TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the U.S. with over 150 million active users—that’s almost half the population. It’s SO popular. After Vine died, it became the dominating short-form video platform and though many channels have adopted similar quick vid formats, TikTok still reigns supreme for internet user’s favorite sources of short and sweet content. 

Video content sites like YouTube and TikTok are so amazing, because they put everyone on the same playing field, whether it’s celebrities sharing one-in-a-lifetime experiences or ordinary people recording their daily lives. Anyone can become a star and build their brand!

Today, we’re sharing United States-based TikTok social media influencers that are SO FUN to watch, but they’re also super inspiring for your own influencer ambitions. Here are 15 top TikTok influencers that we’re absolutely loving right now:

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15 U.S. TikTok Influencers We’re Loving

Elyse Myers

Elyse Myers is a newer TikTok creator who BLEW UP in the last year after sharing a story about the worst date she ever had. (We won’t spoil it, but she ends up ordering 100 tacos.) She shares funny stories, self-care tips, and original songs in her candid videos using her quirky personality and wholesome message. She’s an ordinary mom and down-to-earth Midwest woman who is SO relatable and SO fun. 


Okay, you may not think you know who Jax is, but you do. Her TikTok account is dedicated to babysitting shenanigans, slice-of-life vlogs, body positive content, and her crazy big music career! Jax has been pumping out music for years, but her song “Victoria’s Secret” hit number one this year and every new song she’s releasing is pure GOLD. (Told you, you’ve heard of her!) Jax’s TikTok account shows her humble rise to fame as she meets celebrities, debuts new songs, and embraces her platform. 

Victoria Garrick Brown

Victoria Garrick Brown is one of the most relatable people on the internet. At the same time, she’s also a TED Talk speaker, podcaster, body-image advocate, and former Division 1 volleyball player. Yeah, pretty incredible. 

On her TikTok she shares all these simple moments in her life like trying on clothes, discussing insecurities, and trying to convince her husband to take her to a T-Swift concert. Can’t we all get with that vibe? Anyway, Victoria Garrick Brown also uploads clips from her podcast Real Pod that’ll make you want to go binge her show right now. We don’t blame you, it’s a good one.  

Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is originally from Nova Scotia, but she now lives in New York with her family! On TikTok, she posts fashion inspo, make-up tips, mom advice, and reminders of how beautiful life really is. Iskra and her husband host their own podcast Couplish, but you can also catch her on Kamie Crawford’s podcast Relationsh*t where she breaks down the truth about motherhood.

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy is a legendary social media personality. She’s been around since the early ages of social media with her still-thriving YouTube channel and her hilarious Vine era. She now is an actress and host, but her TikTok videos are still super funny, showing her bold, confident, and slightly obnoxious sense of humor. Definitely check it out! 

Lauren Goodwin

Lauren Goodwin does life just like you do. She loves to try TikTok trends, experiment with beauty and fashion, and just live to the fullest. Her personality is infectious and a few videos in she’ll feel like just another one of your BFFs. 

Alyssa Mosley

Who loves everything fashion? Alyssa Mosley is THE fashion commentary content creator, and we seriously can’t get enough of her candid reviews. She predicts trends, shares dream outfits, and expresses her strong fashion opinions. (We’ve all got those, don’t we? Still can’t jive with those split-toe shoes.) Even if you’re only a little into clothes and fashion, her videos are super entertaining and insightful. 

15 US TikTok Influencers

Gabby Whiten

Gabby Whiten is a creator who brings you along on all her adventures as a student in NYC. Her videos on TikTok are aesthetic and straight-up dreamy! The contrast between her academic life and personal life is so stark, and it’s so fun to see her with test tubes and a lab coat and then later see her in killer streetwear grabbing bagels with friends. What a cool life, am I right?

Alicia McCarvell

Alicia McCarvell was recently on The Papaya Podcast and ever since we have been in love! She’s such a kind soul with infectious confidence and personality. Her body-positive message and self-love focus is so important to this generation. Check out her channel and see all of her OOTDs, cowboy boyfriend shenanigans, and heartfelt advice to all of you beautiful souls. 

Camila Coelho

Camila Coelho is originally from Brazil, but she now lives in California! Camila is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who is drop dead GORGEOUS. Her TikTok is full of jaw-dropping videos of her incredible sense of style and fierce attitude. You can also find skin care and beauty tips, mom life moments, and satisfying luxury product unboxings. If you can’t get enough of Camila (like us), you can hear all about her success on this episode of The Blonde Files.

Gary Vee

We all love Gary Vee. He’s like Zig Ziglar meets Mr. Rogers, guiding the Internet generation through life and their entrepreneurial endeavors. His TikTok is full of SO MUCH helpful wisdom and encouragement. A great way to invest in yourself is to sit down and watch one of the most popular TikTok stars out there: Gary Vee! (You can also hear him on this episode of the Him & Her podcast.) 

Alix Earle

Alix Earle is only 22-year-old who’s one of the fastest growing TikTok influencers out there. She started creating content showcasing her outfits, daily routines, and life as a student. Now, she still does all that, but with the added fame, she also brings her followers along to VIP events, modeling gigs, and so much more! Experiencing life with Alix is amazing!

Bri Becker

Bri Becker is one of TikTok’s best momfluencers. Her two girls are adorable and the whole family is always just having a blast together. It’s so beautiful to watch her family grow through these short vids, and Bri is a great mom, who’s also funny, gorgeous, and super relatable. If you love kids and are navigating parenting yourself, definitely check her out. 

Tineke Younger

Okay, what about a TikToker for all you foodies out there? Tineke Younger is a 21-year-old competitor on the show Next Level Chef, which is hosted by Gordon Ramsey, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais. She’s a culinary student too, and her content is all about great food, good times, and poking fun at herself.  

Kami Larae

Organization tips, aesthetic home decor, and useful life hacks are some of the most popular TikTok content. Kami Larae is the queen of all things homemaking! Whether you’re looking for must-have Amazon products or ASMR pantry restocks, Kami Larae BRINGS IT. We could scroll her content forever. 

tiktok is an amazing platform

There are so many inspiring and entertaining influencers on TikTok!

TikTok is an amazing platform. Anybody can find their place on such a huge online community with so many diverse TikTok users. If you have a brand or message, try to grow a following on TikTok. It’s a great place to do some influencer marketing, build credibility, and find your people. 

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