People usually listen to podcasts on one of the big audio streaming platforms. Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Apple Podcasts are all popular spots to house a podcast. But, one place people don’t often listen to the latest episodes is on a podcast website! However, having a podcast website is still an important part of building a successful show. 

Why, though? What is the purpose of a podcast website when there are SO many other places for your podcast to live. Today, we’ll explore all things podcast websites. We’ll discuss why they’re important and show you some great examples to draw inspiration from. Let’s get into it:

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15 Podcast Website Examples

What is a Podcast Website?

A podcast website is a place for your entire podcast catalog to live. It’s a sort of homebase for your brand! It may include just your podcast archives, but many also have episode transcripts, blogs, digital content, and even merch catalogs! The website is where you can really connect with your loyal followers and bring in new ones. 

Podcast websites are important, because it ensures your content is always backed-up and accessible. But, most importantly, a website optimizes your podcasts for search engines. When your website is search engine optimized (SEO) it’s more likely to draw in organic visitors! 

If someone searches a topic you’ve covered in a podcast, it’s unlikely to show up on the search engine results pages (SERP) if the episode is only on one of the big podcast platforms. However, if it’s transcribed and part of a website, it could populate at the top of the SERPs in no time! New users will travel to your site, explore, and become new loyal listeners. 

Lastly, podcast websites also provide a monetization opportunity. Of course, you could sell ad space on your website, but you could also sell digital products, merch, courses, consults, and event tickets! Your website can be the key to unlocking your true podcast earning potential. 

We know what you’re thinking, “This wasn’t part of my business plan!” Don’t worry, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to create a great podcast website. Below are 16 podcast website examples to inspire your own site:

Dear Gabby

Gabby Bernstein of the Dear Gabby podcast uses her website to promote her podcast and her brand overall. You can find her entire catalog of podcasts, and each episode has a dedicated written summary and a spot to put a future transcript. The summary is super SEO-friendly and will do a lot to promote your podcast! She also has free resources, books, and event listings to provide her listeners with tons of additional content. 

Recovering from Reality

The Recovering from Reality podcast website highlights the latest podcast episodes and Alexis Haine’s newly released blog posts. For each podcast, she has a written hook, so organic searchers and long-time followers can find the perfect episode for them. Her website matches her podcast branding and includes courses, books, and merch to purchase for extra monetization opportunities! 

The Blonde Files

Arielle Lorre’s website focuses on her name and overall brand, rather than on her podcast exclusively. This allows her to showcase all parts of her business and unlock a greater earning potential. However, her podcast is a HUGE part of her website. She has each podcast listed with a brief summary and all her affiliate links from the episode. Another big monetization opportunity there! 

The Bitch Bible

The Bitch Bible has a really simple website that acts almost like a well-designed link tree. The podcast button sends you to Apple Podcasts. The shop icon sends users to the merch store site. And, the events tab takes you to the Live Nation website with all her tour dates! Each link takes you directly where you need to be to get Jackie Schimmel’s content. It doesn’t do a lot for SEO, but it tells fans where to get more Bitch Bible! 

Food Heaven

A food podcast must have a place to store all its recipes! Food Heaven Made Easy’s website has recipes, a blog, and all their past podcast episodes. It’s a treasure trove of SEO content, with lots of opportunities to reach an organic audience looking for great recipes or cooking know-how. 

Nicole Walters

Nicole Walters is much bigger than just her podcast! However, without a website, her listeners may not know that. Her website shows all the ways she helps her followers get their head in the game. She has tons of courses in addition to her podcast episodes. And, all those episodes are totally transcribed for maximum SEO benefit! 

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Real Pod

Victoria Garrick of Real Pod uses her website to market her overall brand. She doesn’t store her podcast on her website and there is no available audio player, however, she has links to both Apple Podcast and Spotify to listen in. She also highlights guests she’s had in past episodes as well as her speaking gigs! 

One unique feature of her website is her “recommendations” section. There, she tells followers about her favorite self-help books and wellness Instagram influencers! It’s a cool way to connect with your listeners and show them you care about them. 

The Art of Being Well

Dr. Will Cole is a natural healthcare practitioner who uses his podcast to reach the masses. He has a beautiful website that showcases his mission of natural healing. There’s a post for each podcast episode that has an integrated audio player and episode summary. Since he does so much more than just “The Art of Being Well” podcast, his home page highlights his consults, health guides, books, quizzes, shop, and more! This site is jam packed with great resources. 

Freckled Foodie

Freckled Foodie & Friends has an aesthetically pleasing website with a color scheme that matches the podcast cover image. On her website, she has her full podcast directory organized by topic, which is very user friendly! The latest episodes and recipes are right there on the homepage too, making everything really accessible for her eager followers. 

The Papaya Podcast

This website has fantastic web design from both a user-friendly standpoint and an aesthetic perspective! The Birds Papaya has crisp feminine colors that really grab a listener’s attention when they travel to the site. It showcases both the blog and podcast sides of this brand. You could spend all day reading blog posts and listening to episodes on the podcast player!

Trading Secrets

Jason Tartick knows his audience! He’s all about teaching his listeners about financial literacy and money strategy, so right on his homepage he has stock ticker scrolling across the top. He has a modern black and white color scheme that reinforces his professional vibe. AND, he continues illustrating his credibility and professionalism by giving a short resume and highlighting his book release on the home page.

His podcast “Trading Secrets” is a video podcast, so he has short clips of his show on the site, but otherwise he just provides links to watch or listen elsewhere! The website includes courses for listeners looking to dive deeper into the strategies expressed on “Trading Secrets.” 

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her

The Skinny Confidential CEO Lauryn Bosstick actually has two podcasts produced by Dear Media: Him & Her and Get the F*ck Out of the Sun. Both podcasts and her website promote her larger lifestyle brand, which includes a blog, a shop, an affiliate marketing page, a YouTube channel, and even a collection of recipes! 

The Career Contessa Podcast

The Career Contessa website design does SEO right! This website is well optimized for search engines, because the podcast pages include summaries, quality images, podcast players, AND full episode transcripts. We also love how the episodes are well-organized and the page has links to each podcast platform. It’s really user-friendly! 

The site also provides a slew of additional resources discussed in the podcast. Digital content, blog posts, webinars, videos, books, newsletters, coaching, and more are all available on the site. And, since the website has the opportunity to bring in a lot of organic visitors, the extra content can promote the podcast and the podcast can promote the extra content. Win-win!

With Whit

Whitney Port’s website is super simple and acts as just a podcast hosting site. It’s branded, of course, and includes her podcast audio player right at the top of the screen. It plays the most recent episode automatically. To find more podcasts, you select the latest episode and can switch through in order or travel to the other podcast hosting platforms. It’s simple, but effective! 

Soul on Fire 

Soul on Fire is a podcast from The Balanced Blonde brand. The website emphasizes the spiritual nature of the podcast. As you scroll down, you see the latest blog posts and then a little lower is the podcast. As you keep going, you’ll find courses, books, merch, affiliate products, and digital downloads! This scroll-through style is really user-friendly, especially for mobile devices! 

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A podcast website is a great way to elevate your brand! 

When you’re ready to bring your podcast to the next level, a website is a must. Having a centralized location for your brand will bring in organic new listeners and keep current listeners’ attention between episodes! Plus, you can find more monetization and connection opportunities on your own platform. Consider starting your podcast website today, and check back on our Dear Media podcast website for more podcast tips and our full show catalog!