Making the decision to be a lifelong learner is one of the best choices you can make. Investing in yourself continually through furthering your understanding of the world will help you come to a great place of purpose and joy. However, learning used to be confined to the pages of books or the walls of a university. Not anymore! Today, podcasts provide the perfect form of learning for teens and adults alike looking to learn and grow within the confines of their busy schedule. There are quite a few benefits and reasons to start learning with podcasts today.

Here are a few:

Benefits of podcasts for learning

8 Benefits of Podcasts for Learning 

Maximize Productivity In Between Downtime And Errands

If you have a day full of errands or an awkward amount of downtime between two commitments, podcasts provide the perfect opportunity to maximize productivity. 

Now, you’re not just folding laundry, but you’re learning about Ancient Rome, the benefits of eating microgreens, or what psychologists say about work-life balance. Or, suddenly, your time waiting for the doctor to call your name isn’t just spent twiddling your thumbs. You’re getting inspired to cook or create something really amazing when you get home! 

When you listen to podcasts, you make every moment meaningful and productive. And, you can listen right there on your phone! No need to lug around any equipment or a stack of books to keep your downtime productive. Just download your fav podcast! 

Flexible Time For Education

Going back to school isn’t in the cards for everyone. Hell, having enough quiet time to open a book isn’t even practical for all of us! 

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to use podcasts in education settings to further your education on your time. You can do a few hours here and there, drop it all together, then pick it back up again—it’s totally on you with no pressure. With the right educational podcasts, you can achieve the same level of knowledge on a topic that a grad class would provide. (Plus, there’s no homework, which is awesome.) 

Easier Way To Learn For Most People

Were humans really ever made for the classic lecture/exam-style courses that are in our schools? Many experts think not. Podcasts aren’t only a great choice, because you can keep busy while learning, but many people find it’s easier to retain information with a podcast! 

This is because they can learn at their own pace, whether that’s at 2x speed or just a few minutes at a time. Additionally, the delivery of a podcast is much different than a traditional class. You can find what content and form works best for you! Whether it’s a conversational style or something moving and theatrical, a podcast just hits different. 

Invest in yourself for better mental health. 

Investing in yourself has profound benefits on your mental health. It can boost your confidence, relieve stress, give you a sense of purpose, and build your hope for the future! You can invest in yourself through podcasts simply by learning or giving you an avenue to decompress. Or, you could listen to self-care specific podcasts that’ll help you cope with the world around you. 

Benefits of podcasts for learning

Access to educational content for free. 

You don’t have to pay for podcasts like you do with college or expensive master classes. Instead, lifelong students can listen to podcasts for free on a bunch of platforms they probably already use! There is no cost at all for you to get access to millions of shows. 

Invest in your future empire while at your day job. 

Do you have a big dream? Do you have a hobby or side-gig that you’d like to turn into a career? When you’re working another full-time job and busy with other commitments, it’s hard to make time to invest in what you really want you to do. 

When you listen to podcasts, though, you can brush up on your business skills, learn how to grow your hobby, and invest in a big future empire—all while sitting at your desk. There are a bunch of different narrative types and subject matter, including fictional stories, educational, and inspirational podcasts. (Check out The Dream Bigger Podcast, WorkParty, or The Career Contessa for great entrepreneurial advice.)

Increase your attention span and focus.

Podcasts are engaging! The thrilling cliff hangers and the acclaimed guests are enough to get you excited and to keep you listening. It’s easy to give your full attention to podcasters in a way you maybe were never able to in a traditional education environment as part of the standard learning experience. It makes it a great learning tool!

Improves comprehension and vocabulary. 

Just like a high quality audio book, a podcast can expand your vocabulary and help you with your comprehension skills. Podcasts expose you to different communication styles, including narration, casual dialogue, scripted dialogue, recorded lectures, and interviews.

Learning comes in an array of forms, and with a podcast you’ll start learning to listen and take in information better, especially since you’re not so visually overstimulated like with a TV show. And, listening to intellectuals speak will not only expand your understanding of a topic, but your bank of vocabulary too! When it comes to language, learning is easier with the right podcast.

Best podcasts for learning

Best Podcasts for Learning 

Lifelong students can learn from any podcast. You just have to find podcasts that fit your interests and goals. Almost every niche under the sun is already in the podcast space, so go find your perfect show! (And, if it’s not out there? Why not make it yourself?) Here are some of our fav Dear Media Shows for learning:

Looking Up with Dr. Deepika Chopra 

Dr. Deepika Chopra studies the science of happiness. She wants to help you achieve a more fulfilling life, not through hokey, spiritual techniques, but through evidence-based practices. With her help and the wisdom from her guests, you’ll learn to cultivate optimism, success, and resiliency. 

Readheads Book Club

Do you want to read more? Well, doing it with the Readheads is a lot more fun than doing it on your own! You read the book of choice, listen to their dissection, and engage in the Readheads community to discuss your own thoughts on the literature. This one is like a two-in-one. Expand your mind with podcasts and books! 

Summer of Gold

There’s nothing like a good history podcast. You feel full of wisdom, confidence, and enlightenment. The Summer of Gold is a mini series about the 1996 Olympics where the women of team USA dominated the legendary games!

The Art of Being Well

How would you rate your current mental and physical wellness? Regardless of where your health is, Dr. Will Cole uses his platform to help you better nurture your mind, body, and relationships. He takes a deep dive weekly into a wide variety of wellness topics that will help you do life better! 

The Career Contessa Podcast

Are you a woman who works? This podcast is for you! This weekly podcast is all about leveling up your career. Whether you want to feel more fulfilled, healthy, or successful, podcast host Lauren McGoodwin has got you covered. This podcast is ultra-practical and will help you perform better in all areas professionally! 

The Dream Bigger Podcast

The Dream Bigger Podcast will breathe new life into your . . . well, life! Each episode covers a new area where you can strive for better and conquer another adversary. From skin care tips to entrepreneurial know-how, you’ll find something that really speaks to you. 

Trading Secrets

Ever wanted to learn more about finances? Trading Secrets breaks the vault open on money and career wisdom the success-makers of the world don’t want you to know! With this popular podcast, you can navigate all your financial decisions and start making a plan for investing and wealth building.

Who’s On Content?!

This is one of the best podcasts on the list if your goal is just to learn more. Each week, Who’s On Content?! reviews one trending topic. The episode could be about almost anything. It just has to be relevant! Learn about everything from gut health to NFTs and beyond. This podcast has it all.

The Papaya Podcast

This is an inspiring weekly podcast where host Sarah Nicole gives some gentle wisdom on topics that’ll help you deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you! The whole podcast feels like an exploration of humanity and culture, and it’s so much fun.

The Toast

Do you need more than a weekly deep dive? The Toast has new episodes each morning on everything from pop culture and news to history and comedy! It’s a podcast for someone with an open mind and interest in a lot of topics.

Podcasts are the perfect way to gain new knowledge and understanding! 

If you love to learn, consider adding podcasts to your daily routine! With a little planning, we know you can fit it in somewhere. Listen to podcasts on your way to work, while you get ready in the morning, on your lunch break, or while you complete daily household tasks. 

Remember, there really is a podcast for everyone, you just have to find it. For more recommendations, definitely check out our blog. We know all things podcasting!