schiff: The Chairman of Democracy, on Standing up for what is Right
  • Shannon Watts: The NRA's Worst Nightmare, on Fighting Like a Mother
  • Amanda Nguyen: The Civil Rights Astronaut, on Fighting for Freedom
  • Meet the Hosts: Debra Messing and Mandana Dayani
  • Glennon Doyle: The Love Warrior, on Getting Untamed
  • The Dissenters Trailer
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