Time never seems to be on your side. When you want time to slow down, it flies by. And, when you want time to go fast, it drones on and on. We notice this the most when we’re at work and the clock just won’t move. This perception often comes from boredom, procrastination, anxiety, burnout, and just a lack of passion. 18% of people say they’re disengaged at work while an additional 50% say they’re neutral. This doesn’t help make the time go by! 

When time at work feels endless, it can affect your productivity and your overall work-life balance. So, today, we’re discussing how to make time at work go by faster, increase your output, and gain contentment in your job. Here’s how to do it: 

How To Make Time At Work Go Faster

How To Make Time At Work Go Faster

Ditch your watch and don’t look at the clock.

Ever heard the phrase “a watched pot never boils?” Though it’s not true, it does feel like that. When you’re constantly watching your second hand tick by, your perception of time slows way down. So, if you’re struggling with time and feeling like it’s going by too slowly, consider ditching your watch and turning off your phone’s “always on” display. Make finding the time a real effort, so you focus on your work instead of the hour!

Plan your day and avoid multitasking. 

Another way you can make time go by faster is by staying busy! Boredom or monotony can make time feel slower, so to avoid lulls in activity, plan out your day. Time blocking or simply dedicating your time to just one task will increase your productivity and make the workday go by faster. That’s because multitasking lowers our productivity and prevents us from getting into that “flow state” when you’re we’re just zoned in and hammering out work. (You can learn more about time batching and work focus in this episode of The Dream Bigger Podcast.)

So, don’t let the work come to you, but instead, plan your work! You’ll feel more in control and the day will feel more fruitful and satisfying—plus the time will go by fast since you’re staying busy! If you need tips for planning your work day, read the post “How to Organize Your Day.

Help a colleague or ask what more you can do. 

If planning your day won’t help much, because your job just doesn’t require a lot of activity, ask for more work! You might think you like the fact that your job is boring, lowkey, and doesn’t ask much of you, but if you took the time to find this article, you’re probably feeling at least a little discontent. You know you’re capable of more and accomplishing bigger things. 

So, if you truly have nothing to do, ask your boss what more there is for you. Maybe they’ll give you a few mindless cleaning tasks or maybe they’ll pile on another project. Either way, the additional work will help the time go by faster! If the higherups don’t have extra work for you, try asking a colleague if they need help with anything. You can help relieve someone else’s stress while you develop a deeper sense of purpose in the workplace. 

Ideas To Make Time At Work Go Faster

Switch up your environment.

Most people get bored with the same thing day after day. So, try switching up your environment! This can help you get to a more focused and cheerful state of mind while also making you more productive. Plus, time moves faster with a scenery change! 

If you’re stuck in an office, obviously you can’t pick up and take your work to the Bahamas (though that would be awesome, right?), but you can do other things to shake things up! Play music, change your cubicle decor, buy a new keyboard, or bring in a desk plant. 

If you’re working from home, though, definitely get out of the house once in a whole while. Work at a coffee shop, at a park, or other beautiful and calming places in your city. You’ll be surprised how much you get done and how fast time moves. 

Gamify tasks and reward yourself. 

We all like games. No matter how old you are, you like to play and you like to WIN. Well, why not make your workday a competitive game against yourself? How you do this depends on your job, but you can speed up time by seeing how quickly you can complete a task, how efficiently you finish something, or by how much you earn that day. Back your game system up with rewards that fit your budget, and before you know it, it’ll be time to punch out! 

Listen to music. 

Studies show that 90% of workers perform better when listening to music. (Listening to something doesn’t count as multi-tasking). The research shows that people are more productive and complete tasks more accurately! Plus, the right music can pump you up, calm you down, or just make you feel happier. So, if you want time to move faster at work, try making a playlist and jamming out while you check off tasks!

Binge podcast episodes. 

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Podcasts are the best way to have fun while working. You can engage in all sorts of topics that’ll entertain you, encourage you, or expand your knowledge. And, with over 150 million podcasts out there, you can find something that’ll keep you engaged and make your shift zoom by!

If you need some great podcasts to listen to, Dear Media has you covered. We’ve got a huge directory of podcasts that suit anyone’s interests. Each one will help you fill your time with more meaning and joy. Below, we have listed some of our favorite podcasts to listen to while working:

10 Best Podcasts To Listen To At Work

10 Best Podcasts To Listen To At Work

Creeps and Crimes

We ALL love true crime, conspiracy theories, and paranormal mayhem. These topics are easy to listen to while at work because the stories are easy to follow yet highly engaging. Plus, when we’re doing something mundane, adding a little drama in the form of ghouls, collusion, and murder adds just the right amount of spice to your shift. And, if you want a podcast that covers all three, Creeps and Crimes is your show. 

Each episode with best friends Taylar Fetzner and Morgan Mounts is like a classic kickback with your besties but about something creepy! It’s a blast to listen to, and it’ll liven up any workday. Plus, they’ve got a decent back catalog of episodes for your binging pleasure. What are you waiting for? Get listening! 

