Hop on the road to recovery with Alexis Haines, former reality TV star, mental health advocate, and podcast host of Recovering From Reality. In her podcast, Alexis talks about all things mental health. Think diving deep into showing up for yourself, recovering from trauma, and learning how to find true happiness. She brings on tons of amazing special guests to share down-to-earth advice, relatable stories, and super helpful tips on how to improve your overall state of mind.

If you’re ready to finally let go of allll the trauma, bullshit, and baggage, this is THE podcast for you! Recovering from Reality is one of the best mental health podcasts you can tune in to. So, today we’re breaking down the top 10 Recovering From Reality episodes to show you what this podcast is all about!

The 10 Best Recovering From Reality Podcast Episodes

Recovering from Reality Trailer

First things first, if you think Recovering from Reality is right up your alley, you should totally check out the podcast trailer. The trailer is only 90 seconds long. And it’s also a great introduction to Alexis and the podcast.

The Real Life of a YouTube Star with Tana Mongeau

In one of Recovering From Reality’s most popular episodes, Alexis sits down with one and only, Tana Mongeau. Alexis and Tana talk about mental health, what it’s like to live in the spotlight, and how Tana overcame her various scandals and insecurities. Tana is genuine, authentic, and also has some truly relatable advice for young women.

A Special Kind of Hell

We’re taking it alllll the way back to the very first episode of Recovering from Reality and this one is a must-listen. In this wholesome, deep, and super honest episode, Alexis shares her personal story of recovery from an insanely wild childhood. In addition, she talks drugs, violence, sexual abuse, escaping from the notorious “Bling Ring”, and more.

The Reunion

Remember how we said Alexis was a former reality TV star? Well, get ready to hear all about Alexis, her family, her childhood and Pretty Wild – the show that shot Alexis and her family to fame. You’ll hear about Alexis’ tumultuous childhood, drugs, sex, crime, and fractured relationships. Plus how the Haines family has taken steps to mend their relationships.

Variations of Normal

In this episode, Alexis sits down with her bestie, Rochelle McLean. Rochelle is honest, open, caring, and the super supportive wife of Backstreet Boy, AJ McLean. Alexis and Rochelle talk about mental health, online haters, female on female trolling, raising confident children, and how to be a good spouse.

Our Open Marriage with Evan Haines

Get to know Alexis more in this episode of Recovering From Reality. Alexis sits down with her amazing partner Alex Haines to spill the tea about relationships, open marriages. And how to combat jealousy and haters. Moreover, hear about how Alexis and Evan made the switch to an open relationship and where their sex life is now.

Sorry, Kristin Cavallari

Get ready to go deep with Alexis. In this episode she talks kicking addictions, making big life changes, overcoming postpartum depression, and where her life is now. You’ll also hear about how her life turned from fast food, cigarettes, and red bull to vitamins, supplements, and healthy living. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that Alexis uses this episode to squash her beef with Kristin Cavallari.

Giving Birth in Prison with Jessica Kent

In this episode, Alexis is joined by fellow ex-con, Jessica Kent. Alexis and Jessica talk about the many, many flaws in the justice system, mass incarceration, giving birth in jail. And how hard it can be to rebuild your life as a felon. They also have interesting discussions about childhood trauma, privilege, poverty, and systemic racism.

Literally Pretty Wild w/ Dan Levy

Meet Dan Levy – comedian, producer, and one of the creators of Pretty Wild. Both Dan and Alexis have changed so much since filming Pretty Wild. So they are super excited to catch up and talk about where they are now. You’ll hear Dan’s point of view about working with the crazy Haines family. And how filming changed both their lives forever.

 I Love You, Mom

It’s safe to say, this episode covers A LOT of ground. Alexis sits down with Bob Forrest, podcast host of Don’t Die to talk about relationships, confusing lust with love, weird mom-daughter relationships, and how to create a better and happier society. They also dig into topics like divorce, sexual abuse, Linsey Lohan, depression, and Michael Jackson. Get ready for a jam-packed episode full of interesting topics.

Are you ready to Recover From Reality?

Are you ready to finally recover from your old reality? Alexis’ podcast is made for people that have experienced trauma and are ready to wake the fuck up and move on! Listening to Recovering From Reality can help you answer huge life questions like how to forgive yourself, how to find your true purpose, how to emotionally recover from a divorce, and more! Alexis has released over 150 podcast episodes. Each and every one is filled with genuine stories and super helpful advice about life. We hope you enjoy listening to Recovering From Reality and you can find this podcast on Dear Media, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. Happy listening!