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EEEEEE!!!! You’re going on a first date?!

First dates are filled to the brim with all kinds of big emotions from excitement to anxiety to frustration to joy! And, it makes sense that there are so many feelings involved. After all, first dates are a big deal! They can be awkward and intimidating, they can be the most fun you’ve had in your life, or they can be anywhere in between. Talk about f*cking nerve-wracking!

Plus, those feelings don’t necessarily go away after the first date. It can be just as anxiety-inducing trying to figure out what’s going on in your date’s head. Do they want a second date? Are they giving subtle signs that they don’t? Do YOU want a second date? It’s all so difficult to decide!

Lucky for you, we want to offer some first-date advice to make the whole process easier. That’s why we’re doing a round-up of signs your first date went well! It’s up to you to decide if that means it’s time for another one. 😉

Signs A First Date Went Well

17 Signs A First Date Went Well

You feel giddy about the date.

Chances are, if you’re feeling the butterflies, they are, too. An okay date might leave you feeling uncertain but if you’re smiling uncontrollably when you think of them, that’s a great sign.

Their body language was comfortable.

While you were on the date, were they leaning towards you? Did they have open body language? Or, did they seem closed off, like they were protecting themselves? A date’s body language can be a huge indicator of whether or not they’re having a good time. Look for body language that seems relaxed and engaged.

You felt comfortable with them.

This is just as important as them feeling comfortable with you! Did you feel comfortable around them? Were you relaxed while talking to them, or did you want to just get out of there? If you felt comfortable around them, it’s a great sign.

There was reciprocated physical contact.

Physical touch on a first date doesn’t always happen, but if it does, that’s definitely a positive signal. Whether it was a touch on the arm, a kiss goodnight, or full-blown sex on the first date, physical touch shows that they’re attracted to you and interested in you. It may or may not lead to more, so it’s good to examine this sign in conjunction with the other positive signs you had a good first date.

The date lasted longer than expected.

If you were going for a quick coffee or drink at the bar, and it turned into hours of talking with one another, chances are, you both had a great time. Why? Neither of you wanted the date to end! Dates can be nerve-wracking at the best of times, and a short date doesn’t mean it was bad. But, if both of you were able to let the nerves and awkwardness go to chat for hours on end? Babes, that can only be a positive. 

Signs A First Date Went Well

You both stayed off your phones.

We’re not saying you can’t check your phone on a good date, but if one or both of you are checking your phone constantly, the date probably isn’t as fun as it should be. You’re bored! A great first date will have you forgetting about your phone almost entirely you want to be coming back to a million texts from your besties about how the date went, rather than having a text conversation with them halfway through the date. 

Plus, staying off your phone is a good rule of first date etiquette. You want to show your first date that you’re happy they are there. If they’re not giving you that respect, kick them to the curb, ladies!

Conversation flowed effortlessly.

It’s easy for there to be awkward moments when you’re talking with someone new. You barely know each other, so you don’t know what the other person likes to talk about yet. But if you managed to leave the date without remembering too many uncomfortable moments of silence, then the date went super well!

You both laughed a lot.

Lots of laughter is a sign you both were having a great time. After all, who doesn’t love to laugh? We know we do. And if you’re already able to make each other giggle, that can be the foundation for a great relationship going forward. 

They mentioned doing something together in the future.

Or, maybe you mentioned it, but it was received well. If you’re imagining a potential future with this person, or they’re imagining one with you, that can only mean it went well. They want to see you again! 

You both asked genuine, interesting questions.

There’s nothing wrong with small talk per say it just doesn’t really tell us if a date went well or not. If you had basically the same conversation you have with your barista or your distant coworkers that you had on this date, you guys probably didn’t get to know each other that well. Conversely, if you both asked deeper questions and discussed things you don’t normally talk about with people, that’s a sign of interest. 

You’re both following each other on social media.

Maybe you were already following each other on social media, or maybe this is new. Either way, the fact that they’re following you indicates they want some type of relationship with you. It doesn’t necessarily mean they want a romantic relationship with you, but it might!

Your pre-date anxiety melted away quickly.

We all get anxiety when going through our pre-first date routines. Not knowing what’s going to happen or how the date is going to go can be tricky! But, if that pre-date anxiety faded to nothing (or next to nothing) within the first few minutes of the date, that means you were probably both pretty comfortable with each other.

They messaged you after the date. 

This is a FANTASTIC sign that the date went well. If they’re messaging you after the date, it means they probably can’t stop thinking about you. Maybe they’re feeling as giddy as you are! Either way, they definitely don’t want you to forget about them. 

You had a spark with them.

Did you feel like you could cut the sexual tension between you two with a knife? Then girl, you better believe that’s a signal things went GREAT! If you could feel the chemistry from date number one, then it’s definitely worth a date number two!

Signs A First Date Went Well

The conversation was balanced.

Ever been on a date where they did ALLLLLLL the talking? Or a date where you couldn’t get them to talk about themselves at all? Yeah, either way, it’s not an indicater of a good date. First dates should be an equal opportunity for you BOTH to get to know one another so if it was a balanced conversation, that most likely means you were equally interested in one another!

There was mutual flirting.

Mutual flirting shows mutual interest. What could be better? First date flirting can be awkward, but if it went mostly smoothly, then that’s a great sign of a good date.

You can’t wait to see them again.

This is one of the BEST signals of an AMAZING first date. You can’t wait to see them again! If you had that much fun and feel that good about them, they probably feel the same way. 

You’ve planned a second date!

Future planning is always a good sign when it comes to dating. And, a planned second date is the best way to know if a first date went well! If you’ve got another date with them coming up, you have nothing to worry about, babes. They’re into you!

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First dates can be scary, but they’re a lot less scary when you read the signs. 

If your first date was packed full of these signs, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. On the other hand, if you’re still feeling confused, maybe it’s time to let this one go. 

Of course, these signs aren’t the only ones you should look out for! A first date can go well while still being potentially dangerous and you don’t want to be caught unaware. To keep yourself safe in your dating life, check out these articles on signs of a narcissist and signs of a toxic person, because you do NOT want to get yourself caught up in all that!

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