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Here at Dear Media, we are allllllll about podcasts. They’re our favorite form of media for so many reasons. Listening to a podcast is like having your bestie with you wherever you go during your most boring chores, on the drive to work, hitting the gym, you name it! Your podcast besties can go with you and make whatever you’re doing a damn good time. 

Plus, they’re totally versatile. No matter what mood you’re in, there’s a podcast for it. There are so many genres and topics to choose from, whether you’re on a self-improvement kick, you’re working on your startup, or you just want something fun to pass the time.

As we enter our thirties, we become more relaxed, confident, and self-aware versions of ourselves. And, just like we change as we age, our tastes in podcasts change, too. So today, we want to share our roundup of the best podcasts ever for women in their 30s!

Podcasts for Women in Their 30s

10 Podcasts for Women in Their 30s

A Thing Or Two

If you’re always looking to be an early adopter of “the next big thing,” then give these two badass business women your ear. Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo host A Thing or Two, a podcast inspired by the legendary “10 Things” newsletter. What a great concept, right?

Each episode, the women share their favorite recent finds, including food, beauty, technology, literature you name it! And, in the episode Those Uncerty Thirties and Fitness Influencer Vibes, guest Kayleen Schaefer shares just what those uncerty thirties should look like for you.

Balanced Black Girl

Balanced Black Girl is a podcast all about helping you find balance, something we could all use in our thirties! Between our career, family, and friends, we’ve all got busy lives with a lot to manage. 

Lucky for us, Les Alfred has TONS of advice on health, self-care, personal development, and wellness of all kinds. If you want to give Balanced Black Girl a shot, listen to our favorite episode about how to get your money together in your 30s! We all need a little help with that right now . . . 

Podcasts for Women in Their 30s

BEING HER with Margarita Nazarenko

Ever wanted to be That Girl? With this podcast, you can truly learn how to be the BEST version of yourself! This podcast is all about slaaaaaaying womanhood and becoming the best version of you. Tune in to hear Margarita Nazarenko discuss relationships, self-care, self-love, and more!

The Bitch Bible

In your 30s, you don’t have time for all that filtered, watered-down bullsh*t anymore. You want a podcast host who gets to the point, are we right?! It’s a time of your life to say what you mean and mean what you say, and what you’re listening to should reflect that.

Enter: The Bitch Bible. The Bitch Bible is a great podcast for women who want unfiltered, unapologetic discussions about sex, millennial struggles, pop culture, social faux-pas, and more. Plus, host Jackie Schimmel always tries to include an insightful takeaway even if she says it like a b*tch. Check out Thirty, Dirty, and Gagging to start off your relationship with your new b*tchy bestie!

The Blonde FIles Podcast

Maybe you spent your 20s being a bit lazy with your health and wellness. Maybe you’ve been on that wellness grind since like, day f*cking one of your life. More likely, you’re somewhere in between. 

No matter where you’re at on your wellness journey, podcast host Arielle Lorre is ready with advice and answers to all your most pressing wellness questions. She’s got great strategies for maintaining wellness as you get older, and loves talking about the ways beauty and wellness intersect. Her episode, The Ultimate Protocol for How to Look and Feel Younger Without Plastic Surgery + Breast Implant Illness, Botox Risks, Medical Gaslighting and More, is the perfect place to start your 30s wellness journey!

Dear Gabby

Hit your 30s, but still feel like you need a big sister to get you through the day? We’re with you, babe! There’s a lot of uncertainty that your 30s can bring, and hearing someone who’s dealt with it before and SURVIVED can always make a girl feel better. Dear Gabby is like having an older sister in your back pocket, ready to dole out advice whenever you need it, whether you’re navigating life’s emotional triggers, working on having great relationships, or trying to connect with your angels.

Him & Her

If you want a podcast that does it all, this is your go-to podcast. The married duo Michael and Lauryn of Him & Her talk about E V E R Y T H I N G wellness, business, beauty, & lifestyle tips are just the tip of the iceberg. And, with killer guests every single week, you know you’re going to get some great info and have a d*mn good time. Here’s a great episode on Navigating Your 20’s & 30’s, Finding Purpose & Passion, & Never Giving Up.

Life with Marianna

Need some inspo to live your best life? Life with Marianna is overflowing with inspiration. Between having a badass social media guru female entrepreneur as a host and the awe-mazing guests Marianna brings on every week, you won’t be able to go an episode without changing your life (at least a little bit)! 😉 We love this episode: Balancing Friendship with Motherhood and Career, Making New Friends as an Adult, and Navigating Envy with Dr. Miriam Kirmayer.

Podcasts for Women in Their 30s

MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth

MOOD is, well, a mood. It’s a fresh and honest take on mental health, selfcare, and every mood in between. It’s got The BEST Advice For Your Twenties, Thirties, And So On…, plus tons more advice for any woman trying to get and keep her life together! Host Lauren Elizabeth keeps it real as a midwest girly with absolutely no filter, and we love her for it!

Note to Self

Note to Self is chock full of advice, from Q&A’s and break up tips to simply navigating every stage of life. Payton Sartain takes the role of mentor seriously with her advice from 30 Lessons From My First 30 Years. Whether it’s an episode you can relate to, or you learn some lessons, it’s definitely worth a listen.

If you’re in your 30s, you’ve got to check out these podcasts!

There’s just something that’s so much more settled about being in your 30s than being in your 20s, and your podcast rotation should reflect that. But, with all the hustle and bustle of everything you’ve got on your plate, those 30s can still feel a little isolating. Podcasts can help you remember you’re not alone, and everyone is going through it together. 

On a podcast kick now that you’ve found your podcast niche? We have more great podcasts available for you. Check out our full catalog or try our black women-led podcasts for more lifestyle advice, entertainment, self-help, and more! Plus, we’ve always got tons of tips and podcast recs on the Dear Media blog. Come back and hang out with us!