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Get The F*ck Out Of The Sun

with Lauryn Evarts Bosstick

Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is the entrepreneur & creator behind The Skinny Confidential, a blog, brand, podcast, and product line that reaches millions as a go-to cheeky beauty and wellness resource.

Her new book, “GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN” features ALL the beauty gurus you want to hear from— think Kristin Cavallari, Patrick Starrr, Lisa Vanderpump, Justin Anderson, Dr. Dennis Gross, Summer Friday’s founders, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Chriselle Lim, Stassi Schroeder, Dom Roberts, Molly Sims, and MORE.

In this new, sparkly limited series podcast, “GET THE FUCK OUT THE SUN,” she sits down with some of the top experts in the industry to go deeper into all things beauty and wellness. Taboo conversations, no holds barred topics, and of course, lots of realness…all served to you on a pink platter.

Want to know what foods you should eat for healthy, glowing, plump skin? Interested in non-invasive, preventative treatments and procedures? Looking for a hack to use tools you already have at home — or just ones you can grab on your next drugstore run? Filler, Botox, plastic surgery? WE GOT YOU.

Lauryn covers all of this and more. NO questions or topics are off-limits. So grab a skinny margarita because your favorite beauty gurus will be giving you the SKINNY.

New GTFOOTS episodes are available every Wednesday beginning on September 22nd for a limited time anywhere you listen to podcasts. Cheers! x


  • Lauryn Bosstick On What She Has Learned From The Experts, Community Questions, The Hottest Tips For Skincare, Plastic Surgery and Acne, & Why You Need To Get The Fuck Out Of The Sun
  • Jenna Rennert On Vogue, Tried & True Beauty Products, Authenticity & Why You Need To Create A Beauty Routine That Is Right For You
  • Amber Fillerup Clark On How Her Skincare Routine Has Evolved, Why Less Is More When It Comes To Beauty, Tips for Healthier Hair and Hair Extension Safety
  • Mimi Bouchard On Manifesting for Clearer Skin, Botox for TMJ, Reaching Orgasmic Levels During Meditation, A Game-changing Hack For Clear Skin, & How To Glow From Within
  • Sean Garrette On Ice Rolling, The Benefits of Microcurrent & How Facial Massage Can Affect Your Botox/Filler
  • Joanna Vargas On Fat Transfers, At-Home Skincare Secrets & How Often You Should See Your Dermatologist
  • Melissa Wood-Tepperberg On Colonics, Overcoming Acne, Skincare Secrets, DIY Brow Tints, Meditation & A 360, Holistic Approach To Beauty
  • Justin Anderson — On Overdoing It With Botox and Filler, A Secret Hack For Fighting Baldness, Fighting Inflammation, & Why Men Should Trim Their Pubes
  • Katonya Breaux — On Sun Protection for ALL Skin Types, Skin Cancer, Blue Light Damage, Oxybenzones & Finding A Sunscreen That Works For You
  • Arielle Lorre: Transparency on Plastic Surgery, Cosmetics Procedures, Fat Transfers, Microneedling & Micro Habits for Everyday Wellness
  • Kristin Cavallari - Personal Skincare & Health Routine, Facialist Secrets, & Evolving Your Self-care
  • Dr. Dennis Gross - Retinol, Temporal Facelift, Injecting Fat, & Finding What Is Purposeful and Necessary
  • GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE SUN: A Limited Series Podcast by Lauryn Bosstick
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