Relationships with deep connections and unbreakable bonds are something we all want! Everyone wants the Jay-Z to their Beyonce. The Tom Holland to their Zendaya, or the Freddie Prinze Jr. to their Sarah Michelle Gellar. However, relationships this special don’t just crop up overnight. Developing true intimacy takes time, patience, and strategy!

One of the best ways to grow a strong connection with your partner is by asking them vulnerable questions! As you both share your answers, you’ll get to know each other on a much deeper level, which will hopefully help with strengthening your bond into #couplegoals. So, we’re sharing a round-up of all of our fave juicy relationship questions to get you and your partner talking:

Vulnerable Questions To Ask Your Partner

70+ Vulnerable Questions To Ask Your Partner

Questions to Ask Your Partner About Sex and Physical Intimacy 

  • + What’s your ultimate fantasy?
  • + How can we improve our intimacy?
  • + What’s your idea of a perfect night together?
  • + What turns you on the most?
  • + How do you like to communicate our desires?
  • + What role does physical touch play in our relationship?
  • + What’s something you’d like to explore sexually together?

Still in need of more questions to ask your partner about sex? Listen to Let’s Talk About Sex, Sex Myths, and Sex Truths by Him and Her. You’re sure to have more questions on your hands once you’re done! 

Questions to Ask Your Partner About the Future

  • + Where do you see us in 5, 10, or 20 years?
  • + What are your biggest dreams for our future together?
  • + How can we support each other’s goals?
  • + What’s your plan for a long-term, healthy relationship?
  • + What’s your biggest fear when it comes to our future?
  • + How can we make our relationship even better over time?
  • + How can we balance our individual goals with our shared future?
  • + What’s your ideal living situation in the long term?
  • + How would you like to celebrate important milestones together?

Everyone loves a partner with ambition and these questions will show you if your partner is one. 

Questions to Explore Emotional IntimacyQuestions to Explore Emotional Intimacy

  • + Share a time you cried in front of someone.
  • + What’s your love language outside of the bedroom?
  • + How do you want to be comforted when you’re feeling down?
  • + What’s your favorite way to connect on a deeper level?
  • + Describe your perfect day together.
  • + What’s your favorite childhood memory, and how does it shape you?
  • + What’s a small gesture that makes you feel loved?

A relationship where both parties can be vulnerable with each other is an example of what a healthy relationship looks like. For more pointers, listen to this episode of We Met at Acme

Big Questions for Deep Connection

  • + What’s your ultimate goal in life?
  • + What’s something you’ve never shared with anyone?
  • + How can we understand each other better on a daily basis?
  • + What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do
  • + Share your biggest fear with me.
  • + How can we make each other feel loved every day?

Another way to have deep conversations is to listen to podcasts that really make you think; a great one for this is Good Morning, Monster. There will be tons of meaningful topics to discuss after you hear these! 

Questions to Ask Your Partner About Communication

  • + How can we improve our communication during conflicts?
  • + What’s the most meaningful conversation we’ve ever had?
  • + Share a time when you felt truly heard by me.
  • + What’s your preferred way to express love and appreciation?
  • + How can we make sure we’re always on the same page?
  • + What’s a topic you’d like us to discuss more openly?

You need great communication to start a relationship, build a relationship, and, most importantly, maintain a relationship. 

Questions to Foster Trust and Transparency

  • + What’s something from your past you’ve never shared with me?
  • + How do you envision rebuilding trust if it’s ever broken?
  • + Share a secret ambition you’ve been holding onto.
  • + How can we be more transparent with each other?
  • + What are your expectations for honesty in our relationship?
  • + Describe a time when trust was crucial in your life.

Deep convos are all about being super transparent and vulnerable with your S.O. Check out the episode of Looking Up called Radical Transparency + Relationship Resiliency for more on this!

Questions to Ask About Personal Growth

  • + How can we support each other’s personal development?
  • + Share a self-discovery journey or realization you’ve had recently.
  • + What’s a goal you’d like to achieve in the next year?
  • + How do you envision us growing together in the long term?
  • + What’s one area of personal growth that scares you?
  • + How can we hold each other accountable for our goals?

Learn more about growing in relationships with the Him & Her podcast.

Questions for Fun and Connection

  • + If we could travel anywhere together, where would it be?
  • + What’s a shared hobby or interest we can explore together?
  • + Share a funny or embarrassing story from your past.
  • + What’s your favorite memory of us as a couple?
  • + Describe your idea of a romantic date night.
  • + What’s a unique experience you’d like us to have together?

For another way to connect in a really fun way, play the Bone Marry Bury card game and binge the podcast. It’s a blast! If that’s only our vibe, you both can listen to one of our top podcasts for couples

Questions About Family 

  • + How do you envision our relationship affecting our families?
  • + Share your thoughts on having children, if applicable.
  • + What traditions from your family would you like to continue?
  • + When do you think is the best time to have kids?
  • + Is there anything about having children that scares you?

These definitely aren’t first-date questions for couples, but they are great to ask when things are getting serious. If you guys are considering children, listen to this episode of Him & Her about pregnancy and parenthood! 

Questions to Strengthen Trust

  • + How can we rebuild trust if it’s ever been compromised?
  • + Share a time when I made you feel truly secure.
  • + What’s your perspective on privacy in our relationship?
  • + How can we ensure that trust remains a cornerstone of our love?
  • + What actions or behaviors help you feel trusted and valued?
  • + Describe a situation where trust played a crucial role in your life.

Often, lack of trust is because of a past hurt. If either of you are dealing with the trauma of a bad break-up where your trust was violated, listen to the Him & Her podcast episode called Cheating, Infidelity, & How To Move Forward After A Bad Break Up.

Questions About Past Relationships

Questions About Past Relationships

  • + What have you learned from past relationships?
  • + How can we apply those lessons to our relationship?
  • + Share a memorable moment from a past relationship.
  • + What do you believe is your relationship pattern, if any?
  • + How do you want our relationship to differ from your past ones?
  • + What role does forgiveness play in our relationship?

Speaking of past relationships… there is probably a lot to unpack there. Don’t be afraid to have these conversations! They can help bring you closer together. 

Ask questions to get to know your S.O. more deeply!

Remember, asking these questions isn’t just about getting answers; it’s about understanding your partner on a deeper level. The goal is to build the kind of emotional intimacy that lasts for the rest of your life. So these deep questions should help in moving you to a stronger, more loving, and healthy relationship.

For more relationship advice and stellar podcasts, check out the Dear Media blog and show catalog. We have soo much content for you and your partner to establish a deeper connection and cultivate the perfect relationship.