Podcast segments are basically the building blocks of a podcast episode. They are small portions of the show that are focused on one particular topic or theme. When included in your episodes, they can make a big difference in the overall quality of your podcast. 

Adding a segment to your show can help make your content more dynamic, fun, and engaging and can add some variety to your episodes. Segments also dramatically reduce listener drop-off and make your podcast so much more unique and memorable. 

Another key benefit of adding segments to your show is that they help you break up your content into smaller, more easily digestible, portions. This can help you keep your listeners’ attention throughout the whole episode and promote better retention. Segments are also a great segue into a new topic, allowing you to fluidly switch gears mid-episode. 

Just remember to choose your segments wisely. Choosing specific segments for certain topics is important. Choosing just any segment with any topic could make your episode choppy, random, or what some call “all over the place”. 

But, here at Dear Media, we totally get it. It can be challenging to come up with cool and creative podcast segment ideas. Read on for a roundup of some of the best segment ideas for your podcast! 

20 Podcast Segment Ideas

Answer listener questions.

Encourage listeners to send in questions, either on your podcast website or on social media. Then, choose your favorites and answer them in your next episode. 

Play listener voicemails. 

Consider creating a podcast hotline to take listeners’ voicemails. Then, play them for listeners and respond. For a great example of this segment, check out Absolutely Not! with Heather McMahan

Invite a unique guest.

Looking to switch things up? Inviting a unique guest to interview or speak for a short podcast segment is a great idea. Your guest could be a professional in your niche, a friend, a fellow podcaster, and so on. 

Include a quick tutorial.

Did you mention a DIY face mask or hair rinse in your episode? Maybe you talked about a delicious dessert. Give your podcast listeners a quick tutorial for something you mentioned in your episode. This will both peak their interest and make them feel more involved. 

Review/recap the episode. 

Adding a podcast segment that recaps the main takeaways from your episode is never a bad idea. You can include many small recap segments throughout your episode, or just add one longer one at the end; either way is totally fine. This is one of the best ways to increase listener retention. 

Plug your favorite products.

Did you know that 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice? That means your podcast is a great place to share your favorite products with all your listeners. For a good example of a podcast host that does just this, check out Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun

Shout out your favorite brands. 

Just like products, your listeners will be interested to know which brands are your favorite, too. When it comes to shouting out brands, always be sure to double check that the brands you support authentically align with your own brand. It’s not a good idea to list just any randomly selected brands. 

Plug your favorite podcasts. 

Are there other podcasts in your niche that you’d love to partner with? Create a podcast segment where you shout them out! They just might do the same for you and in turn, broaden both podcast’s audiences. 

Spotlight your favorite artists. 

Odds are, your listeners are interested in some of the same things as you. After all, they do listen to your podcast. They are likely to enjoy the same music, videos, and artwork and would love to get a recommendation from their favorite podcast host. 

Plug yourself. 

Don’t be afraid to take some time to plug yourself as well! Plug your merch, your affiliate links, your website, your podcast, and even your next episode. You can feel free to plug yourself in the middle of your episode to break up the content, or at the end to close out the episode. 

Share a preview of upcoming or premium content. 

Sharing a preview of upcoming content is a great way to keep those listeners coming back, week after week. And, sharing a glimpse of your premium content might be just the push your listeners needed to subscribe. 

Include a call-to-action. 

A call-to-action is one of the best ways to make your listeners feel more involved. Calls-to-action include, but are not limited to, a call to subscribe to your podcast, to donate to a certain cause, to purchase a certain product, or to support a certain brand. This is a great way to break up content in the middle of your episode. 

Share the latest news.

Podcasts are quickly becoming one of the most popular sources of news and current events. So, catch your listeners up. Take some time to talk about breaking news, changes, updates, social events, and more in your niche. 

Share your “top 10” lists.

When listeners really like a podcast host, they enjoy getting to know more about them. This increases listener engagement and increases your podcast’s credibility. Specific topic ideas could include, but are not limited to, “Top 10 Beauty Products”, “Top 10 Favorite Foods”, “Top 10 Self-Care Tips”, or even the top ten episodes of your podcast. 

Play a trivia game. 

A trivia game is a great way to educate your listeners further about your niche. Choose some interesting questions and allow your listeners to write in their answers. This is an easy and simple way to promote listener involvement and listener retention. 

Do a social media minute. 

Do your listeners interact with you on social media? Great! They should, because social media is one of the best ways to promote your podcast. When in need of a segment, try a social media minute. Shout out loyal followers, reply to comments and questions, or go live on Instagram. 

Tell an interesting/humorous story.

Telling interesting and humorous stories is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Share relatable stories about your life, your job, your spouse, your children, and so on. You can even invite guests to share a story or to talk about an experience they had with you. 

Tell an inspirational story/quote.

Does your podcast aim to inspire the public? Share an inspiring story or quote. It can be about your own experiences. You could invite a guest to share their own inspirational story/quote. Or, it could simply be a public story/quote that is relevant to your niche. Either way, inspirational content tends to grab listeners attention and keep it. 

List some fun facts. 

Who doesn’t love some good fun facts? Especially when they’re about something you’re actually interested in. Do some research in your niche and list a few fun facts during each episode. Pro tip: Fun facts are a great way to segue into your next topic. 

Take listener requests.

Still not sure what type of segment to do? Ask your listeners for requests! Allow listeners to submit topics, news, or anything else through your podcast hotline or social media. Then, choose some to talk about. This is a great way to come up with podcast content and increase listener engagement.

Here at Dear Media, we hope this list of podcast segment ideas has given you the inspiration you needed to start recording those new segments today. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative and try something new. With all these options, all you have to do is find the one (or more!) that’s right for you.  

Looking for examples of these cool podcast segments and more? Take some time to browse through some Dear Media Shows. If you’re in need of podcast topics, tips, or recommendations, head on over to the Dear Media Blog. And as always, leave us any questions or comments below!