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Note to Self

with Payton Sartain

From Q&A’s and break up tips to simply navigating every stage of life, influencer-turned-entrepreneur Payton Sartain brings you the sisterly advice you didn’t know you needed and honest conversations you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s Payton alone or a conversation with a friend, Note to Self is a space to get grounded, explore new perspectives, and ultimately, empower yourself and others. Grab some wine or a mocktail and enjoy the conversation!


  • Combing Through the Cringe: Your Most Embarrassing Stories
  • Hyper-Independence in Dating & Relationships
  • Find What Fuels You, with Retired Fighter Pilot Christiaan Sartain
  • ASK P: a Fading Friendship, a F*ckboy Breakup, & a Balancing Act
  • How Gym Culture Wrecked My Mental (& Physical) Health, with Bria Jones
  • How to Start a Clothing Brand, with Kenzie Elizabeth
  • Coming to Dear Media: Note to Self - May 19th!
  • Crafting Your Perfect Morning Routine (+ a BIG Announcement)
  • 40. ASK P (& Joe): Texting vs. FaceTime, Being Single at 30, and Would You Choose Your Career Over Love?
  • 39. How I Became a Full-Time Influencer (& How You Can, too)
  • 38. ASK P: Getting Over a Guy You Didn't Date, Long-Distance Breakups & Holding Grudges in your Relationship
  • 37. A Few Ways to Be a Better Partner Right Now
  • 36. Listen to This When You're Feeling Unmotivated
  • 35. Navigating Friendships as an Adult
  • 34. Moving in Together: Biggest Pet Peeves, Getting Alone Time, & Adjusting to Dallas with Joe Ross
  • 33. Break-Up Tips & NYC Dating Tales (scary) with Kimberly Landa
  • 32. Escaping Grind Culture & Romanticizing Your Life, with Kenzie Elizabeth
  • 31. How to Deal with Comparison & Finding Motivation in Chaos (Solo Q&A)
  • 30. Using Abundance Mindset to Make More Money ($$$), with Bria Jones
  • 29. Realistic New Year's Resolutions for 2022 & Creating a "Theme" for Your New Year
  • 28. 28th BIRTHDAY: 28 Life Lessons
  • 27. Things That Got Me Through 2021
  • 26. Making a Big Move: How to Adjust to, & Thrive in, a New Place
  • 25. Moving in Together, ft. my Boyfriend, Joe Ross
  • 24. Cultivating a Life of Positivity & Being Intentional About Content Consumption with Delaney Childs
  • 23. I'm Leaving Los Angeles... to Move In With a MAN
  • 22. Juicy Q&A (!!!)
  • 21. Living Intuitively with Carissa Stanton
  • 20. Living Your Best Single Life
  • 19. Breakup Tips, Hot Girl Summer, Single Life & Starting a Viral Social Media Trend ft. Ella Rose
  • 18. How to Pitch Yourself with Alyssa Amoroso's from Barstool Sports
  • 17. Relationship *Advice* & Joe Teaches Us Baseball Things
  • 16. The Road to Sports Illustrated Swim, Body Confidence, Just GOING FOR IT with Ella Halikas
  • 15. Taking Yourself on a Date 101
  • 14. How to Become a Full-Time Influencer with Josi Pellicano
  • 13. Back to School: All Things College, Rush, Post-Grad, & the Story of How I Got Arrested (lol)
  • 12. We're Not Really Strangers & The Power of Vulnerability in the Digital Space with Emon Abdullah
  • 11. Fake it Until You Make It, Roll with the Punches, & Never Say No with Alex Georgy, founder & CEO
  • 10. Life-Long Anxiety & Depression: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (a very candid conversation)
  • 9. Long-Distance Relationship Tips, Conspiracy Theories & Our 5-Year Plan with Joe Ross
  • 7. Claudia Graziano, pt II: (Extremely) Humble Beginnings, Risk It for the Biscuit, & A Pep Talk No One Asked For
  • 6. Claudia Graziano: A Night on the Ballsack Couch, Influencing & Escaping the Observable Universe (lol)
  • 5. Taylor King: Dating App 101, Don't Ever Be Sorry for What You Want, & How to Be Confident in LA (Pt. II)
  • 4. Taylor King: How to Find the Perfect Roommate, Career Talk & Juicy Networking Tips (Pt. 1)
  • 3. How I Manifested a Whole Boyfriend, How to Thrive in Los Angeles, & How I Practice Confidence Every Day
  • 2. Joe Ross: Get to Know the REAL Strikeout Daddy & a Spicy Q&A
  • 1. Note to Self: Just Start the F*cking Podcast
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