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her

If the horror of the world’s darkest stories isn’t your jam, try The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her podcast. It’s a lighter show with relatable hosts and a chill vibe. Each week, they interview a successful person in culture and get the skinny on their life and accomplishments. 

They cover a wide range of topics, including health, wellness, business, branding, marketing, and relationships. Listen to The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her podcast weekly and binge all their past episodes to make your workday more about self-betterment and pursuing your passions.

Good Guys

Depending on what your job entails, a podcast that requires a lot of focus and introspection may not be the best fit when trying to be productive. If you’ve got a lot going on, a funny, low-key podcast is the best medicine to speed up the shift and keep you stress-free. 

For big laughs and casual conversations, listen to the Good Guys podcast with Josh Peck and Ben Stoffer. The show is often hilarious but with definite heartfelt moments, and it all just makes you feel so good! Because of Josh’s career in showbiz, the podcast often hosts other stars like Jason Nash, John Stamos, and Hilary Duff. It’s a blast!

I Am America

I Am America is for if you want to get truly inspired at work. Each episode is what host Tracee Ellis Ross calls an “audio portrait” of an incredible person who embodies the true American spirit. Every story will help you expand your understanding of identity, community, and the possibilities of our country. 

If you’re feeling purposeless while at work, I Am America can help you flip the script and start thinking about how you can make an impact where you are right now. To get an honest and passionate look at our culture and how we can make it better, listen to I Am America.

The Dream Bigger Podcast

Sometimes the 9-5 is inevitable, even when you have big dreams. If you dream of getting more out of life but are feeling unfulfilled at work and the days are long and dull, you NEED The Dream Bigger Podcast. Podcast host and entrepreneur Siffat Haider talk weekly with movers and shakers who will inspire you to pursue your best life! 

You’ll hear from lots of entrepreneurs and thought leaders that’ll give you the best advice to take charge of your life and go after your dreams. And, since this masterclass in living well is packaged as a podcast, you can start building your future while working your current full-time job. It’ll inspire you and bring more meaning to your workday.

Not Skinny But Not Fat

We love a pop culture podcast while working because it doesn’t require our full attention. You can be typing away, cooking up some grub, or fixing something up while scandal and gossip keep your mind engaged and the workday fast. 

The Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast with Amanda Hirsch is THE home for everything pop culture. She gives you a relatable dose of sarcasm, wit, and laughs in every episode, which we need during a long day at work!

The Career Contessa

Maybe you feel burned out at work, but you do love your job and want to grow with the company. The Career Contessa podcast can help you elevate your shift by giving you all the insider knowledge on how to level up your game, get a promotion, and have the career of your dreams. It’s like your own personal career coach pushing you through your day! 

In addition to great advice on presenting yourself well, The Career Contessa will also teach you how to be more productive, fall back in love with your work, and deal with burnout. It’s a must-listen for all female professionals out there, so don’t sleep on this one! 


This podcast is just a ridiculously fun ride, as the title suggests. Tastemakers and besties Benito Skinner and Mary Beth Barone give their irrelevant musings on life and everything within it. Every episode is so funny and entertaining—and completely inconsequential.

It makes for the perfect podcast to listen to while busy doing things at work. The ride is in the background, keeping the day moving, while you stay focused on your tasks. We warn you nothing is off limits with this ridiculous show, so brace yourself for hilarity and absurdity! 

Work Party

Here’s another podcast for working women! Listening to a podcast that’s all about maximizing your professional life while working is like doing double time. You’re completing the task at hand and investing in the future. It’s a great way to pass the time and make every workday feel super productive. 

Work Party with Jaclyn Johnson is all about women redefining the meaning of work on their terms. Each week she brings in a new guest to celebrate their success and discuss how other women can reach their full potential, do meaningful work, and, of course, pass the time effectively! 

Bone, Marry, Bury

Have you ever listened to a fiction podcast? They’re the best! It’s like the modern form of audio drama and it’s so fun and engaging. A fiction podcast keeps you on the edge of your seat episode after episode, which makes the time fly by! Dear Media has one of the best fiction podcasts out there called Bone, Marry, Bury, and you HAVE to listen if you love a good story. 

The narrator tells us his best friend Allie has the worst year of her life and ends up at a big party to leave the messiness of 2021 behind her. However, he reveals that by the end of the month, Allie will bone, marry, and kill three different people—and they’re all at this party. The story is a total blast from beginning to end. You’ll find yourself binging this one and those hours at work will go by SO FAST. 

Listening to podcasts at work can make time at work go way faster! 

Balancing your work life and home life can be challenging when work feels monotonous and unfulfilling. To make time go by faster and give your day meaning, listen to a podcast! A podcast that feeds your interests will make the work day quicker, more enjoyable, and more productive. It’s the best way to spend your day!

For more work-life balance tips, podcast recommendations, and life advice, head over to the Dear Media blog. We’ve got a little of everything to help you live your best life.